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The CirqueBriel the mysterious knife thrower There’s something unmistakably dangerous yet tempting about Gabriel’s crystal blue eyes and tattoos She’s determined to solve the mystery of his past after learning he’s on the run from the law Especially since the distraction is just what she needs to avoid admitting to her parents she was dismissed from her ballet contractThe she learns about Gabriel the scars on hi I guess I'd like to think that's out there Love passion like that Happy endings I really enjoyed The Cirue I started reading and literally couldn't put it back down until I was finished; I was completely hooked from the very first page The author's writing style really worked for me and drew me right in It was perfectly descriptive in all the right places and I could easily see the book playing out like a movie in my head I could picture the characters the trailers the big top the performances even GertieAri is a classically trained ballerina with all the talent and no heart She doesn't love it and when she gets fired from the ballet company she has to find something else to occupy her time and give her something to do while she figures out what to tell her parents She auditions for the local cirue show on a whim and winds up the target girl for the brooding sexy and mysterious Gabriel; a knife thrower on the run from the law

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Free reader ã doc The Cirque ✓ Ù Ryann Kerekes ò A good girl trying to find herselfA troubled boy running from his pastThe seductive allure of the cirueOne summer that will change them both forever Eighteen year old ballerina Ariel is determined to experience life outside the dance studio She auditions for thS body the foster homes he grew up in and his fascination with knives she knows she should run the other way but that boy’s like crack oh so bad for you yet addicting as hell When he’s arrested and forced to deal with his past she has to choose between putting her own life back together and dealing with her parents or taking a chance on Gabriel as no one else hasThe Cirue is a contemporary new adult romanc Another gorgeous cover

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A good girl trying to find herselfA troubled boy running from his pastThe seductive allure of the cirueOne summer that will change them both forever Eighteen year old ballerina Ariel is determined to experience life outside the dance studio She auditions for the cirue on a whim and though ballet training didn’t prepare her for dodging knives she refuses to flinch and wins the spot of target girl alongside Ga A ballerina runs away with the circus Yes You read that right A ballerina runs away with the circus There she meets up with tall dark and emotionally stunted Gabriel Gabriel is a knife tossing tattooed ripped hunk o' manly man that our little bunhead just can't seem to stop thinking about Gabriel of course has skeletons in his closet How else do you think he got so emotastic It certainly wasn't while eating oatmeal cream pies and watching TV in his moderately upscale suburban home while his parents were at the office No No one who comes from a home like that ever has problems It's the orphans the strays who have all the issues and make young girls get all swoony and moist in their no no partsAngel and Devil It's played up a lot in the book even in their circus act for crying out loud and I got pretty tired of it pretty uick The ballerina is of course an idiot Not because she's a ballerina but because she was written by a woman who is one among far too many authors who seem to believe all female characters should lack any form of intelligence Sometimes when I want to be scared I sit and wonder if these authors actually believe their female characters are smartAnyway you know what happens in this book You do If you've ever read any kind of over dramatized YA fantasy fiction you know It's the same formula every time Every Damn Time The sexual content doesn't even deviate from the accepted formula; longing longing longing disgust longing sexual tension ratcheted a third wheel gets in the way girl acts like a lobotomy patient trying to figure out why main male character has a problem with third wheel cock blocker DUR a reconnection after the third wheel is dealt with first kiss is like a fucking volcanic eruption in someone's pants may not even be the characters' pants I can't even think straight any makeoutmakeoutmakeoutmakeout OH WE CAN'T HAVE SEX THINGS ARE MOVING MUCH TOO UICKLY It's the exact opposite of what sometimes happens in adult romances You know those stories where the two end up in bed together in like the third chapter And you're sitting there like They just said hi why are they bumping uglies already The payoff is too soon Premature erotication as it were I Should probably trademark that huh Where was I Oh right in those books the load is blown far too soon but in books like this one the load blowing comes long after you've stopped caring whether or not there's even a load at all I justyou know I'm so tired of reading about the tortured bad boys I think that's why I generally enjoy stories where the dork gets the girl It's refreshing to read about people finding happiness when those people aren't the types I'd want to roll my eyes at and slap around for a solid three hoursBah I have problems with this book Obviously right If this book were my husband we'd be in court right now fighting out who gets the house and where the kids are going to go to school That being said I've had worse So I'll be gracious and give it two stars