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READ & DOWNLOAD ´ Murdochs World õ Rupert Murdoch is the most significant media tycoon the English speaking world has ever known No one before him has trafficked in media influence across those nations so effectively nor has anyone else so singularly redefined the culture of news and the rules of journalism In a stretch spanning six decades he builRupert Murdoch is the most significant media tycoon the English speaking world has ever known No one before him has trafficked in media influence across those nations so effectively nor has anyone else so singularly redefined the culture of news and the rules of journalism In a stretch spanning six decades he built News Corp from a small paper in Adelaide Australia into a multimedia empire capable of challenging national broadcasters rolling governments and swatting aside commercial rivals Then over two years a series of scandals threatened to unravel h. Interesting information about a compelling important borderline evil world figure The writing is weak though and this author inserts himself in with the first person in ways that are unnecessary at best This material is fascinating; it should not have felt like a chore to read it

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Is entire creation Murdoch's defenders uestioned how much he could have known about the bribery and phone hacking undertaken by his journalists in London But to an exceptional degree News Corp was an institution cast in the image of a single man The company's culture was deeply rooted in an Australian buccaneering spirit a brawling British populism and an outsized American libertarian sensibility at least when it suited Murdoch's interests David Folkenflik the media correspondent for NPR News explains how the man behind Britain's take no prisoners tablo. In Murdoch's World Mr Folkenflik examines the sprawling media empire of Rupert Murdoch from his Australian roots and News Ltd; to founding of the Fox television network and its flashy partisan Fox News; to the acuired Dow Jones Company and its storied Wall Street Journal; to the UK's Sun and the doomed News of the World I expected this book to be in the realm of biography but was surprised Mr Folkenflik a veteran NPR journalist does little to pierce the veil of mystery surrounding Rupert Murdoch the man Instead he explores Murdoch through the long shadow he casts through his loyalties his rivals his chosen officers and the culture of his enterprises Seen through that lens the portrait is not a flattering The book could easily be renamed Murdoch's World The New Media of Power Corruption Lies and Scandal Really I am mystified at the Last of the Old Media Empires title since Folkenflik shows that Murdoch was anything but traditional and his media outlets have carved out a lasting and profitable place in the modern entertainment landscapeThe author's extensive research is a gift for understanding an empire that prefers to shine the spotlight on others The anecdotes and uotes are illuminating And the cast of characters is sweeping It includes political leaders on several continents the embattled former CEO of Fox News Roger Ailes celebrity news anchors and pundits Bill O'Reilly and Megyn Kelly political strategist Karl Rove the News of the World editor Rebekah Brooks the British royal family and Rupert's most involved children Lachlan James and Elisabeth In fact because of the many enterprises and names this book really could have benefited from a glossary of main characters if not an org chart of the Murdoch empire With widespread sexism hacking and bribery scandals the use of innuendo and intimidation to silence rivals and editorial sniping at government oversight and regulators it beckons the uestion how could so much pernicious sometimes blatantly illegal behavior exist in a single conglomerate The implied answer is that the tone at the top Murdoch's lack of commitment toward openness honesty integrity and ethical behavior allowed it Maybe even encouraged it Clearly there were times bravado and ugly behavior were deemed profitable even if they meant breaking the rules or pushing the limits of acceptability I wish Mr Folkenflik had better illustrated the role of greed in rewarding and reinforcing this culture though Hunger for power and profits seem as much at the heart of the corporate style as any character flaw of the ownerNonetheless while this book does not attempt to build a chronology of Murdoch's rise to power or the mechanics of how he made his acuisitions and so fails as a history per se I loved this book for its detail good uotes and its ability to illustrate both the successes and hazards of Murdoch's brazen pugilistic style in media

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Murdochs WorldIds who reinvigorated Roger Ailes by backing his vision for Fox News who gave a new swagger to the New York Post and a new style to the Wall Street Journal survived the scandals and the true cost of this survival He summarily ended his marriage alienated much of his family and split his corporation asunder to protect the source of his vast wealth on the one side and the source of his identity on the other There were moments when the global news chief panicked But as long as Rupert Murdoch remains the person at the top Murdoch's World will be making news. David Folkenflik's book is a singular portrait of a truly awful man and the businesses he either built or accumulated during his still ongoing chairmanship of NewsCorp Rupert Murdoch emerges as a man whose business acumen boundless ambition and resentment of rules enabled him to accumulate tremendous power while at the same time building a empire so steeped in Murdoch's pirate ethos that everything was permitted so long as it served the boss's financial or ideological interests This lawless culture culminated in the phone hacking scandal that wrecked Murdoch's already uestionable reputation scuttled the BSkyB deal and exposed the company to severe penalties in both the UK and USMy recent reading life has exposed me to other leaders who built their organizations as Murdoch did Murdoch has been fortunate than they in that he's managed to hold on to his power But like them he's left behind a long trail of victims debased almost every institution he's touched and fattened his wallet by making the world poorerFolkenflik did his best to try to humanize Murdoch but in the end his subject gives him too little to work with What remains is a compelling portrait of a corporate monster and the political and cultural environment that let him run loose