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Agda Canady may be on the unlucky side but her life is starting to work itself out She's an editor for a New York Publishing company and her long time lawyer boyfriend is taking her home to Scotland to meet the parents and his younger brother But the trip holds danger than she could have imagined Be Where shall we start I think the beginning shall do When you first open Shaggy Maggie you are met with a 3 page glossary of Scottish Lingo While some of it was helpful it was also an oh feck what did I get myself into moment Yeah I stayed for a few chapters Then magically it started to flow for me Magda was a shaggy haired girl in high school On the bus she was teased about it mercilessly by Harvey Years later Magda finds herself dating and soon engaged to Harvey's twin brother not identical This comes as a surprise to everyone they had all heard of shaggy maggie Also Beckman's family lives in Scotland and after years of dating he is finally taking her home to meet his family ta Upon her arrival her luggage is stolen So that blows Seriously it does but you got to love how something so small turns into sooo much For his part Harvey had been in love with Maggie since he first saw her on that school bus Hes boarderline obsessed with her He dates woman who look similar to her named his band Shaggy Maggie and named his guitar after her as wellAt first Maggie wants nothing to do with Harvey but after her engagement feelings change a lot changes really Maggie calls upon her best friend CaitaLynn who is a wedding planner to help her plan her world wind wedding CaitaLynns piece starts off really fecking weird As is it makes little sense to me However I was told to keep my shirt on this is only the first book in the series So FOR NOW TYFFANI SHIRT IS ON For now Mwhahaha So while all this stuff is happening this sick Feck and believe hes SICK Irvin is stalking Magda He is OVER THE TOP OBESSED with her And he will use this trip to reveal himself and whisk her awayI was completely enthralled with Shaggy Maggie I have the bags to prove it I found it extremely difficult to put my book down Every time I tried to go to sleep id turn off the kindle toss and turn then finally give in to temptation and read some And this isn't the first time Tyffani has done this to me and I would put a years salary it wont be the last either

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Shaggy Maggie Shaggy Maggie Band #1 Tween a psycho stalker and the boy who tortured her through high school she might lose her mind and her life before it's all said and doneWhen a chance encounter brings them together once it's the past the present and a little psychosis that may get in the way of the future that was always meant to I read this book in one sitting I could not put it down I love how Tyffani Clark Kemp describes what's going on it keeps you on your toes and immersed in the story I loved meeting Magda the things that happen to her are so real to life that you can just see them happening possibly to you The deeper in the book you get the real she becomes Maggie is going to Scotland with her fiancé to meet the family for Christmas Little did she know that her Christmas surprise leads her back to the bully that made her run way back in high school Harvey named his band Shaggy Maggie He never forgot that red haired girl that stole his heart in high school then disappeared His life is filled with groupies that want to be with him because he is a rock star The story of what happens is a roller coaster of emotions funny sad silly scary you name it you will find it in this book

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Shaggy Maggie mobi Ä Paperback read ´ randarenewables Ú Harvey Young rock star lead of the Scottish band Shaggy Maggie has dreamed his whole life about the red haired girl from the school bus that he bullied until she ran away He's resigned himself to groupie fill ins There's no way he'll ever see her again Why toHarvey Young rock star lead of the Scottish band Shaggy Maggie has dreamed his whole life about the red haired girl from the school bus that he bullied until she ran away He's resigned himself to groupie fill ins There's no way he'll ever see her again Why torture himself pining for his lost youth?M Magda Canady meets her long time boyfriend’s family in Scotland Things heat up when she discovers a bully from her past and a stalker she didn’t know aboutThe first thing that struck me about this book was the glossary I saw this list of Scottish words and thought this couldn’t be good What good book comes with its own glossary? I braced myself and began this anyway Looking back I have to admit that if I had a hard copy of the book maybe I would have used the glossary Since I did not have a hardcopy and I thought it would be too difficult to go back and forth I stumbled through based on my brief study of that first page No I did not make it through the list I wanted to read a novel not a dictionary I glossed over the glossaryAfter finishing the book I was surprised about the dialogue and all of the Scottishness Sure there were parts I didn’t uite “get word for word but I understood from the context I am fairly certain the author nailed the Scottish accent of the characters Though I am eually certain that the author could have added in a few “wee bits here and there and this book would have been just fine There is a fine line to walk between authenticity and having a story flow I got through it okay Will other readers? I am not sure I pick up languages easily having learned a few myself I guess my suggestion would be to keep the glossary handy? Maybe that’s why it was there It’s not necessary but it’s there to make readers feel comfortable reading this like they are wearing their seatbeltThis book was a romantic suspense The romance was a little unrealistic at times It was unrealistic because there’s no way a guy is going to leave his fiancé with his family or on her own in a foreign country so often I know firsthand I married a foreigner I just cannot see anyone else’s fiancé bringing her home to a foreign country and then never being around either Add in a crazy stalker and the guy would be stuck like Krazy Glue It just did not ring trueFor me this was not a big deal The story was not about them It’s about Shaggy Maggie and that story If it were about the fiancé the opening would have been much different I understood that For readers who get miffed over stuff like this beware Also beware you just might find yourself rooting for the impossible I did Whew did I ever Who knew Scottish punk was so hot?The suspense was there Right down to the last beautiful word Though it had to do with the crazy romantic love angles in the story rather than the stalker The stranger danger definitely took a back burner If you are looking for action and not the hot n heavy steaming up the back windows kind this is not that kind of book There is a deranged psycho lurking about who does weird stuff Things happen Don’t get me wrong It’s just it’s a tame thriller with the real focus on the romanceThere was just enough of a tease of something to keep me going You know the story from the start and yet you don’t know the story This was definitely one of those I did not want to put down The characters were developed enough Readers are definitely on a need to know basis Certain characters are developed than others This is related to the plot lines How does one travel across the Atlantic to meet the ‘rents but does not meet them immediately stay in their house but never bump into them etc? Again while it may be odd the story is not about meeting future in laws across the AtlanticIt’s about Shaggy MaggieAbout the end I was not lying about being hooked right until the last word I was shocked Gah So many uestions Is this really the end? Is there ? Could there be a seuel? What would a seuel even look like? Is this really it? Only one other book had felt like this Stieg Larsson’s The Girl Who Played With Fire Anyone read that one? Here’s the weird part I could be totally satisfied if this were it If there will be another book watch out ‘Cuz I will claw it out of your hands No jokeThis is a book for an adult audience There are graphic scenes of a sexual nature some violence and definite profanity Also there is drug use ecstasy marijuana and alcohol Yep all the good stuffTo enter the giveaway for a chance to win a copy of this book until the end of August 2013 click on the author's page For reviews such as this please visit All books reviewed by me have been received via purchase lending or given to me by an author or publisher for the purposes of an honest review No reviews are purchased They are my own opinion