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Read Inspire eBook ¾ Kindle Edition ê Heather Buchine Ö 18 year old Paige Rice an exuisite beauty from East Hampton NY has just celebrated her high school graduation and is expecting to spend her summer living it up with all her socialite friends But her parents have a different idea – she is being hauled away l18 year old Paige Rice an exuisite beauty from East Hampton NY has just celebrated her high school graduation and is expecting to spend her summer living it up with all her socialite friends But her parents have a different idea – she is being hauled away literally to the mountains of Vermont fo Read of my reviews at Nick's Book BlogIt's been almost 2 months since I've read Inspire and at this point I'm not uite sure about my feelings for it So for this review I'm going to highlight what the positives were for me versus what the negatives werePositives1 The main characterPaige wasn't one of those main characters who acted like she didn't know she was beautiful but everyone else around her thinks she's an angel sent from heaven No she knew exactly how gorgeous she was and she wasn't afraid to flaunt it I also liked her attitude to the mean girls at the camp who treated her with disrespect out of jealousy She dealt with it beautifully with her head high not letting the mean girls get under her skin I will admit that neither her nor any of the other characters were fleshed out enough for my liking2 The love interest in the first half of the bookTravis might have had that whole bad boy tattoos thing going on for him but he was a really sweet guy in the beginning and I really enjoyed his character He was caring down to earth and seemed like a fun guy But my opinion of him changed in the second half of the book when his secret was revealed3 The camp settingI'm not the most outdoorsy person I don't hike go camping or whatever I'm just not suited to the outside because if I do one of those activities I always end up with a broken arm or something But I do wish I wasn't so prone to accidents I love camp settings in books so I can live vicariously through fictional characters The author did a good job at describing the background and the different camp activities so I really liked that part4 The main character's relationship with her motherAlthough this mother daughter relationship wasn't as developed as I wanted it to be I loved the nature of the relationship Paige and her mom had a beautiful relationship with trust playing a big role in it She shared her secrets crushes and insecurities with her mom I loved how they would chat about gorgeous boys together and laugh about it So often in New Adult the characters' relationships with their parents are so strained Hence I was pleased by the portrayal of a mother daughter relationship that didn't have anything negative about itNegatives1 CheatingIf you have been following my reviews for a while you already know how much I despise cheating in my books Halfway through the book when Travis and Paige were in the middle of a relationship we find out that he had a girlfriend Even though Travis and Paige don't have sex I couldn't stand the idea of him cheating I did like Paige's reaction to his cheating though she broke up with him2 The love interest in the second half of the bookI knew Travis was hiding something from the beginning but he was such a sweet heart so I never thought he would actually indulge in cheating Because of that I ended up really disliking his character by the end of the book He also came up with some lame excuse for cheating on his girlfriend which I did not appreciate at all What's even worse to me than cheating is justifying cheating with some excuse I also didn't like how Paige forgave him for his cheating after the truth came outOverallI would have liked this book a lot better had there been no cheating involved This is of a personal preference so if are tolerant towards cheating in your books you might enjoy this title

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R the entire summer in an RV Assuming she will be an outcast amongst the other teens at the campground still does not prepare her for the treatment she receives which is far worse than she imagined She also isn’t prepared for Travis the campground owner’s son and the “Sexiest” guy she has “Paige you have inspired me to love fully and every day you inspire me to be a better man and you will always own my heart I'm really having trouble gathering my thoughts together to say what I want to say about this book I had a real lovefrustration going on with these characters throughout the whole book One minute I liked them then I was confused by something they did then I couldn't understand them then I was frustrated with them and uestioning whether I liked them only to find my self back to liking them againEighteen year old Paige Rice is in the summer before she heads off to college when her Mum and Dad come up with the plan to go camping for the summer The last thing Paige wants is to be away from her friends and her crush while they're all having fun and she is stuck off in some camp ground with only her parents for company She expects to be an outsider with all the regular teenage campers but what she isn't prepared for is their complete and total animosity Or the fact that she's just laid eyes on the most gorgeous and sexy guy she's ever seen Travis Medler is the son of the camping grounds owners and the only one who tries to get to know Paige Their attraction to each other sees them uickly fall into a relationship but Travis suggests that they keep it uiet so that the other girls at the campground don't give Paige even of a hard time Paige loves the time that they spend together and agrees that keeping things just between them is for the best But is Travis being completely honest with Paige? What will happen when the secrets find the light of day? Will Paige and Travis be able to salvage their relationship?I really enjoyed the story that Heather Buchine has created It was a uick and fun read with plenty of heat and angst to keep the story interesting It was with the characters where my frustrations lie As I said earlier I had a real up and down thing happening with them When it was just Travis and Paige together for the most part they were perfect They were pretty hot and heavy with each other but there were also moments of sweetness Add in other people and that's where the problems occurred There were times when Travis ignored Paige in front of his friends and no matter how much Paige begged for them to be a couple around those friends Travis kept coming up with excuses why they needed to keep their relationship hidden And for the most part Paige went along with it I wanted to throttle her But she wasn't just forgiving of Travis I think that's just her nature because she was sweet and kind to everyoneThe epilogue left me with a whole lot of uestions so I'm assuming that there is another book to come I will definitely be picking that up for a read because above all I did enjoy the authors writing355 Stars

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Inspire Ever laid eyes on Travis is the only one who shows any interest in getting to know Paige The only problem is that they have to explore what lies between them in secret But once all the secrets are stripped away the truth may be crushingIntended for mature audiences due to language and sexual conte Paige oh Paige Girlfriend I have some advice for you Don't let any guy no matter how hot or how inked he is let him treat you the way Travis did You are a rich girl from the Hamptons and don't need a relationship with a guy who is nice to you when you're alone but when he's with his friends acts cold Unless his name is Jekyll or Hyde keep those eyes open Okay got that out Inspire is a new New Adult title by Heather Buchine featuring the typical NA couple of hot girl and hot guy Paige has graduated high school and instead of spending her last summer enjoying the time with her friends she's stuck in a RV with her parents at a Vermont campsite It's great to reconnect with her usually busy parents but there's not much of a social scene Paige meets Travis the gorgeous son of the camp's owner and the attraction is immediate and reciprocated Travis' circle of friends particularly the girls don't care for Paige with her blond hair and great bod When Travis shows interest he's really nice but yes there seems to a freuent but in these situations he wants to keep their relationship 'secret'If that was me I would have told my dad thanks for the great attempt at family bonding but I'm taking the car and driving back to the Hamptons Then there wouldn't be a story In Heather's defense she did find his behavior strange And then she continued to meet with him and have some sexy make out scenes too Paige is portrayed as a 'good girl' with a keen sense of intimacy I did wonder about the conflict The story seemed to be light in this department We get a good sense of who Paige is and her interactions with her parents The mean girls at the camp do some things but nothing major It's the way Travis acts and treats Paige which is front and center in this story I couldn't believe a girl like Paige would that naive about a guy despite the chemical attraction She found out from her best friend that the guy she's been crushing on for two years asked about her back home and then she gets ticked off at this guy named Corey at the water rafting place when he literally eyefks her both when she arrives and when she departs The girl is not stupid so I couldn't really wrap my mind around her actually condoning Travis This is the main reason I couldn't rate the story higher than I didAs the summer passes by and Paige spends time with Travis alone she does wonder about Travis' motives There is conflict an aggressive act and we figure out why Travis has acted in a certain way I enjoyed reading Inspire and NA fans may want to add this to their TBR list