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Download Reader ë Seeker Author William Nicholson ↠ 448 pages à This first novel in the Noble Warriors seuence begins when sixteen year old Seeker's older brother is publicly humiliated and with no explanation exiled from the Nomana a revered order of warrior monks Seeker refuses to believe that his beloveIs capable of committing a betryal that would warrant such severe conseuences so he sets off alone on a journey to rescue his brother and find out at last what really happenedAlong the way he meets two other young people who are on uests of their own and in The Novel Seeker is a charming fantasy novel that touches on all the bases needed for a fantasy novel A tyrannical country that wishes for the destruction of the noble warriors The main character being an outcast that must prove himself in order to follow his dreams of becoming a warrior All these elements combine to make one of the best fantasy novels I have read in a very long time

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This first novel in the Noble Warriors seuence begins when sixteen year old Seeker's older brother is publicly humiliated and with no explanation exiled from the Nomana a revered order of warrior monks Seeker refuses to believe that his beloved older brother Reviewed by Carrie Spellman for TeensReadToocomSeeker full name Seeker after Truth has dreamed his whole life of becoming a Nomana a Noble Warrior A protector of the All and Only the god who made all things The desire to be one has only grown stronger since his brother Blaze of Justice became a Noble Warrior Seeker knows that this is his destiny never mind that his father expects him to become Teacher Now he is sixteen old enough to go before the Nom and offer himself and hope that they accept him Morning Star is the daughter of a sheep herder Years ago her mother left them to become a Noble Warrior Now on her sixteenth birthday Morning Star intends to leave the hills she's always known and join her mother in service to the All and Only Her only worry is leaving her father; she is his world She's not too worried about being denied by the Nomana; after all her mother is a Noble Warrior If that's not enough there are the colors The colors surround all people and change a little based on someone's mood and intentions but everyone has colors around them Morning Star can see them and has learned to read them She will journey to Anacrea to find her destiny Wildman has never known his family He's never even really known friendship or loyalty or honor He certainly doesn't know about the All and Only All he's ever known is survival at any cost In the midst of an attempted robbery Wildman encounters a Nomana though he doesn't know what that is What he knows is that he's glimpsed a power far stronger than his own and a peace he never imagined Wildman wants these things and what Wildman wants Wildman always gets He too will offer his services to the Nom though he doesn't really think of it in those exact terms A stranger disjointed group could hardly be imagined But through drastically unexpected circumstances a group they become As it turns out they can all learn an awful lot from each other Maybe they can even help each other Maybe they can even save Anacrea and the Nomana from the threat of their enemies If they can survive their journey they may even find their destinies A wonderfully beautifully frighteningly well imagined world full of strong and interesting characters No one is one sided; Morning Star is strong but capable of vulnerability Seeker is determined but still scared sometimes and Wildman is primal but lovable Actually I think Wildman is my favorite character This is so many different stories all in one great book It's a story of strength and power It's a story about friendship and loyalty and family It's a story about faith and destiny It's a story about life and a story about people It may not take place anywhere you could recognize but all of the characters contain bits and pieces you see in other people and in yourself The bad and the good The best part is it doesn't end here This is only book one I don't know how many there will be but I'm very much looking forward to all of them

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Seeker Author William NicholsA shocking turn of events the three are soon caught up in a harrowing and bloody race to save the Nomana and themselves from destructionAn epic coming of age story about courage friendship desire and faith Seeker marks the beginning of a riveting new series This review was originally posted on ThirstforFictioncomSeeker has always wanted to be a Noble Warrior a monk who fights for Justice in the name of the All and Only Morning Star and Wildman too wish to become Noble Warriors All for very different reasons But before they can join they must prove themselves worthy When Seeker finds a plot to destroy Anacrea the Island on which the Noble Warriors live he knows what he must do He knows what he must do Together with Morning Star and Wildman he seizes his chance to show he is worthy of becoming one of themSeeker is the first book in William Nicholson’s second fantasy trilogy Much like the Wind On Fire Trilogy it seems that the Noble Warriors contains a host of fantastic characters as well as a story that delivers a powerful messageWilliam Nicholson has always been fantastic at realising characters in his stories; from writing fantasy trilogies to scripting Gladiator his focus has always been on the characters and how events around them will change them Each of the characters in Seeker are original and all feel so real and fleshed out Seeker is a very character driven story and Nicholson has done a great job at making the characters uniueTo me what makes Seeker such a character centered piece if story telling is the sense that William Nicholson didn’t write this novel because of the plot but because of the journies all the characters undertake; it’s not just one or two of them; each person changes from beginning to end Infact I would go as far as to say that the reason there is a plot is so that it changes the characters their morals and their ideas Seeker was not written because Nicholson had a great plot in mind It was written because Nicholson wanted to tell the changes a person undertakes to achieve their dreams and what effects this has on the character That isn’t to say the story isn’t good though; uite the opposite the story is fantastic because of how it changes the characters read