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Falling Into Us doc ☆ Kindle Edition ó jasinda wilder ó THE STORY YOU THOUGHT YOU KNEWWhen Kyle Calloway died he took a part of Nell with him She wasn’t the only one left to pick up the pieces however; Kyle’s death left a gaping hole in the hearts and lives of his parents and his older brother Colton and ultimA de Rosa is Nell’s best friend When Kyle died Nell was so devastated that no one could reach her not even her best friend Becca As she tries to help Nell through her grief Becca’s own life is thrust into turmoil and everything she knows is changedJason Dorsey asked Nell out the week after her sixteenth birthday but that date I want to start this review out with a bit of insight because if you think for one second that this book is about Kyle or Nell or Coltonyou would be wrong well for maybe eighty percent of itI didn't get that from the blurbsure I knew there would be things about Becca and Jason but I thought they would be telling us about Kyle and Nell and ColtonNOT that it was their storyAnd I was disappointedsad but true that is until I decided that I just needed to get over it That's when I really started enjoying things I only wish I knew that from the beginning because it was hard to let go of wanting to know about Kyle Nell and Colton So the bottom line isthis is a story about young love that grows and matures between Becca and Jason sprinkled with interesting tidbits about Kyle Nell and Colton and with a few bonus scenes of them but mainly towards the end Okay onto Becca and Jason Like I saidI was disappointed at first and I had a hard time getting into their story but once I did I really liked it I think JW did a wonderful job creating a story about a young love that develops over time I also really enjoyed how she created the charactersthat even though they have a lot of good ualities they still have some flaws and that made them easier to relate to Becca is an interesting charactershe seems so self driven and sure of herself but then we learn that she has had a life time struggle with stuttering and her Dad It was no surprise how strict her parents were but I loved how Jason handled it Jason comes off as kind of cocky especially in the beginning but I loved seeing how he took care of Becca It was hard reading about him and his Dad especially with how close to reality that is for a lot of people It was wonderful how Becca was always there for him and seemed to be able to get through and calm him I just love how well JW does sex scenes Again the evolvement of two virgins to season pros was great to read about I can't help thinking of Becca and Jason as the MOC hintM Multiple It was impressive If you haven't read Falling Into You I'm not sure that you will understand everything in regards to Kyle Nell and Colton All of it was just cherries for me and I couldn't get enough I especially like the new material and the postscript at the end and with K Poor Becca and Jason don't have things easy either There's a huge drama with Becca's brother Ben but you can almost see it coming I was amazed at how I sort of didn't like him at first but he grew on me I really thought the relationship between Becca and Ben was really sweet But whatever happened with Kate and you know who? Nothing was mentioned later I loved all the scenes with BKD and I thought that made the story so much The scenes where Nell and Colton were involved were even better Overall I enjoyed itI just wish I knew what the story was about going in It probably would've been much better for me if I did Don't miss out on some bonus scenesColt at the hospital liked getting a different POV on it but my favorite was the parts with Colton and JasonA wedding thought this was really sweet I loved who Jason's best man was And of course of course they would in a church ; And I just love this book videoFalling Into UsFavorite uotes♥ “P p promise?” She caught my lower lip between her teeth and pulled it away “For for forever?” “And then some”♥ “He’severything I never knew I needed♦ “Here’s the dea

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THE STORY YOU THOUGHT YOU KNEWWhen Kyle Calloway died he took a part of Nell with him She wasn’t the only one left to pick up the pieces however; Kyle’s death left a gaping hole in the hearts and lives of his parents and his older brother Colton and ultimately broke the will of the girl he lovedTHE STORY YOU NEVER IMAGINEDBecc Another Awesome Jasinda Wilder Ride My Jason Jason's one of the cool guys I schoolmakes good grades #1 high school wide receiver in the state sexy funny he appears to have it all but that's just on the surface what everyone else sees expect for his best friend Kyle from Falling into You Kyle knows that Jason's dad is a loser motherfucker that's a drunk and beats the shit out of Kyle Jason can always do better on the football field and nothing he ever does is good enough You see Jason's dad had a chance to go pro back in his college days but an injury sidelined him and he never made it back He takes it all out on Jason Becca Sweet beautiful shy Becca she's bff's with Nell from Falling into You She has NO social life besides Nell because her parents keep her completely sheltered She's beyond smart always does the right thing Secretly she's also a poet Poetry is like her life journal and that's where all of her thoughts and feelings gobecause there she never stutters Becca has worked a lifetime to overcome her problems with speech She rarely stutters any expect when she's very nervous or upset so she turns to her poetry for release I can’t even shout my anger Can’t even scream my frustration Can’t even curse It would only come out a jumble “Fu— fu fu fuck you” Fu fu fu fu Bu bu bu bu   Duh duh duh Childish stumbling words Tripping syllables and slippery syntactic screw ups That’s me   The silent girl The stutterer The prisoner The smart girl The valedictorian scribbling maledictions to no oneWell Jason Kyle Nell and Becca have known each other since they were very young and while Becca has always had a secret crush on Jason Jason's always had a thing for Nell He asks Nell out finally but before he finally picks her up for the date he's been waiting forever for she calls and cancels Her and Kyle finally realized what they feel for each other So Nell pushes him to call Becca telling him that Becca's always had a thing for him and he won't regret it So he does and that one phone call changes their lives forever He decides to be up front with Becca and tell her exactly what happened with Nell that he's always had a thing for Nell but he always thought Becca was HOT and sweet He's not thinking of her as second choice but like not letting the opportunity to really get to know Becca and find out what he might have been missing that was right in front of him all alongIt doesn't take too long before they fall deeply in lovetheir still in high school but they realize what they've found in each other and they are not going to let it go Their going to hang on to each other through the problems with his abusive dad her smothering parents her stuttering and his need to prove himself over and over on the football field Their love was so deep and so sweet for two people so young But I could just feel it reading this that this was the couple that falls in love in high school and actually stays together forever Their love was so sweetthrough so many firsts for each other it was unbelievably sweet This story follows Becca and Jason through high school and college There are some time jumps so we can see how far the progress with each other There is plenty of heartache along the way but never from each other They stick with each other through everything and grow up together never letting go when life kept throwing shit at themthey never let go OK now all tha

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Falling Into UsNever happened Instead he ended up going out with Nell’s best friend Becca He had no way of knowing then how that one date would send him on a life long journey with Becca He had no way of knowing the tragedies and triumphs he would experience or that in Becca he might find the love of a lifetimeTHE HEARTACHE YOU’LL NEVER FORG Oh My God 5 stars I'm the hottest of hot messes My heart just went through a blender twice Again over and over Pain Such beautiful pain JasonHow am I supposed to breathe when you're so beautiful?BeccaI’d been in love with Jason Dorsey since forever but he didn’t even know I existed except as Nell’s awkward friendOk for those of you who read book one this is when Jason's character was introduced I didn't think at the time that there was going to be another book But boy am I glad I loved Jason and Becca's story However the event that happened in Falling into You was written into Falling into Usand my heart just went through the blender AGAIN As I was reading along I was so anxiousI knew that there was going to be wreckage in THIS book NothingWouldHavePreparedMeJason and Becca's first date was kind of by default These two grew up togetherBecca is this sheltered shy stuttering girl who had always crushed on Jason Jason is this football star popular guy and he has a family secretso this was a perfect opportunity for two totally opposite worlds to collide There is something about YA books that make me so anxious I guess it's reading about characters journeys into adulthoodand remembering and relieving my youth and my oh so many stupid mistakesThis book takes us on a journey starting when they were 16 and then into college life and ends with a glimpse into a gorgeous forever I loved the time span It gave me the chance to see how they really were meant for each other and how they grew together More than just high school lovethis story unraveled at the perfect pace and I fell in love with how they handled LIFE Did you mean it less because you stuttered a little bit?No I mean it so much I love you JasonI love how these two grew together Becca was determined to accomplish a lot in her life despite her speech impediment Jasonhis home lifemy heart was bleeding for him They faced obstacles that I thought were real Strict father abusive father death of a friend blind eye mothers incredible great big brotherYou will really be gripped by this story and the side characters The chapter titles were amazing I know I was reading some magic I can't say much except from that damn 75% marker onI was a sobbing fool The story was just beautiful I was complete and I closed this book and thought WOWINCREDIBLE “No Becca When I kissed you in the parking lot at school that was my first kiss”She seemed relieved for some reason “Mine too”“And no I haven’t done anything else with anyone Everything with you is a first for me”I can't promise forever Beck I can't promise forever because that's not long enough