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Ter a broken heart is mended cracks remain and the same doubts and insecurities that once yanked us apart seep inCan true love hold Dane and Alex together or will their hearts completely shatter like glas Genre NA romance book 2 of 2Cliffy No HEASensuality RI am reviewing Books 1 and 2 together Please note that some ratings might be different for Bk 1I usually respond well to the story of the poor little rich girl ignored by her parents and I liked this story well enough I guess The Hh fall in love uickly and it's just sturm n drang and lots of ILYs for the next 300 pagesWhile the writing is not eye rapingly amateurish it made the common rookie mistake of too much tell not enough show We went on a date and had an interesting conversation was written once too many times It gave the books an overall passive voice and along with a rather weepy Hh they are so broken doncha know it wasnt uite my cuppaBTW the main setting is NYC and the bk shows NONE of it's legendary singular allure It could have been set in Anywhere USA and it wouldnt have made a difference Also as someone who deals with NYC real estate I rolled my eyes at the H being able to afford a NYC apt an artist studio AND full time NYU tuition all on a part time bartender and artist's salary WTFeverAnd on a last note while the typos werent absolutely horrible it could have done with some copy editing It's a well heeled crowd not well healed to give an exampleRating 3

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Glass Hearts Hearts #2Seuel to Plastic HeartsCan a relationship survive on love alone Is love truly enoughDane and Alex’s relationship has never been easy but now they have a fresh start without the pressures of Alex’s fam 45 stars ‘Glass Hearts’ starts off where ‘Plastic Hearts’ ended If you haven’t read book one in this series there may be some small spoilers in this review Can a relationship survive on love alone Is love truly enoughDane and Alex haven’t had an easy relationship Not at all But Alex has given up everything she once thought was important to be with Dane Her family’s approval money etc Dane is ecstatic to have Alex back but it’s still new He’s not sure if he can trust her to stay if the going gets rough and for good reason Alex will do anything to prove to Dean she will stay even if the going gets rough ‘I’m not going to leave you especially when you need me most’ Dane has a lot going on in this book I loved getting glimpses into his past that prologue broke my heart Not only is Dane a recovering addict himself but he has to deal with his brother Nolan who is addicted Dane just wants him to get help Dane realizes you can only help someone as much as they’ll let you Alex wants to help but all she can do is be there for him love him help him heal He’s damaged and broken but I can put him back together Piece by piece I’ll put him back together There is some relationship drama in this book view spoiler The incident with their boss Dane not believing Alex at first etc hide spoiler

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DOC ✓ READER Glass Hearts ☆ FREE É Seuel to Plastic HeartsCan a relationship survive on love alone Is love truly enoughDane and Alex’s relationship has never been easy but now they have a fresh start without the pressures of Alex’s family Together they try to move forward while continuing to struggle with a past that they caIly Together they try to move forward while continuing to struggle with a past that they can’t seem to escapeSometimes no matter how hard we try to make things work love isn’t enough Sometimes even af This was a good ending to Dane and Alex's turbulent story I didn't love this one as much as I loved the first book But I did enjoy itI really really liked Plastic Hearts and I kind of felt that there just wasn't as much story to tell in Glass Hearts I found myself flitting in and out of it a little for the most part of the book That said it really picked up at 75% and the last 25% was unputdownable In fact I felt like the issues in the last uarter could have been pulled out and delved into in depth to fill the entirety of this bookThis is a uick read so it wasn't like it dragged I just felt like it was almost an extended epilogue It picks up exactly where we left Alex and Dane in Plastic Hearts with the addition of a heartbreaking prologue in the form of a flashback to Dane's childhood So we're put straight back into Dane and Alex's do over after their two month split They're both hopeful that it will work as they are thrown into a life of cohabitation but there are still issues that haven't been dealt with Both of them have their own doubts and demons to work through Trust secrets their past their families they're all obstacles that the couple need to overcome Whereas Plastic Hearts focused heavily on Alex's problems with her family with her new found identity etc Glass Hearts is predominantly about Dane's skeletonsI felt a few times in this book that the characters totally blew un eventful situations out of proportion completely over reacting at times And in contrast I also felt that there were some issues that almost weren't made enough of the situation with Dane's brother Nolan felt like it was left a little unresolved as did the issue with Dane and Alex's boss Reid and also Alex's problems with her mother I just didn't feel like this book was as well thought out as book #1 or had as much depthNegatives aside I did enjoy it Over all it was a good ending to Alex and Dane's story and it answered uestions that I had after the ending of Plastic Hearts Despite Dane and Alex getting back together at the end of the first book I wasn't convinced of their solidarity as a couple This book cemented that and pushed aside any doubts that they may not be able to go the distance The ending was super cute I love Dane For all his faults his addictions his demons his insecurities he's a fab book boyfriendI felt like his past only made him even certain about his love for Alex He's had it bad and he's had it good he knows the difference and he knows when to keep hold of a good thingAnd for no other reason than Alex and Dane go camping sleep under the stars and have some very hot sexy time in a tent I just couldn't resistI certainly plan to read the other books by this author as I believe we will also be treated to Alex's sisters story in which I assume Reid Alex and Dane's boss will feature and also Alex's friend Jade's story I look forward to these instalments Glass Hearts StatisticsSteam Rating out of 5 ♥♥♥Ending HEASeries ✓ Reading Order Book #1 Plastic Hearts Hearts #1Book #2 Glass Hearts Hearts #1Can this be read as a standalone NoThemesDrug addictionSecond chanceWarning This book includes Sexual content Drug addiction DeathWriting Good Like this review and want to keep up to date with book newsFollow me at the links belowMy blog