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eBook ✓ ePub The Counterfeit Mistress ç 9780515151381 Free ¶ Madeline Hunter Å A refugee from the war in France Marielle Lyon has established herself at the fringes of London society and welcomes the gossip that she is a s py The eyes watching her the better protected she is anEtter protected she is and the better her chances are at saving her father's life A warrior at heart Gavin Norwood Viscount Kendale would still be in uniform if not for his o I liked this one and it really worked for me The book had a longer feel to it and Marielle and Kendell's romance was really able to flourish The mystery of Marielle was well done and I am looking foward to the next book in the series

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Lder brother's untimely death Kenale doesn't trust the French or their femmes fatales He's ready to do what it takes to unmask her even if it means playing a game of seductio Review posted on Got fiction?25 starsI didn't care for this at allMarielle Lyon is a Frenchwoman who has moved to England and carries out many suspect activities She has meetings in dark alleys with smugglers she goes where she pleases without a chaperone she uses her feminine wiles to get her way All these actions are suspect to Viscount Kendale Gavin Norwood a man who’s been watching her for a while and who absolutely believes she’s a French spyMarielle does have secrets many of them in fact but she isn’t about to let Kendale figure them out even if he does save her life Their little game is coming to an end though as the stakes have just been raisedI thought the plot of this book was intriguing and interesting but I didn’t like the hero or the writing very much The hero was very arrogant and holier than thou which I know was to foil Marielle but it served to make him unlikable for me Marielle had so many great ualities and even though the Home Office believed she was a spy they never were able to prove itKendale distrusts the French Marielle especially for several reasons He thinks she’s a spy he doesn’t believe she is who she says she is and she does nothing to dispel the rumors If anything she revels in them Marielle claims to be the daughter of a French aristocrat but she doesn’t live like one Her dresses are decades out of date worn and she has little money Everything about her is suspectShe is working at making and selling political etchings to save her father back in France and it turns out Kendale and she have a common enemy But it takes Kendale a good portion of the book to trust her and Marielle does nothing to make him trust her She continues her lies and tales and constantly keeps him on his toes which should have made for a fun romance but I found it annoying that she never tried to help herself in that respectThis book has the makings of a great plot but I found it slow and a bit of a let downMy copy has the hero’s name listed as Gavin but the Goodreads blurb calls him AlbanARC courtesy of Avon Books and Avon AddictsARC courtesy of Pocket books

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The Counterfeit MistressA refugee from the war in France Marielle Lyon has established herself at the fringes of London society and welcomes the gossip that she is a s py The eyes watching her the b 4 solid stars for this new to me authorMadeline Hunter is a name I see popping up all over the Historical Romance genre and always in a favorable light I hadn’t taken the time to really look into her books – “so many books so little time” and all that rot – but when I was given this book for review I really had no choice but to dive in And oh how very happy I am that I didThe StoryWith nothing in mind but saving her father's life Marielle Lyon doesn't just welcome her reputation as a spy for her French homeland she relies on the gossip to keep her safe After all the people watching her and waiting for her to make a mistake the better protected she is from those who want her captured or worse deadAlban Norwood Viscount Kendale no longer serves his country fighting the in war but that doesn't mean he can't serve in another way To keep the beautiful cunning spy Marielle from passing secrets to the French he'll use every weapon in his arsenal to draw her out and make her slip up even seductionespecially seductionMy ReviewAll of my reading buddies know that when it comes to reading series books in order I put the O in OCD That said even though this is the third book in the Fairbourne uartet series and I haven't yet read the others it works uite well on its own I never got the feeling I was missing out on something important and never felt the story lacking The characters and the plot are so well written so fleshed out the only thing I find I need of is of Ms Hunter's writingThe Bottom LineIntrigue and espionage humor and romancethis story has it all and kept me turning the pages into the wee hours of the morning I really wasn’t sure what to expect but Ms Hunter has written a captivating tale ending in a heartfelt passionate happily ever afterReviewed for Affaire de Coeur MagazineThe Counterfeit MistressMadeline HunterJoveMass Market Paperback336 pagesISBN 978 0515151381