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Eddies Prize After the Crash #4Lisa Anton was a world famous fashion model before her plane crashed in a post apocalyptic future where women are precious and rare and technology is only a memory She’s offered as a prize in a Bride Fight for the best fighter to take home As the wife of a man she barely knows one as hand. This book is a tough one to call It is the fourth book in the series which I have really enjoyed but it just wasn't my favorite The concept and supporting characters are still fantastic the issue is with the leads in this bookLisa is than a touch shallow and pampered She is really very sweet but the whining is annoying at times I do give her props for working hard and trying to make the situation work but she needs a lot of patience to get to that growth point Her new husband Eddie seems like a big jerk most of the time and a real sweet heart others He can be really hurtful at times with his words and super jealous He is also rather inexperienced with women and it shows in the relationshipThe book is mostly from the POV of the two leads swapping the narrative back and forth It is always a smooth transition There were a couple spots where supporting characters had control I wished for of thoseThe story really dragged because I did not like the leads They were both very immature most of the time and I was ready to throw in the towel than once I am glad I stuck with it because they both had growth in the end It was just a long road getting there By the end I had warmed up to them and even got emotional a couple timesThe steam is really delicious It starts off awkward he needed a bit of instruction on pleasing his lady After the first night things are very smexy Plenty of yummy details to keep things hot and heavy Eddie never uite gets as Alpha in the bedroom as the wolves but he certainly steams things up when he gets the hang of itI listened to the audiobooks narrated by Clementine Cage who really helps pull things together She does a wonderful job with all the voices keeping them consistent throughout Her steady pace in the read helped keep me listening when I was wary in the beginning The energy in the smexy scenes is delightful She is given a difficult task as both leads are a touch whiny thankfully she took the challenge and minimized the effect with her great tonesOverall I pushed on and was happy to have finished the story From interactions with these characters in the earlier books I feared I would not like this book Thankfully the supporting cast does a great job of keeping me engaged and moving the story along I am pleased that I finished the book it filled in holes in the overall exposition of the series There are details that give a fuller picture of the post Apocalypse landscape I am eager to read the next couple books I wish they were all on audio but that takes time The fist novella is a freebie on so that is a nice bonus

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Eddies Prize After the Crash #4 characters Ê 0 Õ Lisa Anton was a world famous fashion model before her plane crashed in a post apocalyptic future where women are precious and rare and technology is only a memory She’s offered as a prize in a Bride Fight for the best fighter to take home As the wife of a man she barely knows one as Some as any model she ever worked with in the past Lisa believes she may have a chance at true love Not only gorgeous considerate and passionate in bed her new husband also seems to care for herFrom the moment he saw the blond beauty Eddie Madison was determined to make her his wife Beating. It is hard to review an awful book without it seeming as if I'm attacking the author the two are entwined I'm NOT attacking the author just an FYIPerhaps there are some readers who enjoy going back to the stone age when men were idiots and women didn't stand up for themselves When their caveman mentality arose because their wife flirted with another man by smiling at him and not only caused a scene but blamed the wife for it Maybe there are even some readers who like a man who thinks his wife was pure and chaste before she ever met him yet loves that she is a whore in his bed only for him to finally wise up and wonder why she's so experienced Maybe some readers even find it normal that a woman thrown into an apocalyptic wasteland sold to a stranger as his bride and is worried about how many calories she's eating than the great sex she's having with her new husband is somehow romanticIf you're looking for a uick read one that throws womens rights into the stone age one that blames the wife for her husbands temper when she simply smiles at another man this is it I got to about 75% done and wished it had been a paper book so I could burn it Sorry Ms Barone this is a DNF of epic proportions

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A dozen other men in the Bride Fight was child’s play for him Learning to be a husband is a bit trickier She wants his complete trust but Eddie has spent his entire life guarding a secret that could destroy their happiness Is protecting his secret important than winning his bride’s lov. This follows the events of Supermodel Lisa from the Times Before and her Bride Fight champion Eddie the mayor's son This runs parallel to the previous stories as Lisa deals with her identity of beauty wealth and fame disappearing with plane crash 50 years in the future where men value healthier heavy gals Eddie also has to deal with his inner alter ego and keeping family secrets from the woman he loves but often treats poorly Negatives very chauvinistic viewpoint back to the past before modern electricity and plumbing that has not been re invented in 50 years since nukes plagues and natural disasters took out all tech Get a windmill or something to generate some power