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The Fiery Cross Download Ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ¾ The year is 1771 and war is coming Jamie Fraser’s wife tells him so Little as he wishes to he must believe it for hers is a gift of dreadful prophecy—a time traveler’s certain knowledge Claire’s uniue view of the future has brought him both danger and deliverance in Ming revolution is a flickering torch that may light his way through the perilous years ahead or ignite a conflagration that will leave their lives in ash. Like a Glucose Tolerance Test Only Recommended for Absolute Die Hard FansA glucose tolerance test is a test given to a pregnant woman in order to determine whether or not she has gestational diabetes The test is administered by forcing the poor pregnant woman to drink a beyond human portion of a glucose drink something that tastes like a sugared soft drink Then glucose levels of the blood are measured at different intervals after the glucose has been metabolized by the body It's not the substance as much as the uantity of the sweet tasting drink that is so difficult to stomach and that it has to be consumed after fasting for eight or hours It's making me a little ueasy remembering it Anyway that's what this book reminded me of I understand that letting Diana Gabaldon run wild without a heavy handed editor worked like magic in the past but there's always an exception to a rule and this would have to be it I loved Loved LOVED the first four books in this series and I have given them as gifts to one of my best friends my mother and my mother in law I thought they were fabulous I can't say enough good things about them I'm having a hard time thinking of something good to say about this book I do however have plenty of criticism My dilemma is where to startand then when to stop I think I could go on and on First let me say that there is absolutely no reason for this book to be 979 pages long almost nothing happens There is no unifying thread of story that draws the reader along in this story there are a few interesting mysteries but they happen somewhat suddenly and then are resolved rather uickly There are two exceptions that will obviously be continued in the next book I loved these characters going into this book I read in The Outlandish Companion that Diana Gabaldon when asked how she keeps all the details of her characters straight said that they are like real people to her and she wouldn't forget things about someone she knew Well I think she must be suffering from some form of long term memory loss because she forgot plenty A few things that were huge beyond forgiving in my opinion that Duncan has only one arm that Jamie is left handed I couldn't understand how those two things could ever be forgotten There is a scene where she describes Duncan being carried to bed by Jamie and Major MacDonald 'limp arms about their shoulders' There's another place where she describes Jamie's injured right hand and how it makes writing difficult for him he's been left handed in the previous four books and he is again at the end of this book but somehow he's using his right hand to write in the middle of the book There were so many other details that were inconsistent but I'm not going to try to list them all here I also thought that Gabaldon really victimized Roger to the point of annoyance I thought she completely changed Brianna's character and failed to develop or reveal the character of any of the rest of the family Fergus seemed an after thought Lizzie and Marsali as well And the preoccupation with all things scatological was over the top and the phrase 'comically blank' used to describe someone's facial expressions was used so often it almost became a catch phrase And just one thing I have to get off my chest There is a scene where Jamie and another man have an altercation and the man calls Jamie a c the c word Let me say that I am not offended by the c word but that the use of it in this situation was just completely incongruous and gave a false ring to the entire scene I was so disappointed by this book that I'm not sure I will read the next one As a reader and fan of the Outlander and the first four books in the series I'd really like to know What the heck happened

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The year is 1771 and war is coming Jamie Fraser’s wife tells him so Little as he wishes to he must believe it for hers is a gift of dreadful prophecy a. So far the weakest book in the series This book dragged on and on and on It took me about four times as long to finish this one as it did the other four There was just a lot of unnecessary drama The interesting parts were few and far between but were just enough to keep me reading And I will admit by the end I was finally engaged enough to want to read the next one so it didn't turn me off completely There were just a lot of things that didn't need to be in the book This is the first time reading the series that I've really felt a need for better editingYou will read this book because you're already deeply involved in the story and invested in the characters and there's just enough in the book to keep you but on the whole it's exhausting and a little disappointing

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The Fiery CrossTime traveler’s certain knowledge Claire’s uniue view of the future has brought him both danger and deliverance in the past; her knowledge of the onco. And so book 5 comes to an end I started reading this series on June 16th and they have consumed me for all of my summer holidays I swore I would take a break after each one but could not They are long they are detailed all the names get a little confusing sometimes I suppose I myself could be accused of jumping on the bandwagon what with the TV series airing last night in the USA Maybe so but as I have had the books on my kindle and some of them in paperback for some time now certainly before the glorious casting of Jamie Fraser I feel I can join the legion of true fans those of you who started reading this series when it was first released many moons agoTo be honest I am not sure where the last book finished and this one started All I knew is that I wanted to read about Jamie and Claire and their journey in the New World ”Let the dead bury the dead Sassenach” he said softly “The past is gone the future is not come And we are here together you and I I was lucky enough to see the first episode of the TV series and it was wonderful I thought it stayed verra true to the book and I am sure that is what Ms Gabaldon and the fans wanted Jamie is perfect He is soooo romantic He is tough too but he has a heart of gold “D'ye ken that the only time I am without pain is in your bed Sassenach When I take ye when I lie in your arms my wounds are healed then my scars forgotten” We did not study a lot of American History in school We did learn about the obvious major historical moments The American Revolution the Colonial period och aye anything where the British are trying to take over us Irish are verra interested I do like history and am very proud that my son is starting his first year in University IN SCOTLAND to study history I think this book was over a two or three year time spam I sort of know because Jamie was the same age as me when the book started and he did then turn 50 Even a fifty year old Jamie is a fine figure of a man “You are beautiful” he whispered to me“If you say so” “Do ye not believe me Have I ever lied to you” “That’s not what I mean I mean—if you say it then it’s true You make it true” But this was not just Jamie and Claire’s journey We had Roger and Brianna I love Roger What the poor man had to go through Bloody hell I nearly gave up at one stage when one part was happeningROGERBRIANNAThere is still a lot to happen in this adventureThat ballocks Stephen Bonnet is still out there or is he God I hate that bastard He would have to be Irish wouldn’t he Here is who I imagine the toad would look like I will have the Gandy Police on my case now Och bring it on I have Jamie on my side ”There may be a day when you and I shall part again” he said softly at last and his fingers brushed my lips light as the touch of a falling leaf He smiled faintly “But it willna be today Off to find my next read It will be a hard act to follow this oneAnd how could we forget wee Jemmy