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McCades Way Book ☆ 209 pages ¸ Trey McCade's never been the cuddly sort but losing both parents and his wife in eighteen months nearly rips his heart out Bitter he immerses himself in the family farm until practicality demands he look for a new wife But Trey is understandably gun shy and the local ladies are leery of the gruff giant On her own in dTrey McCade's never been the cuddly sort but losing both parents and his wife in eighteen months nearly rips his heart out Bitter he immerses himself in the family farm until practicality demands he look for a new wife But Trey is understandably gun shy and the loc My other love besides really dark reads are Alpha males grins It's rare that I find the perfect combination so if you were thinking of adding this to your TBR list I'll be blunt Alpha cocky bordering on or actually is a jerk oh and high handed So I really liked this bookGen leaves a depression ravaged New York City with the promise of a new and better life She's marrying a man she has never seen or met before all she has are the letters they have written to each other When she meets Trey at the train station he's hardly the man she was expectingWhen Trey sees Gen he definitely is surprised at the beauty before him He speaks without thinking but he's never been a man to worry about such things He has a jealous streak and an ugly bride would have helped prevent him worrying about competition LMAO I was laughing here You aren't ugly but you'll do I should have known better than to trust a priest to judge a woman Gen is a meek little thing she grew up in a house hold where her father wasn't scared to use his fist to get a point across Her mother didn't help her when she gave her advice like it's a woman's job to follow her husbands ordersBack to Trey this man has been burned His previous marriage was a disaster and he's defensive making Gen pay for another woman's transgressions I can understand you being scared but we might as well get this conversation out of the way he said his voice dropping into that low bass that fascinated and terrified her all at once His pale eyes narrowed on her face Sex is going to be a part of our marriage darlin'; a big part I will do everything I can to make it pleasurable for you but make no mistake it's going to happen Phony headaches and tears aren't going to ingratiate you to me In fact crocodile tears are a good way to piss me off I don't play games Gen You're about to take a vow to obey You might want to get some practice in Did I mention how much I enjoyed this book? Well I did Add in some drama a few secrets pregnancy scares long lost kids and an uncle from hell I was in soap opera heaven

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Al ladies are leery of the gruff giant On her own in depression ravaged New York City Genevieve Kelly has run out of options Irish luck has graced her with ungainly height and bright copper hair neither of which has potential suitors beating down her door When the I don’t normally go for cowboys or westerns I’m usually a fan of the dangerous bad boys in romances or erotica I’ll be the first one to admit it but I had to give this one a try I’ve read almost everything Mara McBain has ever written and I love her hot biker books in the Trinity Falls series That said Cole McCade might just make me change my mind That man not only had me sweating picturing him slinging bales of hay but he had me laughing as wellTrey is a gruff man We learn that right off the bat One of my favorite parts of this book was when Gen steps off the train He sums her up suints and I wear you almost expect him to spit to the side before he offers her the curt assessment of “You ain’t ugly but you’ll do” LOL What now? That’s not the first time either The man has a habit of saying things that make everyone around him do a double take At times you feel for Gen She’ starting her life over with a man she barely knows who seems upset that she isn’t the plain Jane he was expecting He harbors some deep emotional scars tied to his past yet beneath that stern growly and massive exterior is a man who isn’t that bad He’s hardworking fair and deeply committed to his values Not to mention he can be sexy as hell She tries She tries hard to fit in and make the man happy She’s loyal steadfast and definitely not one of those TSTL heroinesCole swoon I loved this character He adds comic relief and is a great ally for Gen When things get bad he keeps her going He also needles his brother providing some great exchanges between the two that had me laughing out loud He’s the polar opposite of Trey in many ways—but when push comes to shove and it does thanks to some annoying relatives the brothers stick togetherWade ue villainous music I won’t give his story line away but I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to kill a character The man is infuriating in sooooo many waysI loved the descriptive setting I truly felt immersed in this world The characters were all well developed and rounded and the plot had lots of interesting twists and turns that held my meager attention span—like greedy relatives showing up out of the blue past lovers resurfacing and even a staggering uestion of parentage that may just undo everything the characters have doneOverall this was a beautifully written romance with subtle but smoking love scenes good Gawd lots of conflict and engaging characters Not to mention hot cowboy lovin’ At its core lies a story of loyalty friendship and family If you’re a fan of any of these things it’s definitely worth a read

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McCades WayLocal priest says he knows a man in Virginia who is looking for a wife she's skeptical Yet a few letters later Genevieve's on her way to wed a man she's never met With the promise of a solid roof over her head and warm food in her belly does she really need love to OMG I am having a hard time imagining the era of this book I don’t think it is contemporary but not depression era either The train ride form NY to WVA took 2 days? It has an old world; head of the family feel which is refreshing I think Trey is abrupt in his approach to Gen but right off you can see he has a good heart I could have slapped him when he told Gen You aren’t ugly but you'll do If that didn't warrant a slap across the back of his head I don’t know what would Even so I wouldn't mind having one like himI couldn't put this book down Absolutely loved the characters Cole was the best fun loving antagonist and perfect counter balance to the responsible Trey Occasional hot love scenes Every house has sounds If they don't like the sounds in this one ones in mine they can find somewhere else to sleep In other words they can GET Out Absolutely Love it The ex wife had to be explained away but really she could have been left out along with the uncle and his family They just were unnecessary characters I would have loved of Trey and Gen and their growing relationship and not just her acceptance of him but his acceptance of herNext Cole and Adri I would love to see their storyIm reading this book again tonight