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read reader ¶ Aire author Lena Goldfinch Paperback ´ lena goldfinch ó April 2013Danger magic romance and royal intrigue AIRE is a must read —NYT Bestselling Author JESSICA ANDERSENLooking for something fresh and new to read? Try Lena Goldfinch's AIRE —Serena Chase USA Today HEA A tale of Legends Termined to find the girl Annalisia disguises herself as plain Anna and slips away from the palace She tracks down Jovanni her maidservant's daring older brother and they soon begin to search together As they uncover clues Anna also discovers a kindred spirit in Jovanni But would he be so free with her if he knew who she really was? Doubtful Even so she reveals her secret gift of visions to him and in so doing disobeys the orders of her beloved grandmother the ueenWith Jovanni Anna can almost imagine she’s like any other seventeen year old girl free to pursue the longings o Annalisia is a courageous impetuous princess When her maid is mistaken for Annalisia and abducted Annalisia knows she must set it right and escapes her opulent palace disguised as a commoner Anna With the help of her maid's brother Jovanni she sets out on a dangerous uest to rescue her But Annalasia is hiding than just her true identity she is also a seer And Jovanni has a secret of his own he is a shapeshifter who can take the form of a falcon Annalisia and Jovanni are drawn together despite the fact that Annalisia is pledged to another in an arranged marriage and is keenly aware of her duty As they travel their treacherous path their love blossoms even though they are never far from peril as Anna herself is still hunted I was swept away from the very first page of this tale of royal intrigue legends come to life and a timeless romance that took my breath away I highly recommend Aire for fans of romance fantasy or for those who want to escape into the pages of a beautifully crafted world with richly developed characters and exuisite writing

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April 2013Danger magic romance and royal intrigue AIRE is a must read NYT Bestselling Author JESSICA ANDERSENLooking for something fresh and new to read? Try Lena Goldfinch's AIRE Serena Chase USA Today HEA A tale of Legends reborn royal intrigue and an unforgettable heart melting romance that will sweep you awayAnnalisia is a seer a princess with a courageous spirit and a soft spot for LegendsJovanni is a Legend a commoner with no patience for pampered royalsPrincipessa Annalisia is stunned and conscience stricken when an unknown enemy mistakenly abducts her maidservant De I received an advanced readers copy in exchange for an honest reviewSo What can I say that doesn't sound trite or cliché? We'll seeWell speaking of clichés here are the few that are in Aire1 Princess2 Commoner3 Arranged marriage4 Magic5 RomanceSounds like a recipe for boredom and dullness no? And yet despite all that Ms Goldfinch has penned a very engaging read Our princess Annalisa is locked into a marriage to a neighbouring prince whom she hasn't ever met much less is in love with So on the night of her pending engagement proposal she manages to convince her grandmother the ueen to let her leave early While she's leaving her maid is captured in place of Ms Anna and so our enterprising princess disguises herself to look for the girl Bored yet? Don't be I can't add any plot points without going into spoiler territory but this book was a uick fun read I never felt angry at the main character for a decision she made sure I may not have liked it but I didn't feel any rage towards her at any point Always a good thing and I truly enjoyed the interaction between Anna and Jovanni I'm in the process of reading some of the other stuff this author has written and truly I'm pleased to say that her writing has stayed consistent There isn't any amateurish punctuation such as ? nor any grammar mistakes that I observed and even in the pre publication copy I received only two spelling errors All of this adds up to displaying an author who cares about her world her characters and her story I'll be pleased to watch Ms Goldfinch in the months and years to come

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Aire author Lena GoldfinF her heart When she learns that he also has a secret he's a sentinel an ancient shapeshifter who can take the form of a falcon it seems as if they were destined to be together as in the legends of il Sentiro Though Anna is tempted to wish otherwise she can’t forget that she’s a princess and it's her duty to marry another Meanwhile their hunt leads Anna ever closer to danger for she herself is being huntedA princess and a commoner They never should have fallen in lovebut they didAIRE is a lush romantic fantasy inspired by ancient Italy and TurkeyYOUNG ADULT FANTASY ROMANC I would like to thank Lena Goldfinch and NTOFYAB for gifting me a copy of this ebook in exchange for an honest reviewAfter reading the synopsis I immediately fell in love with premise of Aire I love fantasy and anything that has a hint of historical fictionmythological writing so this being based on ancient ItalyTurkey sounded right up my alley Aire definitely lived up to my expectations I loved the palace life mixed with suspense and fantasy that was contained in this story I also fell in love with the characters immediately especially Anna and Illan Anna was the perfect combination of headstrong and loyal and made for an amazing heroine that didn't let anything get in the way of what she believed was right even if it sometimes meant what was right could make her unhappy in the end I won't go into anything further because I hate giving away spoilers I'm not really sure what made me love Illan so much but he was just so loyal and always jumped right into whatever situation Anna needed him to just because she needed him There was a good amount of romance in Aire and Ms Goldfinch did an amazing job of making it believable I was completely satisfied with the way the story ended which a lot of times I can't say to be true Aire was very well written and the story flowed smoothly and beautifully I only had a few small issues since I don't know Italian some of the phrases confused me for the first half of the story until I got used to them but once I did I admit the fit very nicely into the dialogue I had a hard time using the Lexicon to help me with the Italian because it's so hard to flip back and forth to it on an e reader but this could just be me being picky I enjoyed the pace of the story and thought that it moved uickly with lots of action but there were a couple parts of the story that felt a little rushed view spoilerI wish there was about Anna's Mom and what happened hide spoiler