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Because of YouBrady Marshall has made a career of playing it safe When he decides to do something rash and becomes a Navy SEAL he thinks he's finally escaped the rigid structure of the high society life his parents forced down his throat All he does is trade in one set of rules for another He follows military protocol to a T but it still results in the death of an entire team of Navy SEALS and puts his best friends directly in harm's way He’s struggled to stay afloat and not drown in grief guilt and booze but he's losing that battle uickly When his baby sister flees her abusive husband and shows up on his doorstep with his young niece in tow he has no choice but to clean up his act He will stop at nothing to protect them and never let them down again even if it mean This book broke my rating systemSo do I rate it based on how it compared to A Beautiful Lie?Can I rate it less than four stars but still give it my stamp of approval?Will you still read it in spite of the things I didn't like?Am I over thinking this?Let me try and break this down I totally liked this book I most definitely recommend this book and I absolutely love this series but my star dar malfunction is based on a few thingsI than loved A Beautiful Lie I fell so hard for Garrett and Parker that I had a hard time letting them go Notice I said Garrett and Parker That would be issue one Though I fell in love with Brady from the very beginning of the Playing With Fire series I wasn't a huge Layla fan I just never felt the connection between Brady and Layla as I did with Parker and Garrett Overall I just didn't like this book as much as ABL but it was still good TE Sivec knows how to seduce us with a damn good plotMy only other issue was the timeline and progression of events I felt like I was having a threesome with the past and the present This was now that was then I missed out on parts of the plot that I really wished I could have experienced instead of being told about them later The skipping around made it kind of hard to follow and I felt like I needed a flux capacitor to navigate all the time jumping It was heavy All bitching aside though TE Sivec delivered yet another uniue addictive action packed plot filled with steamy romance and twists that make your head spin Her stories are extremely hard to put down and are than just entertaining So back to my star debate My heart says four my head says three and my unmentionable girly bits say ten So if I add the one carry the seven and subtract the remainder I get 35?Either way this is a really good book to continue an amazing series and I recommend it to anyone who has unmentionable girly bits orunmentionable guy bits if that's your thing rock on It's a solid solid 35Stars and I can't wait for book threeREAD ONMore reviews at

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S taking a job that goes against everything he believes in If protecting a pop star princess who thinks she's better than everyone means he can keep a roof over their head what other choice does he have? Layla Carlysle has lived a life of luxury She's been a star since the young age of fifteen and every record she releases shoots straight to the top of the charts She has people surrounding her every single day telling her how amazing she is how beautiful she is and how lucky she is but she’s never felt alone in her entire life She wants nothing than to break free and do what she really wants to do write her own music sing her own songs and find a way to finally be happy with her life The only thing standing in her way is her mother Eve Carlysle Eve has 35 StarsI really like this one All of my complaints about the last book too many POV randomly jumping in and out if everyone's heads etc were all rectified in this one I liked the addition of some levity between Gwen and Brady I think that maybe for me there just wasn't uite the right balance between the mystery and the building of the relationship I just wasn't feeling the deep connection that Brady and Layla were supposed to have I'm excited about the next one though looking forward to Gwen's story

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Mobi õ Because of You ´ 404 pages ✓ Brady Marshall has made a career of playing it safe When he decides to do something rash and becomes a Navy SEAL he thinks he's finally escaped the rigid structure of the high society life his parents forced down his throat All he does is trade in one set of rules for another He follows military prControlled every single aspect of her daughter’s life and will stop at nothing to achieve fame and fortune even if that means using her daughter to get there When an overly amorous fan’s letters become increasingly sinister Brady will have to suck up his opinion of how the other half lives to take the job seriously The pair will need to learn to trust each other and put aside their differences before the letters become a reality and someone’s life is in jeopardy Brady has been to hell and back and he refuses to let anyone else get close to him again Layla has never lived her life for herself and the emptiness is threatening to break her for good Sometimes our lives are already planned for us but because of you all of that could change in an instan 45 StarsI loved this book I was REALLY excited to jump into this one and get Brady’s story since I absolutely loved him in A Beautiful Lie Playing with Fire #1 Although a few things are referenced from book #1 these can absolutely be read as stand alones This book picks up about a year or so after the events that happen in A Beautiful Lie Brady is no longer in the Navy and has been having a rough time dealing with some guilt from his past When his little sister shows up with her young daughter looking for refuge from her abusive husband Brady knows he needs a steady job to help provide for his family That’s where Layla Carlysle comes in She is a pop star at the peak of her career that has been getting some threatening mail from an obsessed fan and Brady has been hired to find out who the psycho is Neither Layla nor Brady wants anything to do with this arrangement Layla has trust issues with any person hired by her evil wench mother and Brady doesn’t want to be around a diva pop princess Upon meeting though there is no denying they are instantly attracted to one another Fuck stop ogling the client And absolutely stop picturing her nakedI almost sniffed his fucking shirt I actually looked him up and down like he was a piece of meat which he obviously noticed Son of a bitch There is this underlying tension about the crazy stalker who is tormenting them I was immediately sucked into the suspense of the story; the prologue begins with actual letters from her “biggest fan” Ray I love that from page one the tone is set and the creepy factor is there All the while you are experiencing the connection between Layla and Brady and getting sucked into their relationship I absolutely love these two characters and their chemistry was HOT There was such intensity between them not only physically but emotionally Brady is so protective and yes uite swoon worthy I know I’m done for when it comes to this woman She’s gotten under my skin and I’m not sure if I’ll ever be ready to remove her I can’t walk away and I sure as shit can’t ignore whatever this is between us It soon becomes clear that there is going on than what meets the eye The mystery goes so much deeper than just some crazy fan Layla and Brady have so many ghosts and secrets in their pasts and it’s unclear which ones are going to have an affect on their future and how the story is going to unfold Trusting someone is what got me into this mess I trusted the wrong person and now I’m going to pay for it with my life It was clear with A Beautiful Lie that Tara Sivec can absolutely write romantic suspense but I feel like this book was a bit smoother It’s told in first person in both Brady and Layla’s POV and I am so thankful for that change I felt so much connected to the story and the characters I breezed right through this and read it in one sitting I never felt like there was a lull and I was completely immersed in the story What I wasn’t expecting was the emotion it stirred in me Layla’s loss of her father her being controlled by her horrible mother and her music all those feelings sometimes hit me out of nowhere and I LOVED it Sing what you want to sing write what you want to write and play what you want to play Be amazing and be free Let the music take you where you want to go ARC received in exchange for an honest review For reviews go to Reality Bites Let's Get LostCheck us out on Facebook too