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Angels' BloodNew York Times çoksatarı yazar Nalini Singh meleklerin vampirlere hükmettiği kana susamış yaratıklarla dolu ama bir o kadar da baş döndürücü bir dünyanın kapılarını aralıyorÖlmeden önce göreceğiniz son şey onun gözleri olacakVampir avcısı Elena Deveraux işinde en iyisi olduğunu biliyordu Ancak yeni görevi için doğru kişi olup olmadığınd Reread 2122020 Just want to make a side note I listened to this book on audio the first time and I didn't really connect to the book It was good but not great I read it with my own eyes this time round and it was much better I am changing my rating from 4 to 5 stars4 Making you Human Stars I knew after reading Nalini Singh's Psy Changeling series that I would want to read from that author so when I seen she had a angel series I started buying books Here I am book one and I am really glad I started this series I will say it took a bit for me to warm up to Raphael but by the end of the book he owned my heart Elena was awesome and kicked some serious ass I loved her from the start She was smart sweet and bad ass all in one Elena was very relatable and lovable She was brave and she did well even when she didn't get a choice in her own life Raphael was much harder to connect to for most of the book He was so closed off and cold I understand he was powerful old Archangel and so he lost almost all his humanity but it was hard at times to see what Elena liked in Raphael other than his looks This was a really slow burn as far as the relationship between Elena and Raphael go They didn't get together until almost the end but the sexual tension was thick from the start I love that even though they didn't care for each other in the beginning they both were fascinated with the other You could feel the pull between them even when Raphael was at his coldest By the end of the book Raphael was really starting to change and I loved the new side to him The second half of the book was a lot better for me I thought that at some point Elena would become vampire but I was really surprised at were Nalini Singh took Elena I really can't wait to see what happens next

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Benzeri görülmemiş bir cinayetler zincirinin tam ortasında bulacak ve tutkunun tehlikeli uçurumlarına doğru çekilecekti Bu av onun sonunu getirmese bile Raphael'in baştan çıkarıcı dokunuşlarına kendini teslim etmesi Elena'nın hayatının en büyük hatası olabilirdi Çünkü başmelekler ölümlü oyuncaklarıyla oynarken onları fark etmeden kırabilird Nalini SinghThis bookRaphaelAmazing series but after reading the other books this one still remains my favorite Just brilliant 3Some of my favorite uotes 3 She looked into that perfect face and knew she’d never met a deadly being in her life If she displeased him Raphael would kill her as easily as she might swat a fly “And if I fail?”“Don’t fail Elena” His eyes were mild but his smile it spoke of things better not said aloud “You intrigue me—I’d hate to have to punish you” The bald way he pointed out his power and her lack of it made her fingers itch for a blade“You shouldn’t look at me in that fashion Elena”“Why?” she asked prodded by some heretofore unknown suicidal streak “Scared?”He leaned a fraction closer “My lovers have always been warrior women Strength intrigues me” “I’ve seen enough Let’s go” She struggled in his holdHe tightened it his wings coming around to cut off her view of the room his chest hot and hard at her back “Are you sure?” His lips whispered over skin so sensitized she had to fight the urge to shiver “I have not taken a human lover for eons But you taste intriguing” The bastard kissed her She was so mad she bit him hard enough to draw blood Raphael pulled back lip already beginning to swell “We are no longer even Elena You’re now in debt”“You can deduct it from my slow and painful death” She dropped her leg from his waist “It’s time to talk murder” I’m crazy about you Archangel You scare the shit out of me at times but I want to dance with you anyway

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Angels' Blood doc ↠ Paperback ↠ randarenewables ô New York Times çoksatarı yazar Nalini Singh meleklerin vampirlere hükmettiği kana susamış yaratıklarla dolu ama bir o kadar da baş döndürücü bir dünyanın kapılarını aralıyorÖlmeden önce göreceğiniz son şey onun gözleri olacakVampir avcısı ElenAn emin değildi Ü;stelik öldürücü bir güzelliğe sahip ve hiçbir ölümlünün kızdırmak istemeyeceği Başmelek Raphael tarafından görevlendirilmiştiElena'nın başarısızlık gibi bir seçeneği yoktu Görevi imkansız olsa bile Bu kez peşine düştüğü kişi yoldan çıkmış bir vampir değil yoldan çıkmış bir başmelektiElena kendini daha önce I've been a fan of Nalini Singh for several years now I started reading her with the Silhouette Desires she published and I liked the way she wrote intense love stories with magnetic heroes and heroines I liked I waffled for a year or so before deciding to try her book Slave to Sensation I was just getting into paranormal and I wasn't sure about the sci fi elements Finally I read it and I was hooked from that point on When I heard that Nalini Singh was venturing into urban fantasy of course I was going to buy Angels' Blood She's autobuy for me and urban fantasy is one of my absolute favorite genres It also helps that I have this unhealthy love for angels I'll read most books with an angel theme Let me tell you I was so impressed with this bookNalini Singh took the theme of angels and made it her own She captured the essential elements of angelhood except for the messengers of God part and gave it some dark and sinister aspects In Singh's world Angels are very carnal sexual beings who involve themselves with the human world exploit the fact that humans are drawn to adore them and sometimes worship them and have put themselves at the top of the hierarchy Basically angels run things They even Make vampires to be their servants Of course absolute power has a way of corrupting In this case there is an archangel the most powerful type of angel who has gone beserk and is on a killing spree A scary thought there an absolutely beautiful pretty much invincible being on a killing spree Who's going to stop him? Raphael the Archangel of New York has appointed himself to do that But he needs the help of the best Hunter vampires in New York Elena And he decides that he wants to have than a business relationship with this powerful warrior woman that's his type you seeRaphael was some kind of character He defines the 'gamma' hero Not gamma as in the mix of alpha and beta Gamma in the sense of mad bad and dangerous to know Raphael is utterly ruthless He knows just how powerful he is and he's not afraid to use that power to achieve his goals He is not controlled by human morals He follows a higher law the laws set by himself and the Cadre the group of ten archangels who pretty much rule the world This guy was one of those heroes that sends a chill down your spine but also has you gaga over him because he was so gorgeous and just had that masculine appeal that turns your bones into water He thought about killing Elena several times because human life has no value for beings that are essentially immortal I was like Okay? I admit I like that darkedgy hero but I could see how that would be chilling for some readers But somehow Elena found the small aspect of this scary dude that could love He was drawn to her for the essence of who she was the fierce hunter the vulnerable woman beneath the tough facade She made him humanlike just by reaching that core of him that yearned to be truly loved and to love someone Even than a millenia of having whatever lovers he wanted didn't leave this archangel satisfied But Elena had to power to give him what he yearned forElena was a very likeable character She was tough a survivor but also very humane She had a great sense of humor and didn't let anyone push her ar