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The Elite Free download ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ì The Selection began with thirty five girlsNow with the group narrowed down to the six Elite the competition to win Prince Maxon's heart is fiercer than ever—and America is still struggling to decide where her heart truly lies Is it with Maxon who could make her lT love AspenAmerica is desperate for time But the rest of the Elite know exactly what they want and America's chance to choose is about to slip away. It turns out I'm absolutely terrible at staying away from you It's a very serious problem Tears Love triangles More tears Whining Even tears Annndhonestly that's pretty much itCould we make it one chapter without her dissolving into tears No Fabulous Picking up where we left off America is in the Elite the top 6 of the Selection aka the BachelorPrincess Diaries mashup She's joined by Celeste the Btch Marley the best friend and three other totally forgettable girls who must still be there solely to keep the book goingPrince Maxon is in love with her but gasp America can't decide between super hot and super rich royalty and super hot and down to earth soldier Annnnd that's all there is to the plotThere's some filler here and there rebels crocodile tears party planning crying fits plots to overthrow the government unrestrained sobbing but honestly there's not muchIt's mostly America whining over one boy then the other Followed by some eye rollingly awful uotes Like this Love is beautiful fear And this Sometimes I feel like we're a knot too tangled to be taken apart And this All I want is your promise to stay with me to be mine Sometimes it feels like you can't possibly be real Promise me you'll stay I had a hard time getting into this one The first book was fun it was fluffy and a bit weak in the plot department but it was the kind of book you can just sink into and enjoyThis onenot so much The writing felt stiffer and the dialogue had me cringing so much America's only emotion was bawling and even then I wasn't very convinced The plot just circled from one boy to the other I really feel like 250 of the 300 pages could've been cut and nothing would've changed Maybe even the whole bookAudiobook CommentsRead by Amy Rubinate and no complaints therewell except for ueen Amberly's accent The novella starring the ueen had her in a very thick native Honduraguan accent but in another novel her sister sounded extremely Southern Belle while in this one Amberly just sounds so middle American Is consistency too much to askYouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading

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Han ever and America is still struggling to decide where her heart truly lies Is it with Maxon who could make her life a fairy tale Or with her firs. 285 Stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️“Love is beautiful fear” Guys Where do I begin This book was such a disappointment compared to its predecessor Don't get me wrong I flew through it in a couple of hours Right now as I'm writing this review I have read The One and I know who America ends up with how the book ends everything These books are so addicting and such a guilty pleasure I want to scream Kiera Cass is not a good writer but her books captivate you I still want to throw this fucking book at the wall because it frustrated me to no end I would never throw a book anywhere though because for me books have feelings BUT THIS PARTICULAR BOOK COULD DRIVE ME SO CRAZY WITH REPULSE THAT I WOULD DO IT WATCH ME DO IT When I read the first book I said I wouldn't judge it harshly because of its content But now I FEEL WRATH THAT I WANT TO EXPRESS The Selection began with thirty five girls Now with the group narrowed down to the six Elite the competition to win Prince Maxon's heart is fiercer than ever—and America is still struggling to decide where her heart truly lies Is it with Maxon who could make her life a fairy tale Or with her first love AspenAmerica is desperate for time But the rest of the Elite know exactly what they want—and America's chance to choose is about to slip awayAmerica was good character in the first book I didn't mind her you could say In this book I WANTED TO THROW A BRICK ON HER FUCKING HEAD I want to throw so many things when it comes to this book I wonder why SHE WAS SO INSECURE AND INDECISIVE AND CHILDISH AND PETTY IN THIS BOOK And I thought I was an indecisive person All her good ualities from the first book completely vanished in this book She was like a whole different character I DON'T GET IT Did the author fucking forget her own protagonist THE LOVE TRIANGLE This is the worst love triangle I have ever witnessed if we even can call it that BITCH CHOOSE The whole book was basically this Chapter 1 Oh I love Maxon heart heart heart Let me put on my fucking tiara imma rock this princess business Chapter 2 Nah Princessy shit not for this chick Imma go with my safe previous love Aspen WHO NEEDS LOVE WHEN YOU CAN HAVE COMFORT AND A DUDE WITH THE PERSONALLY OF A POTATOTHIS WAS THE BOOK Each meeting she had with each character she changed her mind I wanted to slap her off the Earth This book was constant back and forths indecisiveness and cringiness Everything would be resolved if they just TALKED TO EACH OTHER YOU BOTH LOVE EACH OTHER JUST SPEAK I WANT TO TEAR MY HAIR FROM MY HEAD PLS KILL ME AND BURY THIS BOOK INTO MY WORST ENEMY'S FUCKING GRAVE AAAAAAAAAAAAA This isn't a love triangle We all know who she's gonna choose And gurl pls Maxon was hooking up with Celeste so what You're the one to talk YOU KEPT STEALING KISSES WITH ASPEN IN THE FIRST BOOK And Maxon is in a fucking competition and he needs to choose his girl He should know how each girl is you know in the flesh department too AND ALL YOU SAY TO HIM IS Oh no no bae I don't want you but please come after me so it can feed off my insecurity FUCK OFF I truly feel that Aspen is the most useless character in the entire face of the Earth He's just there to bring conflict into America's life He's stale than a loaf of bread 🥖 🍞 I haven't seen anyone being #teamAspen Was anyone #teamAspen when this book came out I'm truly curious cause this book is older than my grandma Maxon though MY BAE You made some shit choices in this book BUT I STILL LOVE YOU JUST KEEPT BEING BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECT #teamMaxonThe politics in this book were prominent Which I found ridiculous We all know this book isn't about politics Kiera Cass honestly has no knowledge about how shit works I know jackshit about politics but some things were so obvious Chapter 1 Oh REBELS REBELS HIDE HIDE HIDE YOUR CHILDREN Chapter 3 REBELS AGAIN THEY HAVE GUNS THIS TIME AW Chapter 5 SUDDEN ATTACK THE REBELS ARE HERE BITCHES Chapter 7 You again Chapter 9 UghLIKE We had so many rebel attacks that it got boring and repetitive soon What was even the point Doesn't this castle have any means of security For realz now It was so cringy and unnecessary I kept forgetting this book is supposed to be a dystopian so uickly This isn't the purpose of this book The politics are done terribly just let it be a contemporary Also WTF AMERICA WHAT WAS THIS WHOLE SPEECH WITH THE CASTES She wanted to make a dramatic outro by ruining people's lives in the process She didn't even know her shit The King asked her a uestion and she was like Nah dk dawg like Study your shit because you decide to destroy a whole country And don't chicken out when things don't go your way I was certain she would get kicked out of the contest for this She should've Maxon showed her some top secret books that no one should know she had and she WENT AND SHOWED THEM ON FUCKING NATIONAL TV WAY TO GO Ugh I'm annoyedWhat else happened in this unnecessary book Ah The Elite We got Celeste still a fucking glorious bitch Kriss who is relevant now apparently Marlee who was the best out of everyone and didn't get what she deserved Natalie and Elise who are just there We basically didn't get any character development for these characters except Marlee and Kriss Celeste is still a bitch the other two just exist and Marlee had the worst fate anyone can ever have And Kriss suddenly became a rival to America for Maxon's affection Out of fucking nowhere I mean I don't even remember her in the first book tbh She annoyed me Such a sugar coated little princess UghOverall this book had no purpose to exist Having read the final book in the series as well I can tell you it could all be one book One less frustrating book This is definitely the worst book of the series I was rolling my eyes throughout the whole thing All the character annoyed me at one point or the other to no end The plot was nonexistent the love triangle a hot mess the character development with no seuence I would give it a worse rating if not that these books are so addicting but so bad I don't know how Kiera Cass does it in this department the plot is bad the characters annoying the world has no coherent building the writing is nothing special and yet we all can't stop reading them Mysteries of this world Anyway till the next one very soon K BYE

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The EliteThe Selection began with thirty five girlsNow with the group narrowed down to the six Elite the competition to win Prince Maxon's heart is fiercer t. For what it's worth I actually liked The Selection Sure it suffered from a major bout of shoddy world building and desperately needed a plot beyond just the game show slash dating elements but if I had to blurb it I'd go with something like this Frivolous and silly The Selection is nonetheless an enjoyable timekiller with its Bachelor like elements and inability to take itself too seriously The Elite on the other hand ugh how do I even begin to describe this mess Let's seeAmerica I love Maxon No Aspen No definitely MaxonMaxon does something needlessly cruel in dramatic fashionAmerica I hate Maxon runs off to see AspenFor unexplained reasons she has second thoughts about AspenAmerica Aspen who I love MaxonMaxon does something needlessly cruel in dramatic fashionAmerica I hate Maxon runs off to see AspenFor less unexplained but eually convenient reasons she has second thoughts about leaving MaxonAmerica Aspen who I love MaxonAt this point I'm just too irritated to continue copypastingIs anyone else seeing a pattern here Like maybe the plot is just one big long stretched out love triangle A poorly done love triangle at that One that isn't even resolved I don't know I didn't really mind The Selection because the Bachelor like elements in other words the catty contestants while stereotypical were somewhat amusing but this is just messed up relationship melodrama between chapters of America replaying her emotional baggage in her head over and over and over again and it's unimaginably boring Indescribably pointless Frustratingly annoying Where'd evil Celeste go Plus some other somewhat random observations because this is not a book that's inspiring me to write a coherent review What Happened to the Bachelor style Competition Personally that was the only draw of the first book Yes it was cheesy But so what The Selection was terrible as a dystopian but at least it had that so it wasn't a complete loss The Elite seems to eschew the only thing that made the first book bearable in favor of the aforementioned love triangle why The World Building Redux Even from The Selection we should know world building is not this series's strong suit Still while I admire Kiera Cass trying again this time with about the history of Ilea some conspiracy involving the first king's diary and stuff about the caste system and foreign diplomacy all of it is so simple to the point that actually reading about it feels painful than watching a Miss America contestant discuss world geography The Rebels of Complete Fail I get it Actually I don't There are the Northerners There are the Southerners It's implied they want something But when the biggest plot development is a scrap of crucial information incompetently left in the hallway just conveniently for America to find WTF Maxon Celeste What the heck No Just no If I were on the fence about the rest of the book last straw dude last strawAnyway I wasn't expecting anything from The Elite than shallow petty drama And somehow it still fails at even that