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Read & download ´ Endless Serenity #5 102 ☆ On the morning of her thirteenth birthday half vampire Elizabeth Bandores wakes to find she’s crossed the boundary between childhood and becoming a young woman Not only that the sunlight makes her head pound and her hearing and sense of smell are suddenly sharperA horrifying incident makes herOn the morning of her thirteenth birthday half vampire Elizabeth Bandores wakes to find she’s crossed the boundary between childhood and becoming a young woman Not only that the sunlight makes her head pound and her hearing and sense of smell are sudde. I'm glad this book and this series is over I'm always compelled to finish series but I should have stopped after the first book The author writes uite well but she is clearly British and it's jarring to read characters speaking British English especially characters born and raised in the US It's a small thing 'I've not' in place of ' I haven't' for example but like any error it disrupts my immersion in the story Not that I found myself particularly immersed After five books I still don't care about any of the characters I suspect because the author spends so much time TELLING us how the characters feel to the point that it's downright whining It's boring being in the characters' heads The books drag on the whole due to snail like pacing and excessive description of the character's feelings and surroundings In this book a huge hurricane level storm hits early on and the storm is described constantly ad nauseam for pages on end Elizabeth as a character is such a contradiction she feels unbelievable She speaks and freuently thinks like a much older British person Her friends also dont sound like any 13 or 14 year old girls I've ever met But it's worse in Elizabeth's case because despite her seeming maturity and psychic abilities she makes the some very stupid choices which felt like the thinly veiled plot devices they were World building is nonexistent We're thrown into a modern day Los Angeles which appears exactly like our worldexcept there are vampires sorcerers demons and oh an alternate hellish dimension Yet nothing is explained Sorcery seems based on Latin mumblings and hand gestures but the mechanics are never touched upon There's no mythology as to how any of these paranormal creatures and powers came to exist and it feels lazy sloppy and unbelievableThe plot of every book since the first is basically the same and it makes the storyline predictable I never felt any suspense any true sense of danger Instead of exploring the basic world established the author brings back past enemies seeking revenge Everyone wants the half vampire Elizabeth because she's so special yeah I get it It's all just so transparentI did like how the author approached the transition to vampire as Elizabeth came of age and I liked how she went around jumping people and drinking their blood The idea was sound and with some heavy duty editing this author has promise

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Izabeth needs her father around As Los Angeles is plunged into darkness and danger life is about to get a lot worse not just for Elizabeth but for Serenity and Sebastian too A balance has been disrupted and the world as they know it may be about to chang. Once again things go haywire and serenity needs Sebastian who broke her heart again and she longs for him still even with another vampire looking out for her He come back as well as the witch who helped them all for their daughter Will the idiot leave a third time or will serenity get her lover back and complete their family or their daughter gets hurt again

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Endless Serenity #5Nly sharperA horrifying incident makes her wonder if she’s a girl or a monster and the world around seems to agree as a terrifying storm erupts over Los AngelesSerenity has no idea how to handle her rapidly changing daughter but she knows one thing; El. Well what to say Sebastian and Serenity are drawn back into turmoil and adventure with demons both real and psychological hovering ready to break out of their confines As an intense dark storm threatens they must battle once again to protect Elizabeth who is now on the precipice of young adulthood and desperately trying to understand herself and find her place in the world; but she is still battling those pesky teenage hormones Of course she is half vampire and her challenges and experiences aren't uite the same as her friends face She gets into a row with her parents and runs off with a teenage boy only to discover that he is not what he seems and so starts a race against time for her parents This was a great read really atmospheric The emotions are so well depicted the tension so real that I couldn't put the book down because I needed to know what would happen next This is at heart the story of a family but with vampires witches and spells This was a series that sucks you in and this author is one of my favourites A Fantastic dark and stormy intense and emotional Vampires and Witches An excellent end to the series