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Fangasm Author Katherine Larsen Free download ¿ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free è Once upon a time not long ago two responsible college professors Lynn the psychologist and Kathy the literary scholar fell in love with the television show Supernatural and turned their oh so practical lOn officials even sometimes their fellow fans But what Kathy and Lynn found was that most fans were very much like themselves smart capable women looking for something of their own that engages their brains and their libidos Fangasm pulls back the curtain on the secret worlds of fans and famous alike revealing Supernatural behind the scenes and discovering just how much the cast and crew know about what the fans are up to Anyone who’s been tempted to throw off the constraints of respectability and indulge a secret passion or hit the road with a best friend will want to come along. Supernatural Fan Girls Katherine Larsen and Lynn S Zubernis While I enjoyed Fangasm from page one I have to admit I was confused at first What I thought would be an academic account of fan culture particularly surrounding the TV show Supernatural turned out to be something altogether different Two professors—Katherine Larsen and Lynn S Zubernis—geek out over the hunky stars of their favorite television show attending conventions joining an online community and penning racy fan fic all the while discussing the book they were going to write Unfortunately this wasn’t that book The original output of their research was the 2012 academic study Fandom at the Crossroads Celebration Shame and FanProducer Relationships Fangasm on the other hand is the reporter’s notebook of their exploration Once I realized this I settled in and thoroughly enjoyed the ride Along the way the authors feed each other’s “suee”; stalk hunky TV stars; and struggle with strained family relationships their careers and even their friends It’s a riotous road trip affair and it’s refreshing to see the lighter side of the uptight academic But there’s a serious side to the book as well In exploring fan fiction the duo encounters a diverse body politic A bulk of the viewer produced literature is sexual in nature—and due to the make believe subject matter and the lack of publisher gatekeeping fan fic writers often delve into places even pornographers fear to tread Hint the show’s leading men though not actually related play brothers on Supernatural—take that ball and run with it Also on the serious tip are the self esteem issues that arise Unfortunately the shaming of fangirls is not limited to the mainstream community While the conventions can be a refuge for those who otherwise feel displaced from society there is an internal enforcement of etiuette that can be just as stratified and exclusionary as the mainstream It’s a dark and curious sociological paradox Ultimately I would have preferred to geek out with the academic text but hey there is no wrong way to get your nerd on While I don’t approach the level of fanboy status held by Larsen and Zubernis I know my way around a convention and I’ve spent thousands of dollars on rare books albums and KISS memorabilia I can relate to this duo and I find it refreshing to learn about a pair of obsessed academics letting their geek flag fly

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Rity guards one year and smiling invitations to the Supernatural set the next Actors stripping in their trailers fangirls sneaking onto film sets; drunken confessions sueals of joy tears of despair; wallets emptied and responsibilities left behind; intrigue and ecstasy and crushing disappointment it’s all hereAnd yet even as they reveled in their fandom the authors were asking themselves whether it’s okay to be a fan especially for grown women with careers and kids “Crazystalkerchicks” that’s what they heard from Supernatural crew members security guards airport immigrati. This uniue read really hit home for me in a thought provoking and thoroughly enjoyable way I am what the authors describe as a buffet fansampling a bit of this and that before moving on to try something else I prefer to think of myself as a serial monogamistfaithful for a phase until my next obsession comes along That being said I always teeter on the edge of fandom without the willingness to invest my funds or my precious time as fully as a true fangirl I've long wanted a glimpse deeper into the fandom and Larsen and Zubernis have generously allowed all of us on the fringe to journey deeper in with themand what a journey it is For fans of the show Supernatural this is an obvious must read But I think fangirls and boys of just about anything will appreciate this honest portrayal of the struggle to immerse one's self in the joys of fandom without guilt without shame and without losing relationships or other important aspects of life outside of the fandom Thank you Katherine Larsen and Lynn Zubernis for your bold and honest look at fandom for trusting your readers with the details of your struggle to balance the personal with the professional and for allowing us to ride along on your 5 year journey What a wonderful trip it has been

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Fangasm Author Katherine LarsOnce upon a time not long ago two responsible college professors Lynn the psychologist and Kathy the literary scholar fell in love with the television show Supernatural and turned their oh so practical lives upside down Plunging headlong into the hidden realms of fandom they scoured the Internet for pictures of stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki and secretly penned racy fan fiction And then they hit the road crisscrossing the country racking up freuent flyer miles with alarming ease standing in convention lines at 4 AMThey had white knuckled encounters with overly zealous secu. First I will just say that I love Supernatural It’s a great show and if I could I would love to visit Comic Con butI think there is a limit to how far one takes one's obsession with a showmoviesingergroupwhateverit’s one thing to like something but to let it take over one’s life totally It’s not that I don’t enjoy fandom’s but I just don’t have the need to ruin my economy drive away my friends or family for it The ladies in this book middle age women suddenly start to obsess over Supernatural although it seems mostly Jensen Ackles they fly to see him in play watch everything he is in from movies to tv shows Nothing wrong with that I have favorite actors also But it bothered me reading how for example Lynn hid the fact from her family that she ordered passes to a convention Like what she did was something shameful And here we have the BIG problem with the book Everything they did was so shameful liking Supernatural and writing fanfiction It’s shameful to like something; it’s shameful to write slash fanfiction It’s shame shame shame And I tried to remember if I have ever been ashamed for liking something Hell I liked David Hasselhoff in Baywatch when I was a teenager and not even that makes me ashamed nowadays This book felt like an excuse to be able to get up and close with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki a middle life crisis now that the children are almost grown up As we pondered and plotted and looked for opportunities to get up close and personal with actors our road trip through fandom continued But there are moments I feel for them because in a part they manage to find a life outside being a wife mother and professor That part of the book I liked but I ultimately I think they failed in their mission to show the good side of the fandom it felt like they showed the worst part the over enthusiastic fans the fanatic fans that sleep in hallways to have breakfast with actors There isn’t any shame in liking Supernatural And if you like writing fanfiction slash or not slash go for it It’s your life Thank you Netgalley for providing me with a free copy for an honest review