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Free download The Thing about December 105 ´ ‘He heard Daddy one time saying he was a grand uiet boy to Mother when he thought Johnsey couldn’t hear them talking Mother must have been giving out about him being a gom and Daddy was defending him He heard the fondness in Daddy’s voice But you’d have fondness for an auld eejit of a crossbred pBreathes with his grief bewilderment humour and agonizing self doubt This is a heart twisting tale of a lonely man struggling to make sense of a world moving faster than he isDonal Ryan’s award winning debut The Spinning Heart garnered unprecedented acclaim and The Thing About December confirms his status as one of the best writers of his generatio. This was a hard one for me to get into review and rate It was unrelentingly grim I like my depressing Irish books but I usually like them with a bit black humor like Claire Kilroy's The Devil I Know The number of bad things that happened to Johnsey made the book almost unbelievable for me On the other hand although it took me awhile to get into the dialect probably not a problem for Irish readers I found Donal Ryan's prose gorgeous and there were several extremely poignant uotations about the nature of the human conditions Passages like the one below took my breath awayLoneliness covers the earth like a blanket It flows in the stream down through the Callows to the lake It's in the muck in the yard and the briars in the haggard and the empty outbuildings are bursting with it It runs down the walls inside of the house like tears and grows on the walls outside like a poisonous choking weed It's in the sky and the stones and the clouds and the grass The air is thick with it you breath it into your lungs and you feel like it might suffocate you It runs into hollow places like rainwater It settles on the grass and on trees and takes their shapes and all the earth is wet with it It has a smell like the inside of a saucepan scrapped metal cold and sharp When it hits you it feels like a rap of a hurl across your knuckles on a frosty winter's morning in PE sharp shocking pain but inside you so it can't be seen and no one says sorry for causing it nor asks are you ok and no kind teacher wants to look at it and tut tut and tell you you'll be grand good lad But you know if another man stood where you're standing and looked at the same things he wouldn't see it or feel it

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‘He heard Daddy one time saying he was a grand uiet boy to Mother when he thought Johnsey couldn’t hear them talking Mother must have been giving out about him being a gom and Daddy was defending him He heard the fondness in Daddy’s voice But you’d have fondness for an auld eejit of a crossbred pup that should have been drowned at birth’Whil. The book was just greatI did'nt know anything about the story or what to expect before i started reading it but it was a real treatThe story of Johnsey is really a tragic tale of lonelinessgreed and bullyingmanipulation but most of all about his terrible lonelinessBut there is an amazing humour in the telling of this taleAt times it was just absolutely hilarious and i had to put the book down as i couldnt read the page my arms were shaking so much from the laughterThe characters were all wonderful and their way of talking to each otherthe banter was just so funny it kept catching me by surprise and i would be away laughing again even when the poor guy was in hospital in a terrible stateWhere else would you get a book with a character called Mumbly DaveBehind all the humour and lovely interaction between the characters at times it is still behind it all a very tragic tale that will move peopleI hope other people will enjoy this book as much as i didIt may take a while to get into the local dialect but once you get that you wont look back and eventhough you will really feel for Johnsey you will also definitely laugh out loud at times

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The Thing about DecemberE the Celtic Tiger rages and greed becomes the norm Johnsey Cunliffe desperately tries to hold on to the familiar even as he loses those who all his life have protected him from a harsh world Village bullies and scheming land grabbers stand in his way no matter where he turns Set over the course of one year of Johnsey’s life The Thing About December. Wow I could not put this book down I was racing to get to the end of the story in spite of knowing it wasn't going to end happily ever after It follows a year in the life of 24 year old manboy Johnsy in Tipperary during the times of the Celtic Tiger Johnsy is somewhat limited and has been overprotected by his parents Away from his family's protection Johnsy is regularly tormented by a gang of his peers who are on the dole and spend their days drinking and looking for trouble I first discovered this author when I read The Spinning Heart This story has a similar feel to it I descibed that book as melancholy the same could descibe this as well Instead of a feel good story this is a feel bad one And yet I couldn't stop reading in spite of how it made me feel Ryan has a talent for evoking such raw emotion from his characters The arguments the misunderstandings the awkwardness of new relationships all relayed in beautiful often bleak prose Here's Johnsy If you were feeling especially lonesome and just sitiing in the kitchen say and you let it out through the gate because you weren't concentrating properly on keeping a rein on it your mind could have a fine old wander about for itself I just want to copy whole sections I was moved by but I'll restrain myself Let me just say that Ryan's characters are so painfully real you can feel what they are feeling You will live the year along with Johnsy And you'll feel like you're on a fast train that is out of control And then you will crash What can you ask for in a book