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Promise MeSabrina Chandler has had a rough go at love just before her high school graduation she found her boyfriend in the arms of her so called best friendTyler Anderson the town’s sexy bad boy stepped out of the shadows then to save her pride Drawing strength from him 3 stars A sweet steamy angsty and funny romance Sabrina lost all her trust in men in high school when she caught her best friend and her boyfriend together Thankfully Tyler Anderson the schools tattooed bad boy hottie was there to help her home It’s been 10 years since high school and she’s never forgotten him When it comes time for her 10 year reunion her amazing bestie Julie encourages her to go She hasn’t been home in 10 years but the hope of seeing Tyler is enough to get her to take that plunge Tyler just happens to be at the reunion And he’s there for Sabrina Sabrina and Tyler spend the night talking getting to know each other again It’s fast but after spending a few days together the both realize that they want to pursue something Even if it is long distance Neither one has ever felt this way about someone before Everything was going great between them It’s your typical sweet and sexy second chance romance Until Tyler Tyler Tyler I loved you Tyler you hurt me Tyler I hated you for a minute I started to warm back up to you towards the end and the epilogue kind of sealed the deal for me I love you again But really I had so many mixed feelings about this boy He made an epic mistake I loved that Sabrina didn’t straight away forgive and forget She took her time and made sure she was making the best choice for her I read Barbie’s Playing It Safe last week not realizing that the characters Julia and Alex were in this one It was nice to get to see them both again As much as I loved Tyler and Sabrina they just didn’t compare to Julia and Alex for me Those two are the best of the best It was really great to see them in this book Although towards the beginning of the story view spoiler I was screaming at Alex to back it up he needed to stay far away from Sabrina Julia is his girl not her LOL hide spoiler

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EBOOK ´ EPUB Promise Me ã FREE Ê BARBIE BOHRMAN Â Sabrina Chandler has had a rough go at love just before her high school graduation she found her boyfriend in the arms of her so called best friendTyler Anderson the town’s sexy bad boy stepped out of the shadows then to save her pride Drawing strength from hLlAndmaybe meet the mysterious Tyler once againCan Sabrina find the courage to face the demons in her past let go of the pain and move forward into happiness? Or will insecurity and self doubt ruin her one chance to get the love she’s not sure she even deserves? Note to self hero cheats on heroine Nope never gross Not in my romance booksIt may be a great book but It's just NOT FOR ME

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She left everything behind and sought a new life for herself far away from the pain and shameFast forward ten years Sabrina is settled in Miami happy at last until her best friend urges her to attend her high school reunion and face her painful past once and for a 4 ½ StarsIt started with a promise to the hottest guy in her senior class the night she finds her best friend and boyfriend together Ten years later Sabrina can’t get that tattooed bad boy out of her thoughts and things always seem to come back to him and that night ”Go to bed Sabrina” he says to me “promise me that tomorrow you’ll dump his sorry ass cut that bitch out of your life and try to hold on as best you can until you’re out of this shit hole town in a couple of months” Sabrina Chandler lives in Miami with her FANTASTIC best friend Julia Julia has to be one of the greatest bffs written ”Who am I?” She shouts “I’m your worst fucking nightmare I’m the best friend who’s going to tell you ‘baby’ to never talk to you again” Julia Sabrina works in the art field and tries to put all who reside in Skippack PA out of her mind until the day an invitation to her ten year reunion shows up ”I don’t know how to tell her that I’m putting all my hopes in a basket with a big bow on it called “Tyler” Julia talks Sabrina into going to her reunion for two reasons 1 closure with Chris and Lisa and 2 Tyler maybe there Meanwhile at work her sexy boss decides this is the time to put the moves on her Things ignite from the moment Sabrina arrives home between Chris Lisa and herself These scenes were like crack I couldn’t get enough they were so exciting DRAMA DRAMA DRAMASabrina makes her entrance at her reunion and WOW this scene was not to be skipped Drinks fly chemistry ignites and someone may or may not have been looking for her with the same hopes as she has ”Sabrina the things I’ve said to you I’ve never said to anyone else The way I feel when I’m around you I’ve never felt anything like it before I want to be a part of youyour life because everythingevery little piece of me was always meant to be yours” Our main character and her love interest struggle with attempting a long distance relationship as well as deciding whether to move forward from a huge mistake ”I Sabrina Chandler the same girl who gave her heart away ten years ago to a dream has to decide if the reality is worth the heartache and forgive him” Barbie Bohrman did one hell of a job with her debut novel it was well paced funny sexy sexy relatable and well writtenOn a side note I know there are a few Goodread readers who aren’t fans of cheating so here is your disclaimerthere is cheating Other than that go forth and enjoy Copy kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review