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Summary White Girl Bleed a Lot 108 Æ Reading Colin Flaherty's book made it painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is even greater than I had discovered from my own research He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities across AmericaThomas SowellNational ReviewColin Flaherty has done reporting tOstMilt Rosenberg WGN ”My compliments to Colin Flaherty for White Girl Bleed a Lot A very interesting book that points out an important problem that needs to be confronted”John Derbyshire “What’s happening as the book makes indisputably clear is first black mob violence against nonblack persons and property and second appalling indifference denial and cover up by police and the media”Impeccably and carefully documentedHouston ExaminerThis is what makes the book White Girl Bleed a Lot by award winning author Colin Flaherty such an astonishing read It thoroughl. BOOK REVIEW 'White Girl Bleed a Lot' Color Blindness in Crime Reporting Misleads Everybody One of my favorite cat pictures I'm a cat person has one cat with his paws around another cat's neck with the caption Keep walkingthis doesn't concern youI mention this because Colin Flaherty's White Girl Bleed a Lot The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It WND Books 416 pages 1795 trade paperback revised 2013 edition also in eBook editions notes sources links to YouTubes index says this is the attitude about the American phenomenon of black youths or teens that's how they're often identified with no racial description attacking whites and Asians in cities across the country Flaherty points out providing dozens of examples that editors ignore the fact that the vast majority of the attacks are perpetrated by young blacks male and female against whites gays Jews and others deemed to be weak who won't defend themselves In many cases the attacks aren't even in crime statistics because police don't include them or fail to file reports Cops in several cities are telling potential victims to arm themselves and they are with results that are deemed vigilantism by left leaning journalists civil rights leaders and the other usual suspectsI first became aware of this phenomenon that has spread like a toxic rash across the nation when I read of an attack in Milwaukee that gave Flaherty the title of his book A group of white picnickers were attacked by a group of blacks in Brew City with one teen age black girl commenting White girl bleed a lot Flaherty includes this incident in his book along with the 2011 race riot at the Wisconsin State Fair in West Allis a suburb of Milwaukee the incident that prompted my columns I was a reportereditor at The Milwaukee Sentinel from 1967 to 1976 so this was a natural for me to blog about I had always known about the underreported violence in Milwaukee which is becoming a majority black city similar to its much larger neighbor to the south Chicago Flaherty a radio talk show host in Wilmington Delaware a city that is 60 percent African American and which appears in the book with descriptions of black on white attacks saysI wrote this book for the people who deny we are in the midst of an epidemic of racial violence There are lots of them out there Reporters Liberals Police administrators Editors Mayors Ten years ago this would have been a he saidshe said story But no Today we have thousands of videos of black mob violence In cities big and small Today for the first time you can follow these videos on your computer or your smart phone as your read the book All you have to do is hit a link or scan the R code Very easy This book offers no grand causes No grand solutions Neither does it apologize It is written without racism Without rancor Just the facts One after another The violence Then denial in the press Over and over and over Here is what I have learned from writing this book Many many people around the country are relieved that someone is telling the truth about racial violence And doing it without racism Unless of course you think facts are racist Don't laugh Some do Those folks need a copy of White Girl Bleed a Lot as well Lots and lots of copies of this book have been presented to liberal brothers in law at a family gathering with the admonition Read this you blankety blank expletive deleted Lots and lots of cops read this book too They are the sources for many of the stories When you are finished reading it I hope you will come over to my web site and let me know what your think Or ColinFlaherty on Twitter Racial violence is back Flaherty writes especially on mass transit which gets a chapter by itself in the book If you're a white an Asian a woman elderly gay an observant Jew riding in a rapid transit system like New York's Atlanta's Chicago's or just about anywhere can be hazardous to your health Flaherty writes giving documented examples of gangs of young blacks terrorizing passengers on these transit systems Being a train operator or a bus driver has become a hazardous occupation with youths and teens attacking these workers Along with widespread racial crime — even riots in hundreds of episodes in than 80 cities since 2010 groups of black people are roaming the streets of America — assaulting intimidating stalking threatening vandalizing stealing shooting stabbing even raping and killing This is happening in cities big and small expected and unexpected But local media and public officials are silent he writes fearing being labeled as racist for telling what's really going on Crime is color blind says a Milwaukee police chief Race is not important a Chicago newspaper editor assures us That denies the obvious America is the most race conscious society in the worldIn White Girl Bleed A Lot we learn that every day from black caucuses black teachers black unions black ministers black colleges black high schools black music black moguls black hair business owners black public employees black art black names black poets black inventors black soldiers black police officers We learn it in stories written by members of the National Association of Black Journalists We talk about everything except black mob violence and lawlessness That is Taboo Result Few know about it Fewer still are talking about it Today it is at epidemic levels at almost every city in the country The list of cities under attack is long and getting longer — with some cities suffering dozens of attacks in the last two years alone Chicago Miami Philadelphia Las Vegas New York Atlantic City Milwaukee Charlotte Mobile Kansas City Denver Birmingham Saratoga Springs Seattle Portland Nashville Washington DC Los Angeles Rochester Wilmington Georgetown Greensboro Nashville Peoria Vallejo CA Des Moines Dallas Rehoboth Beach Balti Montgomery County MD Yes Silver Spring even Boston St Louis Brighton BeachTo use a familiar slogan I found Flaherty's book fair and balanced especially when he included comments by black leaders who call for parents to take charge of their kids and who exhort civil rights leaders to stop denying what everybody knows Particularly loathsome are attacks on whites and Asian Americans and others by black teens and youths to use the routine mainstream media terms that purport to avenge the shooting death of Trayvon MartinAnd in the what the F were they thinking department Flaherty writes about communities like Myrtle Beach SC that cater to a predominantly white customer base scheduling a Black Biker Week Check out pages 72 73 for his description of how this once peaceful event has turned into a disaster for Myrtle Beach businesses and residents Most of the events have turned into riots along with similar large gatherings of partying blacks in places like Miami Beach Black author Thomas Sowell ”Colin Flaherty has done reporting than any other journalist on what appears to be a nationwide trend of skyrocketing black on white crime violence and abuse”

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Y documents what is nothing less than the modern rise of the race riot in America dozens upon dozens of dozens of events with a clear racial component many of them black on white or black on other race assaults punctuated by blatantly racist hate speech What makes it even astonishing though is the prevalence of officials brushing over or covering up the truthGlobal GeopoliticsImportantWFLA radioMust readSevier County NewsFor the first time a new book breaks the code of silence and reveals the explosion of racial violence in than 50 cities since 2010Savannah Morning New. This book was very eye opening For obvious reasons no one wants to tackle the topic of black racial mob violence in America in 2014 I expected some racist overtones but all the book is is facts Facts backed up with sources video NO opinion interjected There ARE mini race riots happening all over the country that the 'media with an agenda' is not reporting on I have to give Colin a A for having the guts to tackle this topic head on I look forward to his next bookThomas LanePortland Oregon

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White Girl Bleed a LotReading Colin Flaherty's book made it painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is even greater than I had discovered from my own research He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities across AmericaThomas SowellNational ReviewColin Flaherty has done reporting than any other journalist on what appears to be a nationwide trend of skyrocketing black on white crime violence and abuseWNDcomWorld Net DailyThis is an important book You must read White Girl Bleed a LotRev Jesse Lee PetersonSyndicated radio talk show h. Colin is a street reporter He is not an effete preppy with an ivy league degree He is not a cute girl who crosses his legs on Fox News He takes a hard look at race relations in flyover country and reports just the facts He is old school He tells us what is happening without jumping to conclusions or hurling accusations Riveting account of what underclass whites and blacks have long been aware of mobs of black youths wreak beat down people in their path just for the fun of it Power is intoxicating and it is fun being bad He is going to bust up a whole bunch of narratives before he is done