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Frankensteins & Foreign Devils eBook Ù Hardcover Read Ç Contents 9 • Introduction Frankensteins and Foreign Devils • essay by Gardner Dozois15 • Solip System • Hardwired • 1989 • novelette by Walter Jon Williams51 • Broadway Johnny • 1995 • novella by Walter Jon Williams109 • Woundhealer • Earth'Contents 9 • Introduction Frankensteins and Foreign Devils • essay by Gardner Dozois15 • Solip System • Hardwired • 1989 • novelette by Walter Jon Williams51 • Broadway Johnny • 1995 • novella by Walter Jon Williams109 • Woundhealer • Ear This excellent collection features Prayers on the Wind WJW's best story to date and lots Good Stuff As always NESFA books are a pleasure to read hold smooth creamy paper solid full cloth bindings and exceptional cover interior art here by Omar Rayyan Highly recommended Essential reading for WJW fans 45 stars rounded up to 5 for the A PrayersContentsIntroduction by Gardner Dozois ExcellentSolipSystem direct seuel to Hardwired Kinda grim My rating B; yours may be higher if you like grittyBroadway Johnny a deeply unserious story of magic and mayhem in an alternate 1930s China A Woundhealer sword and sorcery in Saberhagen's Swordsuniverse not for meThe Bad Twin never before published A rousing time travel tale with as many paradoxes as I could devise ARed Elvis like it says from the Alternate Rebels anthology A or B I didn't reread it So sue mePrayers on the Wind Nebula Award nominee A featuring the Big Library Buddhism Bad aliens not to be missedBag Lady never before published The prototype Wild Cards story and Modular Man's 'New Prometheus my ass' debut later reworked into Unto the Sixth Generation Silly fun A Erogenoscape Babette's new body sex surgery prurience paranoia AA Foreign Devils Sidewise Award winner Wells' Martians invade China encounter Righteous Harmony Fists A ; or A for alt hist buffs Hmm you couldn't really call this alternate history maybe 'shared world with a dead author'?Wall Stone Craft Nebula Hugo and World Fantasy Award nominee Mary Shelley meets Lord Byron; they don't go to bed together A for me; perhaps A for most readersThe author's afterwords are interesting and entertaining Forex here's WJW on a panel discussing virtual surgery in graphic detail I became aware that the audience was staring at me in horror I looked to my left and saw Vernor Vinge scribbling in his notebook I looked to my right and there was Bruce Sterling likewise taking notes I better write this story Erogenoscape fast I said to myself

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Th's End • 1995 • novelette by Walter Jon Williams135 • The Bad Twin • novelette by Walter Jon Williams167 • Red Elvis • 1994 • novelette by Walter Jon Williams185 • Prayers on the Wind • 1991 • novella by Walter Jon Williams225 • Erogeno According to GRRM this book is the first ever short story written in the Wild Cards series However it wast published as a part of the series which had already changed and evolvedI loved this nod towards Asimov “What are your orders?” “To obey my creator Dr Maxim Travineck To guard his identity and well being To test myself and my euipment under combat conditions by fighting enemies of society To gain maximum publicity for the future Modular Men Enterprises in so doing To preserve my existence and well being” “Take that Asimov” Travineck saidand Frankenstein He uncorked the bottle of vodka and raised the bottle on high in a toast “New Prometheus” he said “my ass”and this witty repartee “I am beginning to realize said the android raising a hot buttered rum to his lips that creator is a hopeless sociopath” Black Shadow cnsidered this “I suspect if you don’t mind a touch of theology this just puts you in the boat with the rest of us” he said

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Frankensteins & Foreign DevilsScape • 1991 • novelette by Walter Jon Williams263 • Foreign Devils • War of the Worlds • 1996 • novelette by Walter Jon Williams289 • Bag Lady • novelette by Walter Jon Williams311 • Wall Stone Craft • 1993 • novella by Walter Jon Willia A great collection of stories showing Walter's amazing range and versatility Has everything from fantasy to a seuel to Hardwired via super heroes the first Wild Cards story ever alternate histories of Elvis Lord Byron and Well's Martians interrupting the Boxer rebellion