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Badass rocker who answered to no one and lived by her own set of rulesRain's world is shattered with one phone call from her estranged family No sooner does she get home than everything she thought she knew about her life starts changing Colton Bradford knew there was something special Here are 5 reasons why Blessed Tragedy is your next read1 Female RockstarFinally Don’t get me wrong I love my sexy male rockstars but it is so refreshing to have a female take center stage2 ColtonHe is a friend lover and so incredibly patient Yes he screws up sometimes but it’s how he handles himself that makes him a man I absolutely adored him and I think many ladies will be adding him to their book boyfriend collection3 RainMaddieWhile Rain is confident Maddie is not I loved the duality of her character and how she struggled to figure out who she is and what her place in the world is I think a lot of us can relate to those situations4 AngstHave you ever white knuckled your kindle? I was left in states of grief anger sadness and fear of certain outcomesand I loved every second of it5 The WritingI love when I can pick up a book and get lost in it’s pages For me I was invested in from the first sentence to the very last The characters were well developed the story flowed and I am excited to read by HB Heinzer If your looking for angst love passion friendship and forgiveness then Blessed Tragedy is the book for you4 stars

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Blessed TragedyAbout Rain the moment they first met Unfortunately she had a hard and fast rule about dating a bandmate so he was stuck in the friends zone When Rain is going through her own personal hell will Colton finally be able to make her see how he feels and convince her to take a chance on love? Blessed tragedy starts off with a little background on Maddie Neumann our main character she has just finished high school and has decided that the town and life that she has been living is not for her and she is determined to follow her dreams She is the youngest of four children and the only girl and has been forced to play all of the girlie roles for her Mother like being a cheerleader pretending to love the colour pink etc She leaves the town and does not look back for years to comeHer dream has been to be in a band and through some experiences along the way she joins the band Blessed Tragedy and has changed her name to Rain Maxwell She is the lead singer and all the other members are guys however the one that she is closest to and is her best friend is Colton they are even close enough that they sleep in the same bed every night but it has all been strictly as friends till this point The band has been doing really well and are gaining in popularity and fame but just as it starts to peak for them Rain gets a phone call that shakes her to the core her Mother is sick with cancerShe has avoided going home for the past 5 years she wants to leave that life behind her She has stayed in contact with her parents over the phone over the years and they have always told her that her Mom was doing okay with her treatment and it wasn't that bad so she decides that before she goes home she wants to finish the current tour that they are on she thinks that her Mom has enough time and she will go home the day after the tour is over Things change when Rain gets the phone call after their second to last tour stop her Mom has passed away Rain starts to fall apart she feels incredibly guilty for not being there to say goodbye then that guilt turns in to anger towards her Dad and brothers for not calling her When she gets home there are some arguments that she has with her brothers and she is called a selfish bitch and told that she only thinks about herself all the timeThe story takes off from there and I really don't want to give any away because I really believe that this is a story that you have to experience for yourself to get all of the feels There are so many different relationships that at first glance seem broken and it is uestionable whether they can ever be repaired I loved the growth that a lot of the characters had in this novel and seeing the give and take that they have to learn to get comfortable with Also the ups and downs in the relationships that you think would automatically work so well is awesome HB Heinzer has done an amazing job at creating fantastic characters that are relatable and real and imperfect The situations and dramas that she comes up with are also very realistic and just proves that 1 most relationships are not easy whether it be childparent brothersister or boyfriendgirlfriend and they all need work to keep them going And 2 not everything is as it seems and sometimes you have to dig deep in to yourself and those around you to see things from other perspectives before you can fully understand the whole storyI absolutely loved this book and I am so happy that I have the privilege to be part of this blog tour and also part of Blessed Fate's blog tour to see where this story goes 55

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Blessed Tragedy mobi Ð Kindle Edition Read ↠ Maddie Neumann died the day she pulled away from her parents' house determined to make her dreams come true She wasn't the perfect little princess she'd been raised to be all she wanted to do was rock Everything Maddie was tucked away in a box to allow for her re birth as Rain Maxwell; a badMaddie Neumann died the day she pulled away from her parents' house determined to make her dreams come true She wasn't the perfect little princess she'd been raised to be all she wanted to do was rock Everything Maddie was tucked away in a box to allow for her re birth as Rain Maxwell; a rating 5 Colton you did WHAT? starsFollow Mewwwthebookenthusiastnetwwwfacebookcomthebookenthusiast Blessed Tragedy is heart warming heart wrenching heart breaking emotional sexy and addicting I read a very early copy of this book and I just couldn't get enough The relationship between Rain and Colton had me swooning all over the placeI was immediately pulled into the story of Rain and her relationships with Colton her band and her family Blessed Tragedy is a heartfelt and heart wrenching story that will have you crying laughing swooning and smiling I fell head over heels for Colton and have officially added him to my favorite Book Boyfriends of 2013Maggie transforms herself to a tough rocker chick named Rain She ran from her life as Maggie and has no plans on going back to her former life until tragedy strikes and she has no choice She returns home to find that things haven't changed all that much or she thinks With the support of her band specifically Colton she is able to make it through On this journey though she discovers some things she never realized or knew about her family How will Rain react to these new discoveries? It can go several ways but the only way to find out is if you read itI loved Colton as I mentioned above He is another rocker but he is not your typical rocker dude He really cares for Rain and wants her to be happy He is patient with her and abides by Rain's strict rules that she doesn't date band members but how long can he really wait around for her to realize how he feels? He will do anything for her and shows that with his actions in the book However their relationship cannot stay this way forever something has to happen Does Colton ever get the nerve to tell her how he feels? If so how does Rain react?Favorite uotes and excerpts from the book“For you I think they'd do just about anything When are you going to realize how many people love you?”“What the fuck is that” I shouted a bit louder than I'd intended Colton bolted upright in the bed his eyes darting around the room trying to figure out what was going on “What's wrong?” He asked unable to hide the panic in his voice I threw back the sheets to show him what was wrong as if he didn't know the bedroom door flew open exposing Colton to Jon and Travisby HB HeinzerWith fame come the haters There is someone out to get Rain Will that person succeed in bringing her down? Will her band specifically Colton stand beside her? Or will he believe what he's told? Can Rain survive yet another tragic event?I grew very attached to these characters and shed a few tears in this read I had a hard time putting this book down I highly recommend reading it You will love Colton and want of him Lucky us we get the chance to experience Colton in the preuel Blessed Fate coming in May