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Read & download Ý Power Party Powerpuff Girls Classics Volume 1 ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ☆ They're cute They're fun And they're powerful The Cartoon Network classic Powerpuff Girls returns to comics in this collection of comic book adventures Featuring the ladies' first appearanceUes #1 4 of their ongoing series this first volume includes two stories written and drawn by series creator Craig McCracke. 35 starsShort and classic Powerpuff Girls stories and art Fine but nothing special Suitable for all ages

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They're cute They're fun And they're powerful The Cartoon Network classic Powerpuff Girls returns to comics in this collec. It’s fitting that for the longest time the highest rated original show on Cartoon Network was a series about kindergarten superheroes What may look to be the bastardized offspring of Barbie and Sailor Moon is in fact a witty and charming show that not only pokes fun at superhero clichés but manages to be fine entertainment in its own right While I wouldn’t uite put the Powerpuff Girls on the same pedestal that I would for something like Futurama I will say that the good episodes of the original show are REALLY goodBut you know what’s funny I didn’t get into the Puffs when it was new I had seen a few episodes way back in the day and I remember being mildly pleased with it but I was in my early teens at the time and I didn’t always make the right call with what I did with my life back then I only really got into the Puffs because of the reboot Ah what ingenious advertising; even if a continuity reboot turns out to be utter trash fire it’ll bring attention back to the original I should do that with my first sci fi series Anywho the release of the Powerpuff reboot reminded me of what I missed so I watched the old series online and had a good time I also learned that like many animated shows it got a comic book adaptation and that it you can still purchase physical and digital copies of the comics on and ComixologyDo note that I am reviewing the comics based off the first PPG series not the reboot The reboot has its own comic series To tell the two apart the original’s title uses a boxy suared font while the reboot uses fluffy rounded lettering not unlike something Bubbles would drawThe first thing you might think is “But it’s a book There’s no animation No music And I can’t hear their voices” All of which is true And yet it is authentic PPG as some of the stories in this volume were written and illustrated by Craig McCracken the creator and main director of the original show Other people that worked on the show such as Genndy Tartakovsky and Paul Rudish had a hand in this too And if you’re still scared by the fact that some of the stories aren’t written and illustrated by the original staff don’t be; everyone credited is worthy of the show’s legacyThis comic basically looks like what the show would if it were originally a comic series The colors really pop and the paneling is easy to follow While the art style is not as intricate as some other comics out there Mmm Evangelion manga the artwork ranges from cute to striking depending on the scene Curiously there are a few panels where the girls aren’t colored properly I’m not sure how that happened given how easily marketable Blossom Bubbles and Buttercup are but visually that rather minor gaffe is the only one of an otherwise bright and professionally drawn children’s comicThere are six stories present in this volume a collection of six issues They read very fast even by comic standards If a typical episode of the show runs for about 10 minutes these issues if done in televised format would run for about 3 minutes Since it’s a different format the comic does things that wouldn’t work in a show but would here I won’t say any to avoid spoilers but what I’m saying is you’re not getting a knockoff of the “real” productOf this particular book I like issue two three and five the most Issue two involves the girls doing a school assignment; no villains no superpower drama just the three girls letting their personalities shine Issue three involves Bubbles rescuing a suirrel It could very easily pass for an episode of the show EDIT I must be psychic That issue WAS made into an episode of the showin season four I haven't watched past the 3rd season on account of letting my Hulu subscription lapse Well time to break out the credit card for another marathon Puff session for me Issue five is about a meteor that grants everyone in Townsville powers a tale of zany fun The other issues aren’t bad but they didn’t click with me as much but they might for you issue one is about Mojo Jojo’s latest scheme of world domination Issue four involves a boy that makes a deal with Him and issue six has the girls playing a video game designed by HimAnother thing to note is the content of the comics is like the show Yes it has mostly bloodless violence but the material is no worse than a PG rated movie If you’re thinking of buying the PPG comics for your kids or grandkids just know that if they like The Incredibles they should like this tooOf course this is just one volume of several I haven’t read the other books yet; I’ve heard that a volume that crosses over with other Cartoon Network properties is apparently a licensed masterpiece As for the Powerpuff Girls Classics Power Party it as I’ve noted than once is much like the show; some stories are clearly better than others but the good ones are worth it You don’t have to be a child to like it You don’t have to be female You just gotta like seeing uirky action and Bubbles being hardcore to enjoy itLittle side note When I first posted my score of The Powerpuff Girls Classics Power Party on GR I hadn’t finished the review yet I had the following as a placeholderCraig McCracken’s involvement with the Utonium triplets didn’t end in 2008 with the 10th anniversary tv special The original Powerpuff Girls were given a second chance in the birthplace medium of superhumans a fitting transition if I do say so myselfA detailed review of this book is forthcoming which will debut soon and it will be out in the near future because it is not out yet but will be I promise not to imitate Mojo Jojo in the final reviewCorrection That actually is still true These comics I'm reviewing originally came out between 2000 to 2006 A later series came out in 2013 and ended before the reboot was a thing It's times like these where I wonder how I ever got so far in life Maybe this is why The Mayor is my 3rd favorite character; I have in common with him than I care to admit If you're curious my 2nd fave Puff character is Princess Morbucks And my absolute favorite Bubbles of course

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Power Party Powerpuff Girls Classics Volume 1Tion of comic book adventures Featuring the ladies' first appearances in Cartoon Network Starring #1 and #5 as well as iss. Is pretty guuch