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Afterwards Read ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ø É um incêndio e eles estão lá dentroEles estão lá dentroFumo negro mancha o céu azul de verão Uma escola está a arder E uma mãe Grace vê o fumo e corre Sabe ue Jenny a sua filha adolescente está lá dentro Corre para o edifício em chamas para a salÉ um incêndio e eles estão lá dentroEles estão lá dentroFumo negro mancha o céu azul de verão Uma escola está a arder E uma mãe Grace vê o fumo e corre Sabe ue. 5 stars Dutch paperback 🍀🍀🍀uote from the book Arson sombody on purpose set fire to te school🥀🥀🥀Later is the second novel of Rosamund Lipton It sucks you instantly into the story A crime is committed and mother and daughter fighting for their lives One has to let go of live and family My throat was think my tears rolling of my checks Love to read another novel by her hand 🌼🌼🌼5 sterren Nederlandse paperback ☘️☘️☘️uote uit het boek Het was brandstichting Had ik zonder het te weten iets gezien 🌷🌷🌷Later is het tweede boek van Rosamund Lipton Het verhaal zoog mij gelijk in de wereld van dit boek Een misdaad begaan een moeder en dochter vechtend voor hun leven Een van de twee zal het leven en het gezin los moeten laten En word de misdaad opgelost De tranen gleden van mij wangen Strot dicht geknepen Wat een boek Zou graag nog een boek van haar hand lezen 🍁🍁🍁

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Jenny a sua filha adolescente está lá dentro Corre para o edifício em chamas para a salvar Depois Grace tem de descobrir a identidade do autor do incêndio e proteger. Read This Review And More Like It On My Blog325 out of 5 Afterwards was a lot of things for me frustrating alienating weird intriguing and eventually uite moving There's a lot of hype built around this newish author largely due to the wild success and continued love for her first novel Sister With that in mind I went into this sopho effort with high hopes that were never uite met There's a lot of potential in this novel about mothers and daughters love and independence but it never uiiiite reaches the heights it could I want to clarify my 325 out of 5 up there it's the result of knee jerk reactions deep thinking The first 300 pages were a solid disappointing 2 out of 5 stars An awkward and jarring style second person POV told with the present tense a somewhat overly perfect main character and a truly irritating overemphasis on italics on nearly every page and I am an italics bold and strikethrough addict mar an intriguing and thoroughly gripping mystery The final 100 pages of twists turns Oh my god and No ways do much to alleviate the various now previous problems I'd had and also made me happy I hadn't given up early on this oneThe second person POV rarely rarely works for me as a reader In fact the only time I have actually appreciated it as a storytelling medium were for the rare interludes during The Night Circus which used it sparingly Here with Grace narrating everyone's actions toat them You do this say this want this etc it's very cumbersome and unwieldy to read as a non involved observer By the time I grew inured to the strange and uncomfortable style used throughout Afterwards and it took a while trust me I could start to appreciate the subtlety of the mystery that Lupton has created It's both layered and nuanced in its inception and execution truly the strongest element to the novel is the whodunit This is not one of those thrillers where the culprit or culprits isare transparent from the beginning several cleverly manipulated red herrings lead the police investigation and my theories jumping from character to character I have to applaud such deft narrative sleight of hand I was curious from the start Even when I was close enough to giving up the uestion at the heart of Jenny's problems wouldn't let go of my imagination I wish I could appreciate the spectral astral plane ghost spirit whatever the main characters have going on The fact that what's going on with the two main characters isn't really explained in depth was another misfire for me it came off as gimmicky and rather calculated Another disconnect was with the main character and narrator the mother Gracie She her husband her daughter and son were all too perfect to be entirely believable And as the novel went on and revelation led to revelation it becomes apparent that Grace doesn't really know anyone outside her family at all view spoilerHer closest mother friend has been abused for years Elizabeth Fisher was left by her husband Knows nothing about Rowena even though Maisie is very knowledgeable about Grace's own family Her snap inaccurate judgements of Ivo due to her own feelings hide spoiler

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AfterwardsA sua família da pessoa ue continua determinada a destruí los a todos Depois tem de forçar os limites da sua força física e descobrir ue o amor não conhece limites. I read Rosamund Lupton's debut novel 'Sister' last year You may remember me raving about it it was a fantastic read I jumped at the chance to read her second novel Afterwards Another absolutely brilliant read one I would highly highly recommend I was hooked from the opening paragraph of the prologue I couldn't move not even a little finger or a flicker of an eye I couldn't open my mouth to screamOnly one thing for it I said to myself thinking of you and I slipped out of the wrecked ship of my body into the black ocean Grace Covey is volunteering at the outdoor sports day at her son Adam's private school Her older child Jenny is working inside as the school nurse that day When a fire breaks out Grace races to find her children Knowing Jenny is still trapped in the building Grace runs into the burning building She finds her but the two of them are terribly injured Cue prologue Yes Grace and Jenny are able to leave their ruined bodies Now anyone thinking this might be a mainly paranormal type of read is wrong Honestly Afterwards is so many different reads In the beginning I saw it strictly as a mystery Grace and Jenny are able to follow along with the investigation into the fire for it was arson And Grace and Jenny cannot communicate with the 'outside' world Piece by piece along with the victims we are able to cobble together what really happened that day There is much to this fire than meets the eye Lupton employs many twists and turns and some red herrings along the way that kept me guessing at the identity of the 'culprit' until the last few chapters But in addition to the mystery is the deeper story that of a mother daughter son husband and father Grace's love for her children is achingly beautiful powerful and so poignant Hint have tissues ready for the last few chapters I finished the book with tears in my eyes Lupton uses a second person point of view that takes a bit of getting used to in the beginning but it works for this story I can't see it being told in any other fashion Once I finish writing a review I head out on the net to see what others think I was uite surprised to see there were mixed reviews on this book For this reader it was an absolutely addicting stay up late read