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Stealing the Elf King's RosesF They soon reveal a deadly network of ties among organized crime multinational corporations and planetary governments I loved this book and had hoped there would be with the lead characters as it gave promise for a series of interesting mysteries A parallel world urban fantasy Ms Duane's writing transports you to another place with mystical elves and mysteries to solve I've read this book several times and find something new and enchanting in it with each read It's a well crafted story and I recommend it highly

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Stealing the Elf Ebook ñ King's Roses ë In an alternate world Los Angeles prosecutorpsychic Lee Enfield and her partner Gelert investigate the murder of an elf They soon reveal a deadly network of ties among organized crime multinational corporations and planetary governments of the Seven Worlds all working together on the ethnic cleansing of Of the Seven Worlds all working together on the ethnic cleansing of elves from the alternate world of Alfheim Origina What can I say every time I read something by Diane Duane I feel myself strangely but comfortably at home Strangely because her universes are so out there but comfortably because they’re weird in very similar ways Stealing the Elf King’s Roses fit nicely into my idea of the kind of thing she writes and the way she thinks I must say I was happy to see her write an extended work from an adult female perspective — in a weird way this made me wish that she’d continue Young Wizards long enough for Kit and Nita to grow up and have new sets of problems to deal with because now I know that Duane is just as perceptive about adults and their problems as she is about young adults and theirsI must say this book was nothing like I expected it to be from the cover I’d always expected it to be some kind of high fantasy story but when it turned out to be urban fantasy I was pleasantly surprised I loved all her main characters and her concept and the moment when I realized that Lee doesn’t live in the Earth I know and love but some other Earth where the White House is blue and Jesus was a woman named Suzanne More broadly I enjoyed the idea that there would be inescapable congruencies between neighboring universes in a sheaf something that definitely shows up in Young Wizards and that those universes will have certain points of “convergent evolution” that cannot be avoided — not just in physical laws and concrete places but in names of scientists and inventors and even citiesMost of this world frankly felt familiar courtesy of my reading of the Young Wizards books Talk of sheaves of universes Powers that work through humans worldgates entropy all of these things drew me back into the feeling that Lee probably lives a lot closer to Kit and Nita than she thinks Lanthanomancy felt a lot like Earth’s version of Terra’s wizardry — and of course the persistent imagery of gardens and the temptation of the mortal female reminded me a lot of Duane’s envisioning of humanity’s Choice Especially toward the end the Laurin’s decision to remake his world and allow it to move forward had congruencies with uelt’s decision in Wizard’s Holiday Although her people go on to a life beyond bodies while the Laurin’s are now subject to the demands of theirs I still felt a real emotional similarity there were also moments that felt uite reminiscent of the Song of the TwelveI know I will have to read this book again because my reading of the ending was definitely rushed and there have to have been things that I missed It left me with a strange feeling though especially the part about Lee and Matt maybe trying ot make things work again I thought the early portion of the book was pretty clear in saying that Lee had caught Matt cheating on her — why should she get back together with him Also maybe I’m just reading this into things but I thought like there might have been something than ceremony between Lee and the Laurin at the end — all the joking about being partners and that kiss on a cheek — but even if they weren’t going to be romantically involved I didn’t want her to be with a guy who did nothing but make her hurtStill reading this confirms something I had long suspected but am now pretty certain of — anything I read by Diane Duane will be a pleasant surprise and an even exciting adventure Now for Door Into Fire attempt #3

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In an alternate world Los Angeles prosecutorpsychic Lee Enfield and her partner Gelert investigate the murder of an el Short thoughts I enjoyed it and it was nice to read something science fictiony after my long spell of fantasy The cover is awful though First a confession This is the only Diane Duane book that I've read I know I know But there you have it The story despite the title is not really a fantasy It has it's feet planted rather firmly in Science Fiction I think There are certainly elements of the fantastic but the tone was that of rational scifi Even with the paranormal bits It follows Lee Enfield a lawyer and Lanthnomancer as she becomes embroiled in what first a murder of an Alfen businessman and uickly ratchets up to a much larger mystery It is written in third person limited to Lee's POV and is a nice example of a close third person POV I actually had to look to see that it was third person because my memory of the book made it seem like first I was rather taken with her concept of alternate Earths and a sheaf of universes but that is not uniue to this particular book this I know for Wikipedia tells me so Still she executed the idea wonderfully showing the interplay between the different Earths You get the feeling early on that this is not our Earth though it bears a striking resemblance For one Justice here is an idea not a force that can physically manifest and render a criminal sentence For another Lee's law partner Gelert is a giant fay hound I loved Gelert Despite being a six foot fluffy white dog he was a significantly grounding character We also get to see Gelert's home life and his wife and kids which was fun and rather humanizing A subplot of the novel was Lee's relationship with her ex who happens to be the DA on the case she's working on There were times in the novel where I just wanted her to get over him but I think those worked Work relationships are hard and break ups of work relationships are even harder I found Lee's emotions honest I've been there unfortunately And the ending was just ambiguous enough that I can choose not to think that she went thereWe don't get to see much of the Elf King until close to the end of the book but when we do I found him a well written engrossing character That takes talent to plop a fully formed character in close to the end and have it work The largest problem I had with the novel had to do with our Earth The first issue for me occurred was when the characters traveled to our Earth's NYC and wondered where the World Trade Center was that threw me out of the novel instantly and had me looking to see the publication date November 2002 So chances are that the mention was intentional The second issue was that our universe was seen as fundamentally corrupted so much so that it would warp the idea of what is moral in the other universes once travel was opened up between them This made me feel wretched Even after I finished the book I thought about it and why I rejected the notion And then it stuck me that this may be what some people feel when they are confronted with the Christian idea of a Fallen Creation that there is something broken about the world something wrong with it And yet the idea of the Fall doesn't bother me so why did the notion of a broken Earth in this bookI think it boils down to Christianity giving an out if you will and that even in the Christian viewpoint the world did not start out broken and isn't even now bad And it's fixable In the book it's just the way that particular universe is and there's nothing that can be done Now in the end something was done but it was never uite made clear if that fixes our broken EarthBut these two things are very minor thoughts in my reading of the novel Overall I very much enjoyed the book and I will be picking up other works by Ms Duane in the future since I seemed to have missed out