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Free read The Bear Comes Home ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ As Rafi Zabor's PEN Faulkner Award winning novel opens the Bear shuffles and jigs with a chain through his nose rolling in the gutter letting his partner wrestle him to the ground for the crowd's enjoyment But as soon becomes clear this is no ordinary dAs Rafi Zabor's PEN Faulkner Award winning novel opens the Bear shuffles and jigs with a chain through his nose rolling in the gutter letting his partner wrestle him to the ground for the crowd's enjoyment But as soon becomes clear this is no ordinary dancing bear I mean dance is all right even street dance It's the poetry of the body flesh aspiring to grace or inviting the spirit in to visit he muses but before all else the Bear's heart belongs to jazz This is in fact one alto sax playing Shakespeare allusion dropping mystically inclined Bear and he's finally fed up with passing the hat One night he sneaks out to a jazz club and jo. A portrait of the artist as a young bear He's a jazz musician an alto saxophonist of genius with a rich inner life The writing is without pretension and so far wholly chronological Author Zabor has an astonishing ability not only to make jazz come alive on the page but to catch his hero's most transient angst in mellifluous sentences The Bear's inner voice his self loathing runs deep and profound He becomes somewhat unhinged He is falling disintegrating when slammed in prison for what are the authorities to do with an intelligent bear alto saxophonist Right hide him away Behind bars his love of jazz feels gone expunged It's a stirring yet sad interval I understand many readers find the book funny So far I do not which is not to say that the humor isn't well handled here but that on this first reading it's the Bear's musings that I find so deeply affecting It is that freuency to which I am tuned Belay that I just got my first laugh on page 122 The Bear has just asked the old Austrian doctor to help him break out of jail The doctor demurs Here's the exchangeThere is one eppel you did not eat said Dr Friedman casting an eye down upon a fold of brown army blanket If you don't mind it vould freshen my breathsBy all means said the Bear passing him the apple By all means cover up the inconvenient smell of internal rot failed will suspect sentimentThis is one irritable if articulate bear Later sprung with élan by musicians and friends dressed as EMTs he hides out at admirer Iris' apartment in Peter Cooper Village where the atmosphere is charged with interspecies lust His old pal Jones who won the Bear as a cub years ago in a card game has arranged a top flight recording contract An earlier LP—the novel was published in 1997—has sold out overnight The Bear's going big time He's given the chance to record with Jack DeJohnette and Charlie Haden He composes several pieces and writes out the music for a uartetProblem is the Bear still feels estranged from his talent The jailhouse has taken its toll Unfortunately for those around him—luckily for the reader—the ursine instrumentalist is of a most choleric temperament You might say he's bearish Nothing can be easily done Everything's an imposition This induces misery in Jones and everyone else except for the blissful musicians who inhabit a realm of their own During the recording session he's so out of touch with his mojo that he can only perform by way of a conscious imitation of himself Eventually things swing againHere the writing becomes striking The prose becomes so descriptive about music that in the mind's ear one can almost hear it It's unlike anything I've ever read before And then there's the sex Interspecies sex between woman and bear that is anything but bestial It's such a peculiar interlude so new that I found myself not at all bored as I so often am by human fictional schtuppings Especially well told is the sense of lover Iris's fragility It's ambiguous but if I'm reading it right there seems to be something of a history of taboo breaking with her In that sense then she's the perfect—if rather neurotic—match for the Bear But it doesn't bode well for the future does it When she arrives at the Bear's bed she is described as wearing a winding sheet Uh ohThe jazz much of the stuff the novel revels in was already classic when the book was published in 1997 Charlie Parker Charles Mingus Ornette Coleman Thelonious Monk etc The jazz argot comes across as dated too so Zabor's careful not to overdo it The book may read better once the period in which it has been set is beyond living memory Who knows it may become a Don uixote of its time I certainly think the Bear has that kind of iconic potential The novel really sings For example there are so many the seuence in which Jones meets Mr Big in the midtown offices of Megaton Records is astonishing The details are pitch perfect But here comes the cognitive dissonance The Bear is fully imbued with the thoughts and impulses of a human yet he is a bear This duality smacks the reader upside the head a bit when he or she comes to passages like this one on p 257 The downstairs tenant a photographer—the Bear's living upstate with Iris now closer to nature—shows up in the early evening with two teenage girls who looked like they might fancy being modelsThe Bear found it morally offensive and knew that it could lead to trouble – outraged parents charges of statutory rape police He wasn't about to barge in there but he made a mental note to have a serious talk with the man the next time he found him aloneNow it would be impossible for the Bear given what we know of his socialization to think those thoughts Fact it is said is stranger than fiction because fiction has to be plausible Well here author Zabor breaks that rule just tosses it out It is impossible for the reader in this case to lend plausibility to the scenario Just like that the writer has mucked with the fabric of the novel's believability Yet we read on why Somehow it happens Very confounding

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Ve scenes come as something of a shock and not just for the usual interspecies reasons Who knew that the description of a bear's reproductive mechanisms could be so tender or so unabashedly erotic Most of all though The Bear Comes Home evokes the world of improvisational jazz with consummate skill; Zabor a longtime jazz journalist and drummer writes about music with a passion and inspiration seldom found on the printed page A wistful fable about an artist's coming of age a brilliantly satiric send up of the music business and jazz criticism The Bear Comes Home is a debut much like that of the Bear himself transcendent unexpected wis. This is a wonderful book Imaginative Original Inspired Jazz is a challenging subject to write about but Zabor makes it fun entertaining and engaging A bear who plays jazz has a human girlfriend and a story to tellOne of my favorites

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The Bear Comes HomeIns a jam session On the strength of the next day's write up in the Village Voice the Bear begins to play around town and hobnob with some of jazz's real life greats A live album a police raid a jailbreak a cross country tour and no small amount of fame later Bear finds himself in love with a human woman and staring down the greatest improbability of allAdmittedly a novel about a talking sax blowing bear may not initially seem everyone's cup of tea but Zabor's Bear is no cuddly anthropomorph I may be wearing a hat and a raincoat thought the Bear but no one's gonna mistake me for Paddington He lives he suffers he loves in fact the lo. This remains one of my favorites I read it in a darvocet induced haze back in 2009 and it's one of the few things I remember from those daysRafi Zabor's Bear is alive in the way that Salinger's Holden Caulfield is alive He thinks and feels plays in smoky jazz clubs earning the respect of his fellow musicians It's easy to forget at times that we're reading about a bear but of course when he retreats back to nature around the middle of the book we see him remembering the life he'd left behind for music This book is also notorious for the first bear on woman sex scene written to the hilt with plausibility You just have to read it And when his woman is suddenly filled with a primal urge to protect her children whom she's brought with her to their hideaway in the woods Pitch perfect writing Some bears after all are known to murder cubs in order to persuade the mother back into mating againI can see why this won the PENFaulkner Award