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London Noir kindle ↠ Paperback å randarenewables ↠ Brand new stories by Desmond Barry Ken Bruen Stewart Home Barry Adamson Michael Ward Sylvie Simmons Daniel Bennett Cathi Unsworth Max Decharne Martyn Waites Joolz Denby John Williams Jerry Sykes Mark Pilkington Joe McNally Patrick McCabe and Ken HollingsCathi UnsworthMs Jerry Sykes Mark Pilkington Joe McNally Patrick McCabe and Ken HollingsCathi Unsworth moved to Ladbroke Grove in 1987 and has stayed there ever since She began a career in rock London Noir Capital Crime Fiction bejesusMon June 012009 070847AMEdited by Cathi UnsworthThis collection of short stories is edited by Cathi Unsworth and features many writers that I either already read or who I have seen live and bought records by which made this a pretty sure betThe fact that many of the stories feel like opening chapters or in some cases middle chapters of longer works is to be expected but worth getting for Rigor Mortis by Stuart Home and Maida Hill by Barry Adamson alone the latter of which is a good description of an area not far from here and its debauchery though I want to read the rest of the story that it seems to be a small part ofSylvie Simmons I hate His Fingers is very much in the same style as her Too Weird For Ziggy novel and made me laugh a fare bit at her description of the Bass Player whose fingers she hatesSurprisingly Cathi Unsworths own story Trouble Is A Lonesome town was one of the weaker parts of the book and also suffered from using the same character names as her excellent The Singer novel but not being the same charactersMax Decharne writes as he looks like a proper 50's throwback and I want to read by him as well as get of his recordsNot suprisingly Jooz Denby's Sic Transit Gloria Mundi is the least London centric but is in true Joolz style essential reading and very funny and believeable story that should be part of a novelI even managed to read some of Jerry Sykes Penguin Island while sitting on Penguin Island itself deep in the heart of CamdenKen Hollings contribution Betamax is by far the most bizarre and off the wall of the storiesAll in this is a good collection of stories about London that wasn't too hard to read

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Brand new stories by Desmond Barry Ken Bruen Stewart Home Barry Adamson Michael Ward Sylvie Simmons Daniel Bennett Cathi Unsworth Max Decharne Martyn Waites Joolz Denby John Willia There's something to the idea that certain disctinctive genres can only legitimately be created in their own era Hard bop Jazz from the 40s50s for example really doesn't sound right when it comes from earnest practitioners in the eighties or for that matter in 2010 Nothing against playing the standards of other eras in whatever medium otherwise how could we hear Mozart witness Shakespeare But writing a new enlightenment era Concerto di Camera in this millenium say is of a student's excercise than a likely shot at something that will lastAnd so to Noir It's a feel it's a tension it's a period infused vibe Everyone loves the brilliant grit of the films the impending disaster in the tone of the novels and short stories Hammet Chandler Cain lesser knowns like Chester Himes and Derek Raymond all had an ear for the desperate loner in a tight sueeze the knack for pacing hard and fast that their form reuired but they had They had instant access to the deep ennui of a morally exhausted postwar generation and a kind of effortless anti art direction that took minimalism to a deeper level Something a bit difficult to translate in the late nineties or early 2ooos and something certainly impossible to fake And even that knowing modernist tone only gets you so far I don't want to sound discouraging about London Noir which is a page turning noir ish rave of a collection Seventeen authors full of pulpy spirit and tricky plot strategems this is a fast ride that doesn't flag And to be fair odds are that at least half the contributors didn't know they'd be sandbagged with the 'Noir' title in the first place But many here can't help themselves layering homage pastiche and parody into every crack in the landscape With a spade With that particular landscape being the UK urban idiom it helps to know your Spivs from your Toffs avoid the Hoodrats and Wideboys but most of all steer clear of the Hard Men Come to think of it all of the London centric terms actually help to make this collection a lot enjoyable I can't help but think these same stories would tie themselves in knots if they were located in Chicago or Los Angeles where they'd have to distance themselves from the Noirists of the classical era Here's a droll moment from one of the out front pastiche entries As dumps go she'll remark looking around at the room this is a dump Who do you suppose did the decorating ? The Three Stooges ?But you're already staring at the body on the bedIs that your contact? she'll sayYou'll nodWhat happened?ElectrocutedYou can tell by just looking? All in all loads of fun but no serious a pursuit than say Kabbalism as told by Madonna or maybe Alpine Telemark Skiing on the majestic indoor slopes of Dubai

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London NoirWriting with Sounds and Melody Maker before co editing the arts journal Purr and then Bizarre magazine Her first novel The Not Knowing was published by Serpent's Tail in August 200 Really patchy selection – and two or three are not crime stories at all Two or three I found boring uite liked Penguin Island Jerry Sykes Park Rites Daniel Bennett I Fought the Lawyer Michael Ward Barry Adamson's impressionistic Maida Hell Rigor Mortis Stewart Home was believably bleak and Loaded Ken Bruen