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Tales of TerrorLlan Poe The way the author shows is genius. 3 out of 5 Stars Feeling the early creeping of Autumn I was inspired to reach for Poe in an embrace of terror and the macabre I had remembered his tales to be far creepy and scary but found only the macabre All in all I find I will have to look elsewhere to satisfy my Autumnal spirit

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Tales of Terror summary á eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ë Amazing Ebook, Tales of Terror Author Edgar Allan Poe The way the author shows is genius and it really helps me connect with the story.And it really helps me connect with the stor. Some seriously wicked stories in here really enjoyed them

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Amazing Ebook Tales of Terror Author Edgar A. I really enjoyed this collection of stories I liked most of the plots and the themes and it was very very rarely boring which is a thing not many collections can say The writing style was pleasant and flowing which surprised me because I often followed what the author was saying uite easily Anyways here is a small comment on each story1 MetzengersteinInteresting story but I'm uite perplexed by the finale2 MS Found in a BottleI liked this one but the details were very confusing3 The AssignationYes art is great but what was the sense of this4 BenericeWas the main character okay5 MorellaWas this a metaphor of how the main character can't stand the fact that his wife was smarter than him6 ShadowI liked the mystical atmosphere of this one7 SilenceI really don't know what to say about this one8 LigeiaMystic wives are back again9 The Fall of the House of UsherI didn't understand the end again but damn when I watched that youtube video explaining how 19th century people were so scared to bury people that died of consumption alive it wasn't joking10 William WilsonThis one said the Comedy of Errors Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde but make it dark academia11 The Man of the CrowdThis one didn't catch much my interest it was just a dude following a old man through the whole city12 A descent into the MaelströmGuess I don't have much luck with tales of sailors because I found this very hard to understand13 The Black CatWhat was that14 Mesmeric RevelationI came here for gothic tales not a physics and biology lesson15 EleonoraWhat was the sense of thisalso why do wives keep dying16 The Oval PotraitWhat wouldn't men do for art17 The Masue of the Red DeathThis hits differently now that we are in the middle of a pandemic Also it kinda reminded me of the Decameron18 The Pit and the PendulumI remember reading this at school some years ago but it's not my cup of tea19 The Tell Tale HeartSo this is like the Black Cat but with a bit of remorse20 The Premature BurialDamn 19th century people weren't scared of being buried alive they were straight up obsessed21 The Oblong BoxI really really really enjoyed this one22 The Imp of the PerverseThis one didn't really impress me23 The Facts in the Case of M ValdemarAnother interesting one I liked it24 The SphinxHow can you mistake a bug near you for a beast on the hills outside a window25 The Casue of AmortilladoWhat's going on with dudes planning murder and walling people up alive26 Hop FrogConcluding this collection with a story about a well deserved revenge I love to see it