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Lucy Braden is everything Park is not She’s sweet caring and an all around nice person She tries to follow Lucy's Rules to Live By everyday When Park moves in with Jessie which happens to be the floor below Lucy Jessie's one stipulation Lucy is off limits to Park The problem with that is Lucy is determined to be a good friend to Park and see past the I LOVED this book I probably need to start out by saying that I knew I'd love it I love the way Cheryl writes and Sometimes Never and Blackbird are two of my favoritesSo this is Park's story In Sometimes Never we get a small glimpse of Park but I had no idea the extent of his hurt or his damagePark is angry for a variety of reasons that you'll find out once you read this novel HOWEVER Park is totally hot and sexy and under all the anger and pain lies a sweet guy It's just going to take someone to dig through all the wreckage to find that in him Park is determined to be self destructive at all costs The women the booze and anything else he can do to numb himself But the problem isdoes he really want to numb himself or is he searching Enter Lucy Strong Smart Beautiful Caring She straight up calls him on his shitand that little fact Park finds sexy as hell Exactly what Park needs even though he won't admit it Park and Lucy both have rulesalbeit polar opposite ones But in the end what lies beneath is what will bind them together I loved watching the interaction between Park and Lucy It was fabulous The slow build the anticipation the angstall at its finest I also loved BreeLucy's best friend The kind of friend you want the kind of friend you need The one who tells it like it is and the one who looks out for you stands up for you The one who you know will be left standing when everyone else has walked out the doorThe supporting characters all had their own uirks and were all endearing in their own way Jessie Chase Guy my favorite and even an appearance by the darling Hope and MasonAs usual Cheryl's ability to pull you into a story and fall in love with each and every character never ceases to amaze me She has this uniue way of making you feel like you're a part of a familyLike these are the people you want to know hang out with live next door to play water war with you'll have to read the storyThese are real flawed people And let's face it we all have flawsOne of the things I got from this story is that regardless of our pasts regardless of our damage the heart wants what the heart wants and this story is a perfect example of that How sometimes when you reflect on something in your mind it always seems greater than it actually was until something comes into your life that punches you in the stomach and saysNO WAIT HERE I AM THIS is what you've been waiting forYou just need to open your eyes and heart wide enough to see itI literally let out a huge HAPPY SIGH when I was finished and didn't want it to endI LOVED this book couldn't put it down and can't wait for whatever Cheryl has in store for us next

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Before Now Sometimes Never #2 Drinking and random girls to find the man beneath it all The other problem Park follows his own rules This is a New Adult novel Recommended for 17 due to sexual situations harsh language and drug and alcohol useBefore Now is a companion novel to Sometimes Never and many of its characters are in Park’s story However it can be read as a stand alone bo 45 starsVery rarely do I read about a heroine with no issues whatsoever I think thats why I really liked Lucy's character she went for what she wanted The general storyline is about Park getting over Hope and falling in love again I shouldn't love Park after what he put Lucy through but I do And man I could stare at that cover all day

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Before Now eBook ß Sometimes Never ↠ randarenewables ê Park Reed is a bastard in every sense of the word He hasn't always been this way But after his heart was broken by the only girl he ever loved being heartless gets him through the day and allows him to fill his nights with the nameless girls he has no intentionPark Reed is a bastard in every sense of the word He hasn't always been this way But after his heart was broken by the only girl he ever loved being heartless gets him through the day and allows him to fill his nights with the nameless girls he has no intentions of seeing again He now lives his life following his ever growing list of “life lessons” 5 big shiny starsARC received in exchange for an honest reviewIt takes something special to make you fall in love with a character you previously dis liked and Cheryl McIntyre and Before Now are proof of that When I read Sometimes Never I was Team Mason from beginning to end and I thought Park was an ass But after just a few pages of Before Now I was thinking Mason who?It's one of those moments I have often I know I should pause I should stop take a breath walk away But I can't All these emotions attack me at once overwhelming any good sense I may have had When I get like this I can't fucking take itPark Reed is gorgeous Tall with dark messy hair and warm brown eyes framed by long dark lashes He's also incredibly smart and talented But he's broken Tortured by his past he uses Alcohol and sex to forget his demons As the lead singer of his band he has women falling at his feet which works perfectly for Park because when it comes to the opposite sex his rule is hit it and uit it He lives by a set of 'Life Lessons' which made my heart hurt for him because he thinks he needs them to keep himself from getting hurt again when in reality he's keeping himself from getting to experience what it's like to be truly happy and feel lovedLife Lesson 3 Life is shitty Fucking deal with it You want something? Take it Take it and fuck everything and everyone elseLife Lesson 4 Do not under any circumstances fall in loveLucy Braden is beautiful Heart shaped face big gray eyes and golden hair that falls to her waste She's had her fair share of pain in her past but she refuses to let it define her She's strong care free giving and loving and it shows in her list of 'Lucy's Rules To Live By' She believes in making people feel special and makes it her goal to make someone smile every day She is an old soul with a beautiful heartLucy's Rule 4 Love whole heartedlyLucy's Rule 7 No matter how many times you're let down continue believing in the goodness of othersWhen Park moves in with his friend Jessie and comes face to face or should I say water gun to face with Lucy who lives in the apartment above the attraction is instant After trying and failing to fight the chemistry things get steamy But Park goes in to self destruct mode and does something which leaves them both hurting and Lucy uestioning and rewriting her 'Rules'Lucy's Rule 4 Love whole heartedly Unless in the presence of Park Reed in which case guard your heart at all costsLucy's Rule 7 No matter how many times you're let down continue believing in the goodness of others ?My heart really did break for Park with everything he was trying to deal with on his own Yeah he hurt Lucy bad but he was suffering right along with her He made some stupid choices but he paid for every one of them and was still paying for some long after they happened But thankfully he figured some things out He learned forgiveness of both himself and of others who caused him pain in his past and was able to see things clearlyLife Lesson 13 Focus on what is not what could have beenI thought I was in love with Hope All those years I really thought she was who I wanted But that wasHope just wasn't The One Lucy is everything She's everything I want and everything I need I didn't think I'd ever find thisAlthough 'Lucy's Rules' and 'Park's Life Lessons' weren't mentioned a huge amount in the book I think they played a pretty big part and I loved the focus on them If there was a message in this story I think it would be summed up perfectly by Park's 'Life Lesson 12'Life Lesson 12 As your life changes change your rules accordingly Nothing is set in stone when it comes to livingI seriously went through the motions with this book I was frustrated when things were keeping Lucy and Park apart I was happy when things started looking up for them pissed off when Park screwed up happy again and pretty damn hot ; scared relieved and then the perfect ending just made my heart swell and in the words of Lucy it was blissful If you loved Sometimes Never and Blackbird you will love Before Now even We merge like two flames fast and out of control Because sometimes that's just how love works We may smolder we may blaze we may rage without reason But it's always beautiful Lucy