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Read & download ò Going Deep Ì PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ How Wideouts Became the NFL's StandoutsFrom the time Cris Carter started his career as a supplemental draft pick of the Philadelphia Eagles in 1987 to his retirement in 2002 the position of wide receiver exploded in the NFL RecSidelines and deep into the secret world that is the NFL Breathtaking work Jeff Pearlman New York Times bestselling author of Boys Will Be Boys and The Bad Guys WonNo one understands wide receivers better than Cris Carter and I loved his book If you want to understand how we think and hear inside stories about the most over the top athletes in sports read Going Deep Jerry Rice Hall of Fame wide receiverI am so glad someone got Cris Carter to sit down and describe what makes receivers tick It's deeper than you think You'll get to the last page of this book and say 'I really learned a lot here and the pages flew by' Peter King senior writer Sports Illustrated; author of Monday Morning uarterback; and two time National Sportswriter of the Year. I really enjoy hearing Cris Carter on Mike and Mike in the Morning so I decided to give this book a shot I did enjoy the book with reservations It seems geared toward young football players and specifically wide receivers Carter seems to do a lot of mentoring and teaching and so the book is written in that voice If you are the target audience I think you might get a lot out of this book For just general interest there are better books about the NFL out there

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Understand exactly what they're dealing with when it comes to their wideouts the NFL's newest superstarsTold through Carter's opinionated voice Going Deep covers all the important moments and people from Michael Irvin Jerry Rice and Keyshawn Johnson to Randy Moss Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson who have contributed to this revolution He also tells stories readers have never heard about their favorite players shares theories about the position that only get discussed in front offices and locker rooms and offers revealing explanations on what these players mean to the league today as well as why the NFL can't go forward without themOne of the most riveting insightful football books I've ever read This book takes you inside the huddle along the. Cris Carter was by any measure one of the greatest wide receivers to ever play the game of football This book while presenting nothing too deep is a fun read comprised of CC's thoughts about his own career playing WR as well as the teammates and position mates he interacted withIf you are looking for deep football stuff from this book then please go elsewhere or risk being severely disappointed There really is no in depth analysis in the book whatsoeverHowever Going Deep is assuredly a fun read that will bring back much nostalgia to pigskin fans especially Vikings fans who remember the Carter Years The sections about guys like Michael Irvin Jerry Rice Randy Moss Terrell Owens and even the receivers of today Calvin Johnson AJ Green etc are all fun to read and remember those days whether good or badOverall this book is a fun read that can easily be finished in a single day or easily a weekend period Nothing deep whatsoever but Carter has enough life experiences and opinions to keep it interesting

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Going DeepHow Wideouts Became the NFL's StandoutsFrom the time Cris Carter started his career as a supplemental draft pick of the Philadelphia Eagles in 1987 to his retirement in 2002 the position of wide receiver exploded in the NFL Receivers went from being uiet and classy to being known for their electric play off the field antics and in some cases over the top personalities In Going Deep Carter and ESPN journalist Jeffri Chadiha chronicle the rise of the wide receiver and explain how it became the most complex compelling and talked about position in all of professional sports Using stories from his own career to offer unprecedented insight into the position Carter explains the players' uniue personalities how their minds work and why teams need to. Having seen many great wide receivers since mid 80's I have witnessed the evolution of the wide receiver position Jerry Rice is the man credited with the biggest influence over it When he played he was breathtaking There was nobody like him When the 90's came I saw an increased growth of maruee wide receivers aiding many teams in their runs to Super Bowl Michael Irvin of that decade is probably the brashest that played the position Soon thereafter will follow the most controversial group of wide receivers ever assembledCris Carter does an excellent job in his book summarizing what had occurred per decade to the wide receiver position and how each corps helped or damaged its reputation And he makes an salient point that the current corps of wide receivers have done a great job by bringing maturity and calmness to restore the tarnished reputation left by the previous corps However Cris Carter as biased as he is because he works for the network should have put the blame on ESPN for aiding these controversial wide receivers most notably Terrell Owens and leading them to disrepute the position and the NFL overall Once upon a time as hard as it is to believe ESPN ran a unheard of marathon the day that Terrell Owens attempted suicideAs interesting as it was for me to read the history of the wide receiver position I couldn't help but be really surprised at the omission of Bob Hayes the all world sprinter for the Dallas Cowboys Really he single handedly changed the game by bringing speed to it and forcing offense and defense coordinators alike to rethink their game plans Somewhere in the book Cris Carter could tell the difference between the good ones and the great ones but couldn't between the elite and the transcendent Surely he must be joking In 1997 on television I saw the greatest college player I've ever seen and his name was Randy Moss He was doing unbelievable things and it didn't matter if he played for a small school The way he played and the speed he had he was just pure talent I got giddy during the 1998 NFL Draft and I was shocked how far he had fallen in the selections even being passed by the Dallas Cowboys When he got picked up by the Minnesota Vikings the anticipation could not be any greater that year What Randy did during that rookie year contributed to one of the greatest seasons in NFL history and that Minnesota Vikings team became the best team ever not to win the Super Bowl after playing in what is still considered the most thrilling conference championship game played The greatest game of Randy's career remains the Thanksgiving matchup against the Dallas Cowboys in his rookie year The way Randy torched that team and how he responded post game for his MVP honors is still unbelievable to this day Randy Moss did things no receiver did since Jerry Rice He would be very tightly covered in a single coverage and he still got the touchdown He would be doubled teamed and he still got the touchdown He would also be triple teamed and he still got the touchdown usually with five to ten yards of separation The popular catchphrase for these moments for the defensive backs is He got Mossed That's what a transcendent player looks like The others in the same class are also Deion Sanders Dick Butkus Jim Brown Lawrence Taylor Joe Montana Brett Favre Jerry Rice and Gale Sayers These players did things that were just simply too unbelievable and they did not just do it once or twice in their careers They were doing it over and over usually when it's least expected As for the wide receiver position Terrell Owens was an elite He was also larger than life and he was simply fascinating because he had the guts to do outlandish things When Terrell did them he defied logic and conventional sense Randy Moss will be a first ballot Hall of Famer but Terrell Owens may never get to Canton Yes when the time comes it will be a very interesting in seeing how the committee handles their candidacies The numbers are great but they are not what's important It's how much he has changed the way the wide receiver position is played Randy Moss revolutionized the position and brought fear in the hearts of every defense That one play touchdown is what every defense coordinator fears the most They had a normal plan and they had the Randy Moss plan No other wide receiver brought the same dilemma to the table just like how Randy Moss did A true story in knowing what the difference is between Terrell Owens and Randy Moss in 2007 Terrell Owens scored four touchdowns in one game and three hours later Randy Moss scored 4 touchdowns in the first half and sat out the second half That's like damnApply the same logic to players like Larry Fitzgerald Calvin Johnson Roddy White Andre Johnson Wes Welker etc They are elites but unfortunately they are nothing special They get the job done and they will have the numbers to serve as an statement of their careers But they are nothing special like in the way Randy Moss was during his brilliant career of ups and downs More importantly almost no elite receiver in the last decade has either made into the Super Bowl or won it They've been won by teams with mostly middle of the pack wide receiversAs for Cris Carter I am a bit disappointed that he didn't reveal enough about himself For example why did he do cocaine What for What was his purpose Why did he go to Miami Dolphins In the other words he will mention important events but doesn't elaborate enough Elsewhere in the pages seeing the statements made by Keyshawn Johnson as much as I like him I found huge doses of immaturity in them and I am surprised that he hadn't grown up That's probably why his career wasn't a great one despite the fact he was on a Super Bowl winning teamIn conclusion Going Deep is a revealing book with a lot of thoughts by Cris Carter about many wide receivers More importantly he shares a lot of details about Randy Moss and that alone is a treat of the book After reading his words of Michael Irvin and also hearing from his former teammates whenever they are on the air I am starting to respect him a bit but I still can't get over what he did during the 90's that made him a hated individual