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Free read Hello Kitty ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ The Hello Kitty brand touches every part of a girl’s life with on trend product and touches every part of popular culture—from fashion to celebrity to art It is a true lifestyle brand VIZ Media’s wordless comic series is the first of its kindHello Kitty has placesFirst of its kindHello Kitty has places to be and friends to meet Join Kitty in her first ever comic book adventures as she explores an underground realm moonlights as an international superspy climbs the Himalayas travels back i. Since this book is so slim I was surprised to see that it had multiple stories in it Some are one or two pages and some are longer The uniue thing about this book is there are no words spoken This makes sense because the main character is Hello Kitty she has an international following and after all no mouth So it makes for an interesting reading experience and a little bit of guesswork Spoilers to followFamily and FriendsAll of Hello Kitty's family and friends illustrated and named This is helpful because I can never remember the names of anyone besides Dear Daniel and MimmyFirstFifi is trying to be the first person to reach the North Pole but when she arrives she finds that Hello Kitty has gotten there first She makes a dash for the South Pole but Hello Kitty has beaten her there too Then she decides to be the first to climb a mountain but Hello Kitty is there as well and they all encounter a yeti Hello Kitty brings it back to London to star in a stage show Fifi watches sadly from backstage and wonders if she can be with first to make it to the moonMoonwalkOne page Hello Kitty and Mimmy set off in a rocket When they get to the moon they find that several other Sanrio characters have planted their flags first The tables have turnedDeep CleanHK is helping Mory the mole clean house when she falls into a deep hole She meets a child from a family of mud people who eat gemstones as food The mud child helps her find her way back to the surface and from a payphone in Australia so many cute animals in this scene she calls Mory to let him know where she isSuper SpyA fox steals a package from Buckingham Palace and super secret agent HK must chase him across the globe to retrieve it with some help from a legion of kitty ninjas Hello Kitty returns the package to the palace just in time for the ueen's morning tea which she can't have without the cake HK saved Lol But then where is the jamBreezy Does ItMama makes sure Hello Kitty doesn't forget her umbrella but when it starts to rain a wind gust carries HK up where she is grabbed by a giant eagle and taken back to its nest Then there's a super cute whale as she jumps out and floats in the umbrella on the water before arriving back home It starts to rain again and she happily runs through the rain closed umbrella in handOn The RoadOne page HK and Rorry the suirrel get a flat tire but encounter My Melody and her unicycle to save the dayLunch DateThis two page spread simultaneously traces the paths of Hello Kitty and Tracy the raccoon as they make their way to meet for lunch encountering unexpected guests on the way that come together perfectlyWatch the BirdieHello Kitty and friends go on a safari trip They all have a certain animal they want to get a picture of A big yellow bird narrowly evades HK the entire trip and she is sad Then she gets her photos developed and finds a nice surprise in the final group shotBack In TimeHello Kitty is browsing in an antiue shop when touching a statue of a cave kitty sends her back in time An actual cave kitty saves her from a t rex and takes her back to the village They are making cave paintings of hunting animals when Hello Kitty suggests some cheerier material They part tearfully and HK returns with the statue In the present Jodie and Tippy are on an arc

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The Hello Kitty brand touches every part of a girl’s life with on trend product and touches every part of popular culture from fashion to celebrity to art It is a true lifestyle brand VIZ Media’s wordless comic series is the. This is So cute and funny too omg The pictures are really cute too She goes on lots of cool adventures too Definitely recommend if you love Hello Kitty 😊💖💖

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Hello KittyN time and discovers that sometimes the best place to get away from it all is between the pages of a good book Plus guest artist Susie Ghahremani takes Hello Kitty on some unexpected detours Reads L to R Western Style for all age. Uniue little book with lots of whimsical details I enjoyed the nearly wordless format