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The Posthumous ManWhen Elliot Stilling killed himself he thought his troubles were over Then the ER doctors revived him It’s infatuation at first sight when he meets his nurse Felicia Vogan a strange young woman with a weakness for sad sacks and losers. Without God there's no wall between us and the dark I didn't think that the second novel that I read by Jake Hinkson could be better than his first slam dunk Hell on Church Street I mean I hoped that might be the case but I definitely had doubts But then I got about a uarter of the way through this one and realized that yep somehow it's even better Here Hinkson crafts yet another politically incorrect pot boiler that you can't help but watch like a massive car wreck on the side of the roadElliot Stilling is a former Baptist preacher that kills himself only to be revived and brought back to life in the hospital by a pretty young nurse named Felicia Now back in the land of the living and feeling a connection to Felicia he gets roped into a heist she's involved in to steal a bunch of Oxy and make over 2 million For the first time since the robbery had begun I felt a real gut level fear Committing a crime I'd discovered wasn't that scary Trying to get away with it however was terrifying I loved the idea of this man who is reluctantly given a second chance at life feeling like he got brought back for a reason and now feels compelled to live this new life he's been given which just happens to be a criminal one To me that concept was pretty fascinating At it's core the story is this existential portrait of a man reborn and ready to atone But then on top of that the story is impeccably paced well constructed and wonderfully written This might be weird to say but Hinkson's talent reminds me a lot of uentin Tarantino I'm not a Tarantino fanboy but like him Hinkson has this real knack of crafting these extended seuences that build so much inherent tension that they get difficult to bear but at the same time it's literally impossible to put the book down until the end of the chapter There are scenes in this book that are just pitch perfect in their construction and filled with great dialogue Anything involving Stan the Man naked dead body disposal or porn addicted junkyard hillbillies I swear if I didn't have to deal with everyday life stuff I could've finished this in one sitting Now I'm even excited to read Hinkson's other work and to see what he does next because this book was awesome The only thing worse than being a monster is being a daily reminder that horrible things happen for no reason at all

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Outfit’s psychotic leader Stan the Man Or is Elliot being set up to take the hard fall One thing’s for sure if he’s going to survive this long night of deceit and murder Elliot will have to finally face himself and his own dark pas. Wow I don't know where to begin I feel a little silly about how much I love this book I JUST finished it So good At first I kept thinking I like this but I liked Hell on Church Street better then about three uarters of the way through I decided that I like it as much as Hell on Church Street and by the end I think it is one of the best noirs I've ever read even better the Hell On etcI read all the time and I read a lot But I am very impatient If a book bores me if a book is silly or stupid or illogical or if a book is so badly written I can see the writers hand clearly through the paper thinking and plotting and planning I will throw that book across the room I will not read itSome books though can make some of those mistakes a little bit if the book is mostly good A lot of books are like that I'll be bored but skip around and move on and get interested again or I'll see something clunky in the plot or the writing but only once or twice and I'll keep readingThis book has none of those flaws It starts up right away and just hums along to a logical and satisfying ending It's actually uite lovely for a noir Great characters horrible bad guys lots of action and surprisesI could go on I guess But my point is that for me this was a completely fun and satisfying book I loved it

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Free download The Posthumous Man 105 ☆ When Elliot Stilling killed himself he thought his troubles were over Then the ER doctors revived him It’s infatuation at first sight when he meets his nurse Felicia Vogan a strange young woman with a weakness for sad sacks and losers After she helps Elliot escape from the hospital she takes him back to her placeAfter she helps Elliot escape from the hospital she takes him back to her place He’s happy to go with her even when she leads him straight to a gang planning a million dollar heist Does Felicia just want Elliot to protect her from the. Elliot Spilling wakes up in a hospital to discover he succeeded in killing himself Well for three minutes anyway A chance encounter with a nurse leads to Elliot injecting himself into a plan to steal millions in drugs from a hospital shipment Will Elliot and his new found associates reap the rewards of a successful plan or will everything come crashing down around themHaving just finished Jake Hinkson’s first novel Hell on Church Street I was hungry for Luckily for me I didn’t have to wait For a criminally low price Hinkson’s follow up The Posthumous Man is available as an e book on the Kindle Store Coming in at a brisk 148 pages Hinkson takes us to a small town in Arkansas shortly before a gang of wannabe heisters steal a load of Oxy to earn a cool two million dollars Comprised of a bankrupt businessman a cop and his twin brother a nurse and a man recovering from a failed suicide attempt there’s no way the plan can failIn an attempt to avoid spoilers – and believe me with the way this novel turns out the less you know the better – I’ll leave it at that Hinkson uses his talent for creating likable scumbag characters by throwing out this rag tag collection of losers you can’t help but root for Even when everything is falling apart you’ll still pulling for a victoryJust like with Hell on Church Street the violence is swift and coarse There’s no sugar coating anything here – Hinkson rips open a wound and forces you to look at it It’s good to know that after reading crime fiction for all these years there are still authors out there that can shock me with a certain way of writing brutalityIf you’re looking for a rapid read that’s hard to put down look no further than Hinkson’s The Posthumous ManCross Posted Every Read ThingI interviewed Jake