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SUMMARY Love a Little Sideways 100 × Liz Kowalski is heading home to Whitford Maine—this time for good Eager for her family a fresh start and some fun she doesn't count on being rescued by the chief of police her very first night back in town Drew is everything she's not looking forso why is she still so attracted to him After a brief forbidden rendezvouLiz Kowalski is heading home to Whitford Maine this time for good Eager for her family a fresh start and some fun she doesn't count on being rescued by the chief of police her very first night back in town Drew is everything she's not looking forso why is she still so attracted to him After a brief forbidden rendezvous at. I thought it was hilarious in the previous story when Liz and Drew did the walk of shame following their little interlude at Mitch's wedding and couldn't wait for the follow up She's been an elusive character with not a lot known about her And aside from him being Mitch's best friend and a lawman with a busted marriage Drew's been a mystery too This was a humorous story in some ways given all the crazy moments during the camping trip But mixed in there were many tender moments between Drew and Liz and lots of focus on both of them being clear about what they want in life As much as she cared for him Liz wanted a shot at figuring out what to do with her life before making a commitment to another relationship There were times when Liz drove me crazy about wanting independenceto do what But then I finally figured out it didn't matter what as long as she had the time and space to choose Drew's patience was just one of the ualities I admired about his character while at the same time never wavering from what was true for him I loved how he loved her even when things went a bit sideways His conflict with Mitch about their relationship provided serious tension that made the story meaty I really liked that these two wounded characters finally found happiness and with each other This was a story worthy of them one I enjoyed and was in keeping with the rest in the series Its family themes make it even appealing along with so many interesting secondary relationships I'm still hooked I received an ARC from NetGalley

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Her brother's wedding Drew Miller expects Liz to return to New Mexico and stay there He's searching for someone to settle down with not a casual fling with his best friend's sister But when they're stuck together on the annual Kowalski camping trip things start going a little sideways Keeping their hands off each other pro. Shannon Stacey writes a collection of books about the Kowalski family a crazy extended bunch of eligible bachelors and the odd bachelorette who live and play in New England and Love a Little Sideways is one of them Liz Kowalski belongs to one male laden branch In fact she's the little sister Which makes getting involved with the best friend of her oldest brother rather complicatedBut involved she does get with Drew the chief of police Liz is back in town after finally ditching her deadbeat boyfriend and deciding to return to the fold She's starting new but the first thing she does is run into an old fling Not that old actually; it was only a few months ago when they hooked up for a uickie at brother Mitch's wedding The feelings are still pretty fresh so they have a hard time staying away from each other Especially when they're forced together on the big Kowalski camping tripLiz has got a couple of problems in this story First she's picking up the pieces of her life Starting from scratch with new freedom and a new job but a borrowed house and a borrowed car Naturally she's keen on some soul searching trying to determine where she fits and what she's meant to do with her life Unfortunately or not Drew gets in the way of all that He knows exactly what he wants and it's what his ex wife was unwilling to give him children So expecting the in flux Liz to jump into the relationship with both feet is clearly not realisticAnd so he makes loads of assumptions First because of some off hand comment she makes he assumes that she never wants children ever and decides he should just forget her full stop Then because she's into him he assumes she'll drop every hope and dream of her own and fully commit Maybe that's exaggerating but it's close And of course when she doesn't fully commit he's terribly disappointed and must move on pronto Wow people should really talk to each otherLiz's other problem is her brother and his ridiculous high school code of ethics Friends don't sleep with friends' sisters Not even twenty years after high school apparently Which maybe happens in real life but I'm kind of skeptical Honestly the barriers thrown up between these two are almost entirely of their own devising and they wouldn't be surprising at all if they really weren't into each other but were just kind of horny And that's what this relationship really feels like to me even though I know it's supposed to be than that so much It just feels like two people who want to sleep together but don't really want to commit Not a great love story that set upI think the thing that is missing is the history The grand passion between Drew and Liz happens off stage so we really don't get a sense of what they're fighting for Both suffered heartbreak at the hands of others and found solace with each other if only briefly and that could be really powerful except it's not actually in this book I needed to see the pain and angst and the reckless passion that brought them together in the first place if I was going to buy what's happening in this book I haven't read all the Kowalski books so maybe it was in another one but it shouldn't be It's deadly important to this story It's missing and sadly so because I probably would have cared about the relationship if I had that to go onAnd one other thing that really bugged me when Liz goes to her surrogate mom Rose and tells her that she and Drew are no because she wants to figure out what she wants from life and he wants her to believe that it's babies now Rose asks her if she's happy She says yes she has a job she loves and she's with family she loves and she's in love with a guy and Rose tells her that should be enough That she was stupid and stubborn for wanting to see if there's Okay so maybe Rose is right that being happy with job and home and love is enough to be happy for now but not giving credence to the fact that Liz might want to be than a waitress and wife and mom is stupid and stubborn and a recipe for postpartum depression It's okay for that to be enough You don't have to be a lawyer or travel the world or be big on YouTube to be happy But you're allowed to hope and dream and try Liz is right to want to explore other options even if she decides not to pursue them Nobody neither her pseudo mom nor her boyfriend is right to tell her otherwise That broke my heart a little Just when I was starting to get a sense of who Liz actually was and who she could be she was forced to say No you're right dreams are stupidIn my heart I really like the concept of the Kowalski books Just regular people or less falling in love and having fun with family Helps when you're sick to death of billionaire CEOs The romance in the everyday appeals to me Stealing moments amid messy family stuff Relationships under small town microscopes So much to relate to But maybe not so much passion all the time And unless there's passion it's kind of too relatable and I can just follow my neighbours on Facebook for thatNevaReviewed from ARC Published by Carina Press December 1 2013Full review at nomdeplumepresswordpresscom

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Love a Little SidewaysVes just as impossible as keeping their secret from becoming public knowledge Amid family mud and melted marshmallow Liz and Drew try to fight what's growing between them But a little time alone a lot of chemistry and too many opinions might be just what it takes to bring together two people so determined not to fall in lo. I am binge listening to this series and although each book is uniue I have to admit they are all starting to blend into one big Kowalski story of doom and it’s hard to distinguish each of the individual pieces to write a comprehensive and distinctive review With that said Love a Little Sideways marks a change in the Kowalski Family series moving from a focus on saving the Northern Star Lodge which reached its peak in the previous book All He Ever Dreamed This time around the story centers on the return of sister Liz who ended a long term relationship and moved back home after a 15 year absence Back a couple books ago Liz was home for her eldest brother Mitch’s wedding and had a uick hook up with Mitch’s best friend Drew Miller Drew had also recently ended his relationship a marriage to his high school sweetheart Telling themselves that it was only a one time thing the pair skirt around their mutual attraction for the sake of Mitch and because they wanted different things in life But when the pair is forced to spend a lot of time together at the Kowalski Family camping trip they can no longer deny their feelingsOverall Love a Little Sideways is a good story but not nearly my favorite of the Kowalski Family series As a stand alone it works but Drew and Liz’s story really starts way back with Drew’s split in the fourth title of the series While I liked the pair together they didn’t seem to have the spark that the previous couples exuded Possibly because both Drew and Liz have baggage or because they are convinced it won’t work but I found myself not as connected to the couple as I would want And while I loved that the book went back to the campground where the entire series started I actually missed Whitford and its residents I also missed the side stories that have always accompanied each book in the series; Love a Little Sideways only had two POVs Drew and Liz Having an additional POV and side story would have helped diffuse the monotony of the constant baby discussion which grew tiresome after a while It wasn’t until about the 90% mark of the book that I felt Drew and Liz had a reasonable and real conversation about their lives But in the end I still enjoyed the book and will keep coming back for I’ve discussed the narration by Lauren Fortgang in my earlier reviews Nothing to add Great jobRating BNarration A