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Download Bough Down 107 æ With fearlessness and grace Bough Down reports from deep inside the maelstrom of grief In this profoundly beautiful and intensely moving lament artist and writer Karen Green conjures the inscrutable space of love and loss clarity and contradiction sense and madness She summons memory and the machination of the interior mind with the emotionaT Green's voice is paradoxically confessional and non confessional moments in her journey are devastating but also luminous exacting in sensation but also ambiguous and layered in meaning Her world is haunted by the unnameable and yet she renders that world with poetic precision in her struggle to make sense of not only of death but of living In counterpoint tiny visual collages punctuate the text each made of salvaged language and scraps of the material world pa. My #1 favourite read of 2020Video ReviewKaren Green's Frail Sister is my favourite poem of all time And I see only now that its poetic structure was first devised in Bough Down an elegiac response to David Foster Wallace's deathThe way we talk about death has changed a lot in the last decade The generation before me find it taboo to discuss causes of death This is especially true of suicide I am one of very few people in the world studying suicide and I suspect this is largely due to its legalization in Canada It remains illegal in some forms in many parts of the world and that makes it especially hard to talk about That also makes it hard to understand The problem then is that it is hard to know how to grieve someone who dies by suicide This is why I think Bough Down is beyond being a spectacular poem It is a uniuely real and close journey through a peculiar occurrence of grief — both in its discovery and its particular subject Sure it's undeniable that it serves as an excellent poem in and of itself—were it fictional—with it's surrealist construction and a style rolling with human longing wit humour hope and chaos But its honesty humble and raw expression is what set it apart It takes guts and love to write like this Karen Green's Bough Down rivals and contrasts greatly with Anne Carson's Nox Both are turning the book as an object into a very personal form a diary you feel you should not have been able to access And only when this is done can we get close enough to appropriately convey to the closest conscious feelings we could ever write Original ReviewReview coming soon for this fantastically fing sad elegiac masterpiece I need to gather myself

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With fearlessness and grace Bough Down reports from deep inside the maelstrom of grief In this profoundly beautiful and intensely moving lament artist and writer Karen Green conjures the inscrutable space of love and loss clarity and contradiction sense and madness She summons memory and the machination of the interior mind with the emotional acuity of music as she charts her passage through the devastation of her husband's suicide In crystalline fragments of tex. anniversary float for reasonsi was afraid to read this book i was afraid it was going to knock something loose in me emotionally and that it would be the book to cut the i don't cry at books karen to her knees this is a book written by dfw's widow after his suicide and is a collection of free verse musings about the end of their lives together and the period following his death interspersed with her artworkand uickly so as not to dwell or invite sympathy i have been there i have found a body i have spent nineteen years wondering what i could have done differently how i could have been better given how i could have interpreted the signs better to have been the kind of person who doesn't have this memory following themi bought the book yesterday and i knew if i didn't read it right away it would be just one book in the stacks sandwiched between cookbooks and frothy YA dystopias and it would stare at me accusingly every day as one reminder of my failure of character of my reprehensible fear stasis and it would lose all potential impact from having become a just another familiar prop in my house so i sucked it up and read it all alone in my house on a rainy friday evening during the worst of all possible weekends and it hit me again and again but it did not make me cry so there's thati was not prepared for the loveliness of it for how much it would be a better expressed manifestation of my own voiceless rage despair self recrimination and nostalgia theirs was a different relationship than the one i lost but it's got the same infrastructure and nearly the same emotional aftermaththere are so many passages i wanted to type out here but it almost feels too revealing too personal to do so if that makes any sense and it's the kind of work that is difficult to excise a portion of to hold up to the light it works better as a progression even though it doesn't read chronologically but there is a raw emotional logic to its narrativeand it plays rough it is like being exposed to all the stages of grieving at once and while there are glimpses of humor it seems inappropriate to respond to the humor pressed up against the wall of so much confusion and despair as it is every single time she mentioned the dogs my heart achedthe news of dfw's death floored mei remember the phone conversation that broke the news to me i just whispered no and thought not again like it was a mistake or a prank and i didn't even know the man a couple of exchanged letters a single late night phone conversation some broken plans; but it still felt like a betrayal infinite jest from the first time i read it was and is one of the most impressive books i have ever read and i felt that anyone who could have written something like that must surely have been above the kinds of self doubt and disappointments as the rest of us with our comparatively shabby intellectsbut obviously not and this book adds a dimension to the man and his legacy that was lacking in many of the self serving memorial speeches and articles that came out after his death and she sort of addresses this with such casually sharp insight this is a genuine lov

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Bough DownGes torn from books bits of paper refuse drawings and photographs old postage stamps and the albums which classify them Each collage and the creative act of making it evinces the reassembling of life A breathtaking lyric elegy Bough Down uses music and silence color and its absence authority of experience and the doubt that trembles at its center to fulfill a humane artistic vision This is a lapidary keenly observed work awash with the honesty of an open hear. Untied Undone Bough Down by Karen Green review by Maggie Nelson at LA Review of Books KAREN GREEN’S NEW — and incredibly her first — book Bough Down from Siglio Press is an astonishment It is one of the most moving strange original harrowing and beautiful documents of grief and reckoning I’ve read The book consists of a series of prose poems or individuated chunks of poetic prose interspersed with postage stamp sized collages made by Green who is also a visual artist Collectively the text bears witness to the 2008 suicide of her husband the writer David Foster Wallace and its harrowing aftermath for Green The book feels like an instant classic but without any of the aggrandizement that can attend such a thing Instead it is suffused throughout with the dissonant private richness of the minor while also managing to be a major achievement