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FREE MOBI × DOC Sleepless Nights 9780394505275 è RANDARENEWABLES ✓ In Sleepless Nights a woman looks back on her life—the parade of people the shifting background of place—and assembles a scrapbook of memories reflections portraits letters wishes and dreams An inspired fusion of fact and invention tBook is not only Elizabeth Hardwick's finest fiction but one of the outstanding contributions to American literature of the last fifty year The torment of personal relations Nothing new there except in the disguise and in the escape on the wings of adjectives One of the consolations that literature provides is a sense of belonging for those who may lack it in the real world I've been able to reason to myself that my eccentricities are not really odd but it is truly gratifying to find them in others To feel social and affable toward others even if they are dead This sense of belonging is the kind of relationship when carefully fostered can attain an immortal condition The perception of the forever Without the nurturing this relationship might slip away to the cemetery Dying slowly with a rot so putrid that it is impossible separate the part that lives from that which is dead By the very definition of the word relationship it fails to accommodate a bond of this nature Yet for the lack of a better phrase I shall call it the relationship with yourself In Sleepless Nights we go through the places and people in Elizabeth's life with the same perplexing anachronous clarity that we find in our own lives As time passes by events of the past appear to develop detail Whether this perspicuity is real or imagined one cannot tell yet it is prevalent in manyPortraying life in 128 pages sounds like a joke and yet Hardwick accomplishes that Presenting the reader with vignettes of Elizabeth's life has an effect that isn't apparent when one discusses the form of the novel It creates a device for one to extrapolate by revealing the open ends life's events In this manner Sleepless Nights captures life in its entirety by allowing the fragmented narrative to serve as a metaphor for the unresolvable nature of lifeHardwick's unadorned prose makes it easy to connect with the people in Elizabeth's life to turn them into people in our own lives She lowers her eyes this thing with him is never going to be over never Of course the weary relationships The ones that can't end The mother father sister wife ex husband who weave their way so tightly into one's psyche that they appear to have colonized part of one's own identity Or do we readily sacrifice part of it in hope to gain something from our captors? There are some who choose to tackle this self sacrificing behaviour of mankind in the way parents and governments choose to deal with problems they prohibit it These are the bachelors and bachelorettes whose choices may not be as rational as they lead you to believe I often think about bachelors A life of pure decision of thoughtful calculations every inclination honoured They go about on their own nicely accompanied in their singularity by the companion of possibility For cannot any man young or old rich or poor turn a few corners and bump into marriage? Sleepless Nights could be read in several ways An amusing imaginary journal a study of relationships a study of the self or a device for thought experiments but for me it asked a very important uestion What is it that we do and what is it that we bump into? March 7 2015

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Ies reflections portraits letters wishes and dreams An inspired fusion of fact and invention this beautifully realized hard bitten lyrical Sleepless Nights is the literary euivalent of a Gryphon it has the head of a memoir the body of a novel and the tail of an epistle The constructs of what constitutes a novel do not apply Trying to explain Hardwick's style her talent is like trying to answer the uestion How long is a piece of string? For example here are two sentences taken from the last page of the novelMother the reading glasses and the assignation near the clammy faces so gray of the intense church ladies And then a lifetime with its mounds of men climbing on and offThere's poetic and haunted pinions keeping those words aloft The entire novel is like this I'm not certain I understood even half of what I read and how it related to the rest of the text but does that matter? It just so happens that I'm traveling alone right now; last night I read about thirty pages of the book in a dark hotel room I felt like I might have been missing too much of what I was reading so I went back and started re reading this time speaking the words as I read them and ended up scaring the holy bajesus out of myself I can't tell you what happened or why it had the impact it did but Hardwick's prose spoken aloud felt like an incantation from a book of the occult Was this what was intended by the title?This is the only book I have reviewed without an accompanying star rating That choice and click is arbitrary anyway and of everything I've read this year this is the book that should have an ink dark sky devoid of stars but filled with readersAre you ready for this?

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Sleepless NightsIn Sleepless Nights a woman looks back on her life the parade of people the shifting background of place and assembles a scrapbook of memor Novelists tell that piece of truth hidden at the bottom of every lie Italo Calvino in an interview with The Paris ReviewMemory is a sly kitten darting to and fro through the living room of our mind appearing in flashes here then there never in an orderly fashion and rarely giving us a perfect still frame to assess all the details Elizabeth Hardwick’s astounding ‘novel’—or should modern times brand it with the now popular ‘creative non fiction’ label— Sleepless Nights is a brilliant blending of fact and fiction that assesses the ‘I’ at the heart of her story as it harnesses memory into language language that blossoms and blooms on the page like the most gorgeous of gardens Often paralleling her own life ‘a well traveled and intensely insightful writer and teacher from Kentucky who married for a time with poet Robert Lowell’ may suffice as a brief biography for the uninitiated Sleepless Nights takes dozens of brief reflections across the narrator’s timeline spent loving losing and living to create a poetic mosaic of a life wielding ‘fiction’ like a box of crayons to color in the black outlines of memory ‘ If only one knew what to remember or pretend to remember writes Hardwick ‘ make a decision and what you want from the lost things will present itself’ There is a truth in every fiction and fiction in every truth In a montage investigation of the ‘I’ Hardwick reveals that the self cannot be separated from the places and people that color their days and that one person is in fact the collision of many others all believing in their self isolation as they move from cradle to grave in the beautifully tragic story of what it is to be human all delivered through an impressive blending of fact and fiction Alas the heart is not a metaphor or at least not always a metaphorElizabeth Hardwick steals my heart with every page every perfect poetic sentence If Sleepless Nights is a mosaic each tile is a perfect prose poem that captures the essence of existence in like the best of poets Her descriptions are utterly serene in their use of language to penetrate right to heart of a person or a landscape Winter came down upon them The suicide season arrived early The land after a snowfall would turn into a lunar stillness satanic brilliant The tall trees altered by the snow and ice loomed up in the arctic landscape like ancient cataclysmic formations of malicious splendor The little houses on the roadtrembling there in the whiteness might be settlements waiting for a doom that would come over them silently in the night Sleepless Nights is the best of both the ‘novel’ and the ‘poem’ being both and neither at the same time The brief staccato like vignettes culminate to a portrait of a life but each individual moment breaths a lifetime of insight on its own Hardwick delicately condenses a lifetime into each beautifully phrased sentence the way the most skilled of novelists reveal the landscape of a character’s nature through small details of mannerisms or anecdoteOf course these things are not mine I think they are usually spoken of as ours that tea bag of a word that steeps in the conditional So much revealed in so little space the acknowledgement of a marriage bringing the connotation of once happy times and love and the assumption of a divorce and all the confusion and awkwardness left in the wake of the downfall Each passage detailing time spent in Kentucky as a child time spent in Holland time spent with Billie Holiday the lives of maids and the love affairs of friends manages to construct a universe of ideas and meaning out of the minimal space of prose While you are living part of you has slipped away to the cemeteryHardwick chronicles her life and the lives that have touched it across the slim 128 pgs Sometimes cynical with repeated reference of our inevitable permanent address in the cemetery Hardwick reminds us that we are spending our lives getting our affairs and finances in order only to be wiped out of physical existence to only carry on in the memories of others Hardwick chronicles the trials and tribulations of those around her throughout ‘her’ immortalizing them in fiction as much as she investigates the life of the narrator It seems that the impact of her acuaintances are very much a defining aspect of her as we are all influenced by those around us not limited to those we hold most dear It is the collective experience the plural of human beings that define existence and not just the isolated solitude of the singular A refreshing aspect of the book is that the female is often characterized as the pillar of self identification Even the womanizers who leap from bed to bed must inevitably realize that their selfhood is defined by the women that they chase in order to identify as a ‘womanizer’ Some men define themselves by women although they appear to believe it is uite the opposite; to believe that it is she rather than themselves who is being filed away tagged named at last like a uivering cell under a microscope However even the ‘I’ must confess that ‘ I have always all of my life been looking for help from a man’ One cannot be a self without the mirror of others; the love hate companionship or just mere interaction with the rest of the human race is the experiment of selfhood from which we are able to analyze the date of our identityHardwick also probes the geographical settings through which she traverses from her home in Kentucky to apartments in Europe to extract the importance of place on identity ‘ The stain of place hangs on not as a birthright but as a sort of artifice a bit of cosmetic’ she writes admitting that place plays a recognizable role but not one that should forever typecast us Movement is also key to the novel that one may uproot and take life into their own hands and not be forever a rotting root in the soil What began as a green start may turn overnight into a desert filled with alarm with impossibility So move on Try out a similar arrangement on Riverside Drive But defiantly as if to say You cannot destroy a ruin We have the ability to make a life for ourselves and must not be afraid of change as change can lead to great growth or a lifting of burdens One must not resign themselves to fate but take fate into their own hands Sleepless Nights is a glorious achievement of prose that examines ‘ the transformations of memory’ through its fractured meditation of a life lived Fact and fiction intertwine towards a exuisite memoir that proves there is no rigid boundary between the two and examines the culmination of experience and how each individual moment in a life is eual and as poignant as the some of its parts The novel is relatively plotless but as Hardwick mentions in an interview with The Paris Review ‘ if I want a plot I’ll watch Dallas' This book shows the victory of ideas and writing over any necessity of plot and is as engaging and consuming as any of the latter Hardwick is a master of language and each page waits with a shimmering gem of poetry to dazzle the soul However and in the spirit of LeVar Burton helped introduce me to the joys of reading at an early age don’t just take my word for it I strongly urge you to read this novel and bask in each perfectly formed sentence55' The torment of personal relations Nothing new there except in the disguise and in the escape on the wings of adjectives Sweet to be pierced by daggers at the end of paragraphs'