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's no way a guy like Mitch would want anything to do with her But when Mara has a leaky faucet that she can't fix it's Mitch who comes to her rescue Mitch has been eyeing his beautiful neighbor for a long time He jumps at the chance to help her and soon their formerl 40 HAWT Alpha Good Guy starsI love Mitch There I said it I love him and I don't care if other KA fangirls think he's boring I think he's awesome1 He's a COP That's always hot2 He took on Mara despite her being a HEADCASE and despite her suddenly deciding to take on guardianship for two small childrenActually that's why I love it right there Once upon a time I was one of those kids and I had my own Mitch Then I grew up to marry another Mitch Kind of He's an engineer not a cop and I was sans children but still everyone who knows us agrees that I married a carbon copy of my dad he gave my sister and me his name too So there's really no way I wouldn't have loved this one Then there's Mara and I'll admit she takes a little getting used to She's one of KA's neurotic heroines but the time you spend with her the sympathetic you become and by the end you love her as much as Mitch bc dollface is STRONG And good And determined And she loves those kids so damn muchWhat kids?Billy and Billie her second cousins by way of her cousin Bill who YES is an assclown who named BOTH his kids after his assclown selfNot only did this cheesehead name his daughter Billerina he also spends his uestionably acuired income on drugs and alcohol which he uses without regard to any tiny people who are presentNot food Not clothes Not basic necessities for his two children So Marabelle how pretty is that steps up making the decision she'd been grappling with for awhile and starts pursuing custody of themAnd Mitch doesn't leave her side for a second Well okay he does once but only for a few days and then he's comes back and refuses to be pushed out againI want all KA heroines and Alphas to get their HEAs but these guys are up there with Joe Violet and her girls from 'THE BURG #2 ALSO there are cameos from ROCK CHICK than I remember seeing anywhere else and that includes a scene with Lee Nightingale Hank Nightingale and LUKE STARK all in the same room togetherSo yeah LAW MAN you should read it 111515 As Robin said the KA Buddy ReRead madness continues with Joanita Stephanie and Choko over at BBB Bc KA #cantstopwontstop

book Law Man by Kristen Ashley

Law Man by Kristen AshlY platonic relationship gets very hot and heavy But when Mara gets a disturbing phone call from her cousin's kids she gets pulled back into the life she's tried so hard to leave behind Can the hot law man convince Mara to let go of her past and build a future with hi Re read July 2015 I'm thinkin' I fell in love with the promise of you the first time I saw you” MitchEvery time I pick up a Kristen Ashley book it is like coming home For me she has the ability to sweep me away into another world I find assurance that I will experience the joy of meeting a new Alpha Male and a heroine with some sort of uirk Although Ms Ashley's dialogue and style is uniue I am never deterred from spending hours upon hours reading and re reading her work She puts a smile on my face every time Law Man is the third book in the Dream Man Series This was the first KA series that I read and it has been a real treat to come back and re acclimate myself with these men and their crazy women It was my experience if something bad could happen it would and I was always planning for that day MaraIn Law Man we find Mara a shy and slightly broken young woman She has escaped the trailer park of her past and been successful making a life for herself in Colorado Mara is a likable character however she certainly has her issues Although it is uite understandable for her to struggle with her self confidence at times it could be a bit tedious with her constant need to rank herself and the others around her She sees herself as someone unworthy of happiness and true greatness Lucky for Mara the answer to her self doubting and fears lives right across the breezeway Mitch Lawson is a private detective and exudes hotness Mara has always had a thing for the attractive detective and yet she can barely make eye contact with the man When Mara needs help with a broken pipe in her apartment Mitch comes in to save the day The two uickly have a connection and Mitch makes it his mission to win over Mara“Let's see if I can tear that cocoon wide open and let my Mara fly” MitchBefore Mitch and Mara have the opportunity to form a stable friendshiprelationship Mara's two younger cousins enter the picture They are in need of help and Mara and Mitch together bring them home and give them love and attention While loving on these two beautiful kids Mitch makes a break through with Mara and she begins to experience real love for the first time “The man who gets Mara gets you and Billie I’m that man What you gotta get is while fallin’ in love with Mara I fell in love with you and your sister Straight up Bud no lie The feelings I feel for Mara are hers the feelings I feel for Billie are hers and the feelings I feel for you are yours You all have my love not collectively individually Do you understand me?” MitchThe journey the four of them make together is beautiful There are so many tender moments and points in the timeline where I couldn't help but feel warm and fuzzy all over The steam factor is in true KA fashion OFF THE CHARTS Mitch and Mara are a gentle couple compared to other racey KA characters However I found the pairing perfect and delightful to read The struggles in this book are centered on self esteem overcoming abuse and finding peace I truly enjoyed the added element of the blended family Sometimes adding children to a book can be distracting from the romance element and yet I found that the addition of these two sweet kids only strengthened my love for Mitch and Mara Overall another winner for me If you are a fan of Kristen Ashely I highly recommend this book and the entire series There are always references to other characters from other books as they weave in and out of the action The character development is flawless and full of life I look forward to reading a Kristen Ashely book for the first time but sometimes reading it the second time around makes it that much sweeter “Thank you honey” she kept whispering“For what?”“A good life and a beautiful family”“You had a hand in that” he reminded her“I know We’re a team Thank you for giving me that too” Original read March 212014Mitch and Mara's love story is one of my new faves Fun read

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Law Man by Kristen Ashley epub ä Mass Market Paperback ✓ Love is just around the corner Sweet shy Mara Hanover is in love with her neighbor For four years she has secretly watched her dream man from afar Handsome police detective Mitch Lawson is way out of her league She's a girl from the wrong side of the tracks and thereLove is just around the corner Sweet shy Mara Hanover is in love with her neighbor For four years she has secretly watched her dream man from afar Handsome police detective Mitch Lawson is way out of her league She's a girl from the wrong side of the tracks and there 2nd ReadOct 2020 — 5 StarsYES I RE READ IT FRONT TO BACK TOP TO BOTTOM FORGET EVERYTHING I SAID ANY CRITICISM AND WHATNOT CUZ I LIKE IT LOVE IT LICK IT DO IT LIKE LA LA LA OH YEAH Whoops that’s Blackpink Ice Cream Please ignore me cause that’s lame and you know it 🙈1st ReadAug 2020 — 425 Stars What is it about KA’s books that you can’t help but love? I’ve only read two of her books It could be my luck if so I hope it never runs out and it might be too early to generalise her brilliance but Law Man was a win It wasn’t smooth sailing but I ended up loving it nonetheless Mara is shy and in love with her 105 neighbor For some fcked up reason she got it branded in her brain that she’s a 25; and thus WAY out of his league Unbeknownst to her detective Mitch has been harboring a crush of his own So when a chance at encounter in the form of Mara’s leaky faucet greets him he uickly jumps at the opportunity✗ The awful writing 1 Hot hot hot2 Belly whoosh another belly whoosh3 Nice great beautiful gorgeous4 Something about Mitch’s eyes5 Shoot I should’ve made a list to give you proofI didn’t notice it the first time because I was too busy drooling over Kah Lahn The Golden Dynasty but I caught on to KA’s HIGH tendency to repeat words phrases and use run on sentences I mean Idk if this style was intentional or not but it certainly grated on my nerves Like she’s written dozens of books each with 500 pages Yet her vocabulary seems to have never improved✗ The thick skulled h Ones to Threes gravitated to each other If you were of my zone only the foolish aimed higher than a Three Higher than a Three eualed heartache Lemme tell you straight Mara is one of the most frustrating heroines I’ve ever met and she didn’t deserve Mitch for the first 23 of the book She constantly beats herself up and truly believes she’s unattractive even when her friends tell her otherwise She also doesn’t know how to speak except to utter the words “what?” and “pardon?” Her cluelessness was cute for a while but it got old when she couldn’t get her head out of her ass fast enough IT WAS FCKING EXHAUSTING I didn’t need it Because I wasn’t a Two Point Five I wasn’t an Eight I wasn’t a Ten Mitch was right My classification system was bullshit Bottom line what I was is a decent person It’s like she’s been brainwashed or was a victim of some cults or something Actually it’s because of her traumatic childhood She badly needs therapy but all I wanted to do was shake her and slap her into next week HOWEVER thank goodness for character development when she finally opens her eyes and stands up to her horrible mother she’s AMAZING I was cheering her on like a proud mama Apart from all that I loved how nice and kind she was with her friends neighbors and coworkers✓ The dreamy H “I’ll go gentle baby” he whispered against my lips “I promise You’ll always be safe with me” I think the answer to my initial uestion earlier is MITCHELL JAMES LAWSON Idk if writing the perfect H is KA’s specialty but so far two of her Hs have completely swept me off my feet God I LOVE Mitch so much I wanna weep 😭 He’s so attentive accomodating patient sexy sweet caring protective and reliable He says and do the right things Also have I told you that I have a thing for law enforcement officers or men in uniforms eg PILOTS cops etc? The huddle included Slim Tack Delgado and a local private investigator Hank Nightingale’s brother Lee Nightingale and Lee’s second in command Luke Stark We met other Hs from the rest of the series in this book and from those cameos let’s just say that KA got it right when she named them Dream Men I’m not sure I’ll pick up their books anytime soon but I’m all ears if you wanna try to convince me✓ Billy and Billie view spoiler “Right What I mean is I didn’t fall in love with you all as a whole I fell in love with each of you because of who you are I don’t care about you because you come with Mara I care about you because you’re a good kid You’re smart You’re loyal And you love and look out for your sister and Mara I know grown men who do not have a character as fine as yours Those are the reasons I love you There are different reasons I love Billie And there are different reasons I love Mara Today what we had together was good But the feelings I feel for you aren’t feelings I have to have in order to have Mara They’re feelings you earned Now you with me?” hide spoiler