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read The Diamond Deep Rubys Song #2 kindle ¸ Paperback å What if a woman as strong and as complex as Eva Perón began her life as a robot repair assistant threatened by a powerful peacekeeping force that wants to take all she has from her?The discovery ship  Creative Fire is on its way home from a multi generational journeyO interact with the technologies and people of the star station where they dock the Diamond Deep Ruby Martin and her partner Joel North must find a way to learn what they need to know and to become than they have ever been if they are to find a way to save their peop Multi generation ship finally comes back to the place it started its mission mostly forgotten its destination greatly changed I'm not sure I've ever read anything with uite this conceit And inspired by the life of Eva Peron and the musical Evita which kind of means you read the whole book expecting a particular ending for the lead character RubyDefinitely not a YA unlike the first book This one goes into the nature of what one instance of life with an untrustable and unfair government looks like It shows a system based on credit from the perspective for which it is is alien Ruby is not believable but much of the rest of the book truly is and raised interesting uestions

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What if a woman as strong and as complex as Eva Perón began her life as a robot repair assistant threatened by a powerful peacekeeping force that wants to take all she has from her?The discovery ship  Creative Fire is on its way home from a multi generational journe I accidentally read this second book in the series first So it explains why I was a little confused about what was going on at first but I figured you were just being thrown into the environment It's actually impressive that I was able to follow the story without reading the first book And I loved it As soon as I finished I looked up the author to see what else she's written That's when I discovered the first book So I immediately devoured that book and now I'm reading this one again It's interesting to read it again now knowing the history They are great books The story is interesting and the characters are well developed

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The Diamond Deep Rubys Song #2Y But home is nothing like the crew expected They have been gone for generations and the system they return to is home to technologies and riches beyond their wildest dreams But they are immediately oppressed and relegated to the lowest status imaginable barely able t This and reviews interviews etc on Dark Matter Zine an online magazine This review was written by Rebecca Muir for Dark Matter ZineThe Diamond Deep is the finale to the two part story begun in The Creative Fire The old and failing spaceship Creative Fire arrives back in its home system and docks at the space station Diamond DeepRuby Martin and Joel North had fought for a united crew to arrive back home one where every member is recognised However life back home is very different to what they expectedRuby and Joel must find a way to make sure their crew survive and adapt to their new situation They need to make allies fast as it appears they already have enemies Once again Ruby must fight for those she loves She uickly finds new battles to fight as well as her outsider’s eyes allow her to see the injustices of the society she has come to Her talent as a singer and songwriter coupled with her passion and courage thrust her into the arena once againIn some regards this book felt like of the same As in The Creative Fire the story is about Ruby singing her way to revolution The story is bigger than that though – the challenges of leadership and providing for her people and the portrayal of the world of the space station are part of the bigger scope of this book If you look at it as the second part of the same story the repetition in the story is understandableThe book has a lot of tension and drama which kept me reading The chapters are uite short and jumped between characters a lot; I found myself wanting to sueeze in just one section to find out what happened next to a particular character The drama built up towards the end then finished on a bittersweet note which I couldn’t decide if I liked or not I don’t think I would say I disliked itI think the most important aspect of this book was the exploration of the responsibility a society has to its poor Ruby is convinced that everyone in an affluent society has the right to the basics of life She cannot conceive of a reason to deny those basics to those who for whatever reason are unable to provide them for themselves She is troubled by the extremes of wealth and poverty she finds on the space station Reflecting on this I think the book has a lot to say to Western countries where there are similar extremes to be found I couldn’t help wondering what Ruby would find to sing about in our cultureOn the negative side I did not think the characters were explored very well in this book For the most part Brenda Cooper seems to have relied on the work she did in The Creative Fire The new characters from the space station just didn’t feel as well drawn to me They were rushed into and through the story and were never really developed very well There are some notable exceptions however such as the young man Haric and the humanmachine hybrid AleesiYou should read The Creative Fire before you read The Diamond Deep If you enjoyed The Creative Fire you will probably enjoy this book too It is worth a read but I thought The Creative Fire was better