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The Sirens KeeperHelena Flynn has been submerged in the life of the supernatural since she was born Her extended family werewolves have been with her since her birth and she has been appointed by her family to take care of their business dealings with vampires and other creatures most do not believe existWhat Helena doesn't know is how is she connected to these creatures She knows she has something in common with the werewolves and vampires but th. Helena Flynn has spent her entire life having trouble with men; the trouble almost always being that they become crazy in love with her – emphasis on the crazy The worst being an attack from her high school boyfriend that left her with permanent scars – both physical and emotional Since that day and now in her mid 20’s she has been put under constant guard by her grandfather usually by her other “family” the werewolves Helena has been told by her grandfather that she has a “special gift” that causes men to fall in love with her so deeply and that also gives her the ability to feel what people are feeling but her grandfather has refused to tell her what her special gift is because he feels she is not ready to knowAs her life becomes in danger again her grandfather makes a deal with a vampire to increase her protection; one with a very steep price and one that Helena is furious with As the reader finds she may be furious with the idea of the deal made and her not having any say in it but it becomes apparent for the reader uickly than it is for Helena that she’s not all that unhappy about her new protection and the price that it will costThis book and its story unfolds very well It got my attention right away and kept it I really liked how Helena’s relationships with her family and close friends were developed and that the writing always kept you guessing Right when I think “this is where the bad guy comes in” I’m totally wrong But the build up is worth being wrongThis is the perfect beginning to a new a series and I can’t wait to read of it The characters are set up perfectly and not over in depth And as difficult as it is to do in a series the ending is just right; it’s not a killer where nothing is wrapped up – the main “situation” is wrapped up perfectly but the door is left wide open for what is to come with Helena and her guardian her relationships with others and how to deal with her special power The very last page opens one door which makes you really want to read the next book to find out what just happened I can’t wait to read the next book 5 out of 5 starsThis Review is copyrighted Please do not share without giving Paranormal ReadsErin full credit

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CHARACTERS è The Sirens Keeper Ù Helena Flynn has been submerged in the life of the supernatural since she was born Her extended family werewolves have been with her since her birth and she has been appointed by her family to take care of their business dealings with vampires and other creatures most do not believe existWhat Helena doesn't know is hoE nature of that connection is a mystery to her Her grandfather a powerful family member knows but it is a secret he has kept from her since she first met him at the age of thirteenAlong with trying to learn the secret of what she is Helena struggles with the aftereffects of a vicious attack right after high school Helena often wakes from debilitating nightmares has to outsmart an over protective powerful grandfather and the numer. This is one of the few books I've read that I forced myself to finish rather than give up as DNF Did Not Finish Throughout the book there was always a hope the plot which was actually good in concept would overcome the shortcomings in the main character Unfortunately this book contained the dreaded Trifecta of Doom ToD 1 The secrets that everyone else seemed to know but She wasn't ready to hear them yet I find this tactic to try to build suspense always falls flat 2 Implausible leaps of logic She is basically bargained away to a vampire she protests throughout the book yet at one point she is suddenly okay with this sorry just 'cuz you fall in love doesn't mean you accept that your grandfather contracted away your freedom and this was never explained either 3 No real sense of suspense or drama Innuendos were made in the book then the thread was dropped so nothing was explained or resolved Sloppy 4 bonus complaint The silly cliffhanger ending Really There was no suspenseful buildup to encourage the reader to TBR book 2 immediately Instead you are given a weak hint for the continued saga of doom It is possible the dropped story lines are supposed to be picked up in a seuel nah So Why 3 stars instead of 1 or 2 Mainly because I kept reading even when I was frustrated with the ToD Maybe others won't be as irritated as I was when plot threads were dropped Others may feel compelled to buy book 2 I am not amongst the clamoring masses Note If you want to keep reader in suspense about the type of supernatural your protagonist is try not making it part of the title of the book It makes the whole You're not ready to know what you are even cringe worthy

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Ous bodyguards he provides and cannot understand her polarizing effect on men some who fall for her then go crazy and others who cannot tolerate her presence at allAfter learning that her ex boyfriend Aaron was released from prison in error she finds herself in even trouble than before Her grandfather has hired a vampire to protect her and has paid him a hefty price for the protection Will all of this prove to be too much for Hele. I just finished reading The Siren's Keeper GiftedThe Siren’s Keeper GiftedBy Meri A MartinA young model wanting control of her own life but how can she have it between the human part of her family and the supernatural part when she is watched and protected Her first boy crush turns against her and almost kills her and is sent off to prison Now she lives a life feeling over protected yet full of the fear he had started Helena discovers her supernatural side of the family when her grandfather enters her life at 13 Now since she was attacked he is overly protective and she can’t figure out why Sooner or later he is going to tell her Imagine her surprise to find out she has been bartered in a marriage contract with a handsome vampire So much can happen and Helena is about to find out all of it Will she be strong enough to stand up to her crazy ex boyfriend Will she be able to deal with the handsome vampire Well I don’t want to tell you what happens you just have to read and find out Now I am just wondering when the next book will come out because I want all the answers A story I did not want to stop reading and characters I really loved reading about Total five stars only because there aren’t six availableBella Doerres M Ed 9232013httpwwwgpproductB00F