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Download ´ Trust in Me (Friends Lovers, #3) 102 ê This is a New Adult Title Meant for Readers 18 OlderRoni’s dreams of becoming a contemporary dancer were smashed under the brutal rage of her ex husband's fists Getting divorced and starting over at the age of twenty two was never her plan but maybe in Texas she'll find her path WheHe's taking a page out of his book not wanting to risk another relationship Can he convince her that his playboy days are over and that she can trust him with her heartTrust in Me is the third novella in the Friends Lovers Trilogy You can read all three books plus a bonus ending for each couple in the Friends Lovers omnibusSeries Reading OrderMake it LastI Choose YouTrust in M. Roni the main character and her twin brother Kent were brought up in a disfunctional family They had an alcoholic father that was physically abusive their whole lives and a passive aggressive cruel mother who didn't know how to stand up for herself or her children Kent protected Roni at all costs from a very young age and took the beatings of their deranged father for the both of them When it was time for Kent to leave home for college his sister Roni marries her high school sweetheart to get away from her disfunctional home This just took her from one disfunctional home into another The vicious cycle of abuse had passed from her father to her husband and she never saw it comingThis story was devastatingly haunting From the first descriptively disturbing sentence the book will grab you and have your undivided attention The reader is thrown into the sadistically violent realm of the main character Roni's nightmarish world I could feel the knot in my stomach the fear in my bones and the heart wrenching trauma as it was unfolding Ms Lopez has breathed the cruel realities of an abusive life into her novel You will become Roni and you will feel her fear as I did Roni never knew when her next beating was coming but most of the time it followed a pattern The creepy feelings that enter your psyche as the door knob turned on the front door will have you feeling like you want to yell to Roni to run and hideRoni got a beating that almost took her life and finally called out for help It was a shameful acknowledgment that she had to face up to Roni called Kent and he came immediately to save her from the terror that she lived in silence with for far too longThis is so realistic that it made me feel sick inside for all the many women who live this frighteningly tormented and fearful life every day of their lives and don't know how to escape from it In this story our main character gained the strength she needed to push forward even in the face of a mother that seemed to be happy that her daughter had to endure the punishments that her own life has bestowed upon her Six months later while adjusting to her knew life living with her brother Kent Roni met up with Rich a friend of Kent's from the past that had always cared about her Rich is totally the opposite of her ex husband Hank but she has so many skeletons in her closet to overcome that it was hard to visualize her getting through all of it Rich has a mouth watering body and a witty grin He's gorgeous but unassuming kind and sensitive and he comes from a wonderful family Rich is well adjusted and if you were to ask the ladies in town they'd all tell you that he knows what to do in and out of the bedroom He has a reputation as uite the ladies man but when he meets Roni he is ready to be a one woman man Rich is also a philanthropist who wants to do good for the community by opening a center that will help keep kids off of the street Rich gives Roni the opportunity to fulfill her life long dream of owning her own dance studio This gives her a sense of pride in herself once again Her passion and fight throughout the story had me rooting for her all the wayUnfortunately there was one aspect of the story that I thought was not realistic I would have liked to have had sense of closure with her husband I feel that in reality there it could have ended so cut and dry in a relationship where the husband said he'd never let her out of that never came It read like a short story to me which was a little disappointing especially since the story started out so strong Overall this book was well written and I thought the beginning of the book was realistic than I would ever want to live through It was so interesting that I read straight through the night in one sitting to finish this novel I hope that there will be a seuel I give this book a 4 out of 5 terrifyingly heart stopping starsFor book reviews Visit A BOOKISH ESCAPE

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This is a New Adult Title Meant for Readers 18 OlderRoni’s dreams of becoming a contemporary dancer were smashed under the brutal rage of her ex husband's fists Getting divorced and starting over at the age of twenty two was never her plan but maybe in Texas she'll find her path When the town's local player Rich opens a Rec Center she sees a way to rekindle her dancing dream. “Don’t tell me what I deserve Maybe you’re the best thing that ever happened to me” The third novella is perhaps the most intense and emotionally charged of them all in the Trilogy This is the story of Kent’s twin sister Roni and Colin’s best friend RichThe story itself starts with a domestic abuse scene from Roni’s past that is eually shocking as it is heartbreaking We watch this young woman being beaten by her ex husband for wanting to leave their marriage his violence not only damaging her body but also destroying all hope she ever had in love and finding a happily ever after in life When we meet Roni again six months after her brother rescued her from her husband’s hands she is a broken woman Her marriage had killed all her dreams of becoming a professional dancer and now she finds herself adrift clueless what to do with her life or how to finally take charge of her future “She didn’t miss Hank their house or the life that they’d shared but she did miss the dream” Her bright opportunity comes from the last man she ever wanted to get involved with at this point in her life a known womanizer but also a man she has secretly admired from a distance her body drawn to him like a moth to a flame Rich is a serial dater and he is not ashamed of this He treats all his conuests with respect and cherishes their bodies lovingly but passionately He makes it clear from the beginning what they can expect from him allowing him to never get tied to anyone and live his life commitment free But Roni is unlike any other woman he has ever metWhile women normally fall victim to his charm and self confidence Roni’s smart mouth disarms him and her resistance intrigues him He does not hide his attraction to her and is certain that she is not completely immune to his attempts to seduce her but he gives her space and time to make the first moveWhen Roni finally succumbs to her body’s craving for Rich one night of passion changes everything between them leaving two different people in its aftermath Rich has no doubts whatsoever about wanting Roni to be his family and building a future together but Roni’s reservations run deep and they are hard to overcome for someone who has never felt that kind of love from another man “You deserve someone who isn’t broken A girl who won’t fall to the ground if you raise your voice Someone who can give you babies” Their story made me wish for so much from these characters The foundations were there there was a solid back story that could have been taken so much further had it not been so short in length but it was over before it even began in a way Just like the previous two tales this is a story to be enjoyed while indulging yourself with a warm bath and a glass of wine – it is a “romance espresso” to feed the romantic glutton in you and leave you smilingSee this review on my blog | Follow me on Facebook | Follow me on Twitter

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Trust in Me Friends Lovers #3Sand maybe have a little fun with her sexy new bossRich never expected to fulfill his dreams in the town he planned to leave behind but that's just what he's doing His reputation as a noncommittal ladies' man might make it challenging to earn respect in the business world but he's willing to prove that he's serious In fact when it comes to pursuing Roni he's than willing But s. Oh man I cannot say enough great things about this book Bethany you have done it again I loved the first two books in the Friends and Lovers Trilogy and could not wait to get my hands on this book Rich oh sweet Rich he is my new book boyfriend He comes across as kind of a man whore with an ego to match But with his good looks its total justified right This is just not who he really is He is so sweet in this book his love for his family friends and the Rec Center are so heart warming Any man who calls his mom “momma” has my heart; I love a good southern man He is so sweet to Roni even though she thinks it is all an act Rich really grew up a lot in this book from when we met him in the previous books and he is so amazingRoni poor Roni I love this character she shows that just because you have been knocked down and lost sight of your dream that does not mean you can’t get back up and find a new dream It is never to late I love that she is strong and knows what she wants well at least with her profession She is really damaged and needs to find herself again I think Rich was just the right guy to help her ; This book has everything you could want in a good love story Rich and Roni are just what each other needs If you like romance sex and a sexy “bad boy” who is not really bad at all this is the book for you Bethany is an amazing writer and has done an amazing job with all three books If you have not read the first two I would suggest reading them first However this story carries on its own I think Rich and Roni’s story is my favorite of the three I know rich is my favorite hero of all three