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ePub ✓ mobi These Things About Us · ï randarenewables Ö Antonia is leaving the last shards of her life in Tucson behind to find her mother and start over Turns out that's easier said than done London is a pretty big city a hundred bucks don't get you far and you can't just make your past disappearWhe't just make your past disappearWhen sweet and caring uni student Wesley gets her a job and a room in his father's pub Tony is unprepared for his older brother Trace who despises her at first sight She's unprep 2 STARS ☆☆These Things About Us BY Laura BeegeGenres Contemporary RomanceAt first i gave this story 3 stars Then i thought 2 stars is than enough I'm not trying to me mean so i'm sorry for advance; but honestly what was that? Aside from the emptiness of the characters the story line was horrible The style of writing was so Immature It seems like this writer did't think about this whole book if you even can call it that Or maybe she did and if this was her best work thenFrom experience i found that if the cover is hot or interesting in this case usually it means that the story will be horrible and empty I really wanted to like it but my taste couldn't handle it Maybe it worked for some people but i'm sure not one of them The synopsis promised and i got nothing exciting and relevant The story was all over the placeIf this writer wanted to write books in the future she's really need to think carefully and write something that is than 120 pages not that lots of pages means that the book is awesome But i really think that she's one of those people that cannot write short stories and make them epic Did i like it?2 stars probably were too much for itBut i'm that niceDo i recommend it to you? No Have a nice week guys

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Antonia is leaving the last shards of her life in Tucson behind to find her mother and start over Turns out that's easier said than done London is a pretty big city a hundred bucks don't get you far and you can Holy hot damn These Things About Us caught me majorly by surprise I'm going to be honest the cover didn't scream out at me and the synopsis didn't grab me by the jugular and demand I read it but I was asked to read it and read it I did No that's wrong I didn't read it I DEVOURED IT Basically in one sitting At the end I wanted to punch myself in the face for procrastinating for days This was a book that I spoonfed my toddler dinner with one hand and had my kindle in the other hand reading it Don't judge I sat in the car reading all anti social at my daughters dance class instead of chatting to other mums It was THAT good Beege drew me in and kept me for the duration I highlighted 39 pages of passages I want to mention here Moments that I know I will want to read over again God the story the romance the sizzle the background This book checked all the boxes This story Trace Tony is all one click worthy Go do it18 year old Tony Ainsley aka Kitty aka Ninja is on the run from her past Her father his associates His drama She is working everyday to escape from the Antonia she used to be Before she changed and became the girl she wants to be Tony She is searching for the mother that would never have abandoned her by choice once she does everything will be ok Won't it? She strikes some luck and ends up at the last glimmer of hope The Dirty Dungeon Fortunately she is taken in by some do gooders where she sets up base and makes a day to day plan to find her mum What she didn't expect was for her room mate to despise her on sight his brother to become a close friend and her co worker a shoulder to cry on With clues being crossed off every day an attraction she definitely shouldn't feel and her past closing in on her things don't go as smooth as she hopedThere was so much to love about These Things About Us I giggled all the way through even shed some tears Seeing London for the first time through Tony's eyes the British isms I loved them because I experience translation issues all the time being an Australian while reading often set in America a Yank learning Brit speak The fake sex was gold Hahahahahaha of course the bickering and banter Tough Tony that didn't lay down and take no shit from no one Every moment of every day she made conscious decisions to make better choices And of course we have Trace the hug aholic Now I know there will be people that don't get him til closer to the end but I had him pegged from day dot He's a big hot tattooed scary teddy bear that is sexy as all get out Totally caring cuddly The perfect partner for his perfectly imperfect KittyMuch of the story is a mystery but the journey we are taken on was the fun part Playing in the rain sculling coffee waitressing for drunk prats dealing with stolen phones putting up with noisy sex all night long meeting Jesus finding our way around London on public transport and mostly getting to know Tony and her daily internal struggles When you read this and meet Trace I know you will fall head over heels in love like I did There is drama but I don't want to give anything away This is a book you need to sit down and read until the last page It's a book that you need to readThe story was touching and engaging the characters were well developed and had real personality the prose was smooth with perfect flow I couldn't put in down I still can't stop thinking about it I'm ready for Book 2? Pleassssssse I'm begging

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These Things About UsAred for someone whose secrets might be darker than her ownFollowing a path of breadcrumbs and tangling up in Trace's past Tony slips back into a world she thought she'd escaped the day her father went to priso I NEED A SEUEL