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eBook Ò ePub Dark Halo (Angel Eyes, #3) ç ´  One halo brought sight to Brielle Another offers sweet relief from what she seesBrielle can’t help but see the Celestial Even without the halo the invisible realm is everywhere she looks It’s impossibly beautiful—and terrifying especially now Because a battle rages above StrEvery face and nightmares haunt Brielle’s sleepWorst of all Jake is gone The only boy she’s ever loved has been taken by the demon Damien When she receives instructions from the Throne Room leading her to Jake she unknowingly walks into a diabolical and heartbreaking trap Now she’s stranded in a sulfurous desert with the Prince of Darkness himself and he’s offering her another halo a mirr The war between angels and demons continues in the final novel in the Angel Eyes Trilogy by Shannon Ditte Dark Halo This is the darkest of the three and the best part I loved about this one is how Shannon spent sometime highlighting the series for those that may have grabbed this one without understanding a bit of the backstory or for those that have and it's been so time between novels this is a nice reminder of where we left off in Broken Wings The novel surrounds Brielle and Jake a couple fated to fall in love and then be placed in helping to aid in the battle against good versus evil that puts the lives of those most close to them in deadly peril Brielle has been given a special gift though a halo that Jake gave her which when worn allows her to see into the celestial realm and see the spiritual world around her Jake has been gifted with the ability to heal when he places his hands on those that are injured or dying and together they are the biggest target the enemy is seeking to destroy Jake and Brielle's angelic shield Caanan attempts to protect and lead them in what they need to do to save the enemies attempt to take them from the town of Stratus Oregon When the Broken Wings ended leaving the reader at the cliff hanger ending a demon by the name of Damien had captured Jake from the safety of Caanan's wings while a heavenly war was raging over the skies of Stratus Brielle could do nothing to save him but watch as they disappeared into the sky The Sabre's a group of twelve angels whose worship has the capacity to tear through the terrestrial veil and allow the town of Stratus to see just what is harming their small town Damien has been commissioned by he Prince of Darkness to capture and bring Jake and Brielle to him and now he has managed to secure the first of the two of them He can only hope that Brielle's love will bring her to search for Jake and thus secure the one true treasure the Prince of Darkness is seeking to be able to gift her with the dark halo and give Brielle a break from the nightmares that continue to plague her sleep I received Dark Halo by Shannon Ditte compliments of Thomas Nelson Publishers for my honest review and received no monetary compensation for a favorable one Having read all three novels in this series this was the one I anticipated reading the most Shannon does an exceptional job at answering all the lingering uestions that have popped up since being introduced to the first novel I can even see the opportunity for future books in this series as well I think she did a masterful job at showing just how deceitful the enemy can be when Brielle comes face to face with Satan and helps readers understand the subtlety he can use to twist his lies into what would appear as the truth This is such a great series to offer young teens as an alternative to all the fiction flooding the marketplace with paranormal romances and for that reason I rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars There is also a great discussion guide included for book clubs as well as a sneak peek into the novel Anomaly by Krista McGee

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 One halo brought sight to Brielle Another offers sweet relief from what she seesBrielle can’t help but see the Celestial Even without the halo the invisible realm is everywhere she looks It’s impossibly beautiful and terrifying especially now Because a battle rages above Stratus OregonThe Terrestrial Veil is ripping and demons walk the streets past unseeing mortals Dark sticky fear drips from Oh so incredibly good This was a really great book to end off the series And there were a bunch of twists that I definitely wasn't expecting and they threw me for a loop I honestly wish with all my heart that this series didn't have to end but following the characters on their journey was worth it In this book we're introduced to some new characters and I wasn't really sure who to trust and who not to In addition there were some really tense moments that had me flipping the pages and there was a great balance of action romance and faith When thinking about it what I think I loved the most in this book was the character growth and development I think there were some really insightful conclusions that were made and one of those conclusions was concerning Brielle and Jake's relationship Specifically in the second book I noticed that Brielle put a lot of emphasis on being in a relationship with Jake and at times it seemed like her entire future hinged on it That slightly bothered me but I didn't really read much into it but was definitely talked about in depth in this bookThis is one of the best series I've read in a really long time and it's a keeper for sure

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Dark Halo Angel Eyes #3 Ored ring that will destroy her Celestial vision All she has to do is wear it and she’ll see no of the invisible world No fear No nightmares No demons It’s a gift And best of all it comes with the promise of a future with Jake something the Throne Room seems to be taking from herWill Brielle trade the beauty of the Celestial and the truth of the world around her just to feel ordinary again?   Oh my goodness I did NOT want this book to end What an amazing finale to an amazing series Exciting plot well developed characters and Truth is woven together so beautifully Every page is like a work of art I LOVED this