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free read Trouble Brewing (Shakespeare Sisters, #2) ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ Calypso Shakespeare knows what the future has in store for her and not just because she's psychicThe gifted Shakespeare women have always had their one true love Problem is Calypso’s came and went and didn’t work outNt and didn’t work out too wellShe doesn't need a crystal ball to see that she'll never love again And even her magical cocktails aren't up to the ask of healing her bruised heart So instead she. Book Review Trouble Brewing by Jane TaraCalypso is a witch and she helps people by providing her special drinks People come from all over to see her when she is in London or when they hear she is in their city She is fine with her life She is a traveler and wanders from place to place when she feels the need She has no intention of ever falling in love againHowever on a trip to New York she meets Taran He is also a member of a witch family He has no problem attracting women but he seems bored and restless When he meets Calypso he is intrigued He feels a deeper connection with her than any other woman Calypso feels it too and it scares her She knows she could fall for him So she runs far away from himA year later Taran ends up in London for work and is determined to see Calypso again He shows up at the pub owned by her parents He wants to know why she left him without a word Calypso is shocked to see him She is scared and confused She doesn’t want the feelings he is causing She runs again to Paris To her amazement and dismay Taran follows When she runs to Vienna he shows up there too He is determined to follow wherever she leadsCalypso has to decide if she can let go of the past and open up her heart She needs to believe that love is worth it and that Taran is her destinyI really liked Taran’s character once he decided that Calypso is who he wanted He was persistent and patient He knew she was running from her past and continued to follow her wherever she went It opened his eyes to than just who she was It really made him stop and look at himself His epiphanies were fun to readCalypso was a great character in her free spirited self However her fear of love border lined on obsessive and after awhile annoyed me It conflicted with the character she showed otherwise When I continued to read the storyline I uestioned her strength and honesty of other traits I had a hard time getting into the story as I like to I prefer to be totally immersed in the characters and the plot I think that the inconsistencies with Calypso’s character really turned me off the progression of the story especially when she would run out of fear instead of face it I would lose respect for the character So I would give this book a 3 out of 5

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Calypso Shakespeare knows what the future has in store for her and not just because she's psychicThe gifted Shakespeare women have always had their one true love Problem is Calypso’s came and we. Trouble Brewing by Jane Tara is a truly interesting and engaging story about witch who has once found her big love and lost him and now years later she finds again somebody who is very much like her best half but her family lore says that Shakespeare women have only one love in their lifeWell so the story is about Calipso and Taran how Calipso tries to come to terms with her feelings and how Taran is following her where ever to understand why is she running and why he can not let her go Besides them there are also Calipso's friend Megan and Taran's friend Simon story and Calipso's sister Nell story But mainly still Calipso and TaranI have not read the first book of the series but after finishing this story I'm very interested what happened in fist book and what will happen in next It is good stand alone book but it makes you interested the books around itIt's interesting how Australia's writers send their leading characters on a trips around the world in all kinds of interesting places while American writers keep their protagonist in the same place no mater what I like the travelers type and I'd really like to know what is the place where Calipso goes when she visits Tallinn I'd visit the place as well A good read

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Trouble Brewing Shakespeare Sisters #2Wanders the world brewing in pubs and bars in the hope that she'll help other people find loveThat's the plan anyway That is until Taran Dee shows up and Calypso finds she has real trouble brewin. Original Post HOW DO YOU KNOW YOU'VE MET THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE provided via NetGalley for review No remuneration was exchanged and all opinions expressed herein are my own except as noted I really had a good time reading this book It was funny sexy and occasionally a bit sadThis is the second book in the series and I didn't realize that until I sat down to write the review I did think at one point that the author was dumping a lot of backstory but I thought there was just a lot of history she needed to relate But TROUBLE BREWING totally stands on its own I love how one of the Shakespeare women said she was glad to be born in a time when witches were ignored and not burned at the stake Ugh I like the uniue idea behind this book as the gorgeous Calypso mixes cocktails that magically cure people of emotional psychological and sometimes physical issues She come from a witchy family and witchy books are my first love since I was like 7 Calypso is a free spirit except she's running from the past If she outruns love then she can't get hurt right While Tara includes some plot that feels extraneous but which may be tying up loose ends from FORECAST the first book in the series she does a great job making that emotional conflict real And I really felt for the guy that gets pushed away But as odd as Calypso's love interest is it evolves naturallyCalypso also believes she has had her great love the love of her life She may be missing something though if she gets stuck in her own mythology How do you know when you have met the love of your lifeJane Tara's voice is edgy and honest modern and sexyWitch Doctor cure thyself If only people would take their own advice and talk about things But then the entire romance book industry would fail because most plots rely on poor communication to get goingI'm looking forward to the next book in the series; and I may even go back to find the first I can honestly recommend this as a great book to read this summer