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READ & DOWNLOAD Ç Good Girl Gone Plaid Ì Falling for the bad boy is even dangerous the second time around In high school Sarah fell for her best friend’s older brother—one of the sexy Scottish McLaughlin boys But a painful betrayal showed her she’d been a fool to give her heart to a bad boy At least it made it easier to leave him and moPub he can’t resist a little casual seduction for old time’s sake One thing uickly becomes clear though The heat between them is causing an avalanche of secrets and betrayal and nothing will ever be the same Product Warnings A bad boy hero who’s good with his hands a heroine who’s trying to be good Contains liberal consumption of Scotch whisky a Highland Games competition men in kilts wielding large poles and a potential Sarah McLaughlin of the non musical kind. I liked this book I really did My first read from Shelli and I can't wait to read of this seriesThe McLaughlin clan are going to be a wealth of great story material I can already tell onto this storyIan and Sarah In a nutshell they have a past Sarah lived on Whidbey Island when she was in high school her father was in the Navy and stationed there Ian's sister and Sarah were best friends and she and Ian developed a relationship that as we get into the book we are given their history Spoon fed Just the way I like it When Ian makes the mistake of his young life and Sarah's father gets orders for Japan she basically vanishes within a week 11 years later she returns because her Grandmother has died and she's left her home and must meet with the attorney about the will The terms of the will reuire her to stay in the house for a month Much to her dismay she doesn't want to see Ian much less be around him for a month She's married and divorced and has a daughter who is back east in Florida with her Mom The McLaughlin's own the pub in town Aleck the oldest is owner and brother Colin and Ian's twin is a Sheriff Kenzie works in the pub and the only girl to these protective brothers The parents have gone back to Scotland but they all remain close I loved how closely they were connected Sarah and Ian keep crossing paths and the steam was off the chart between these two Ian's a bit rough around the edges and his mouth gets him in trouble much of the time with Sarah But the chemistry between these two is insane The story is perfect and when Sarah's mother shows up with daughter in tow for a surprise visit the earth spins right off it's axis That's all I'm going to sayThis is a must read and Shelli has included a sneak peak at the next book which is about Colin and I can't wait to get my hands on that oneFantastic story 45 starsarc from NetGalley and Tule PublishingI received an advanced copy of this book for review The above is my honest review and the opinions therein are my own

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??s the length of time she must stay in her inherited house before she’s allowed to sell it take the money and run But when she sees Ian bad as ever and still looking like sin on a stick she can’t keep her mouth from watering One look at Sarah stirs up the regret lingering in Ian’s heart and never forgotten desire lingering in his body He should walk away especially since divorced single mothers aren’t his style But when she starts showing up at his family’s. ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review One More Round by Shelli Stevens is book one of the McLaughlins Series and has me looking forward to reading about the McLaughlin family One More Round is a complicated romance of two people who are in love but have many obstacles in their path to happiness Sarah Rawlings is a single mom who inherits her grandmother’s house with the stipulation that she has to live in it for a month before she sells it The home is on Whidbey Island Sarah had lived on the island while in high school and met her first love there Ian McLaughlin Sarah thought she could live on the island for a month and escape before anyone found out her secret Ian McLaughlin is the high school “bad boy” that all the girls want to date He’s never grown up and has no plans for tying himself to a woman Ian has made mistakes in his life and refuses to make excuses to people for judging him without knowing the full story He finds out Sarah is on the island and like a moth drawn to a flame he keeps seeking her out Their chemistry is still off the charts and soon they are spending and time together Sarah can’t get over the past and the mistakes Ian has made As a single mom she doesn’t feel Ian is a good influence to have in her child’s life But once Ian finds out Sarah’s secret will he ever forgive her Poor Sarah and Ian Just when you think they could forgive and forget and start over something else happens The book was a constant back and forth of Ian doing something to make Sarah mad then Sarah doing something that makes Ian mad I wish there were blissful moments in the story and less strife Ian needs to get over himself and tell Sarah how he truly feels instead of acting like a heartless guy I would highly recommend you read this book In the end it’s a sweet love story with a HEA I can’t wait to read the next book in the series starring Ian’s brother Colin4 stars

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Good Girl Gone PlaidFalling for the bad boy is even dangerous the second time around In high school Sarah fell for her best friend’s older brother one of the sexy Scottish McLaughlin boys But a painful betrayal showed her she’d been a fool to give her heart to a bad boy At least it made it easier to leave him and move halfway around the world when her Navy dad got stationed in Japan Eleven years later the death of her grandmother has forced Sarah back to Whidbey Island for a month It?. Review available here