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A Maggot Read Í 102 æ Onde começa a fantasia e termina a realidade Não será a mentira apenas uma outra face da verdadeTomando como cenário a Inglaterra do século XVIII John Fowles constrói um romance onde espelha a sociedade da época com as suas lutas sociais e políticas as suas revoadas de misticismo e a sua repressão sexual O romance histórico iniciOnde começa a fantasia e termina a realidade Não será a mentira apenas uma outra face da verdadeTomando como cenário a Inglaterra do século XVIII John Fowles c. Dazzling Stunning The best I've read of himOn second reading the novel holds up remarkably well It seems at first a study in the perpetuation of literary suspense The book jumps between third person narration; a kind of mock legal deposition which permits multiple narrative voices; essayistic asides and epistolary elements The third person voice often refers to the gap between events at the time of the story the 1730s and our present day For example Closergroups of children noisily played lamp loo and tutball those primitive forms of tag and baseball Modern lovers of the second game would have been shocked to see that here it was preponderantly played by girls and perhaps to know that its traditional prize for the most skilled was not the million dollar contract but a mere tansy pudding The novel begins with a tableau of five individuals four of them male of varying ages who make a journey to the west of England on horseback There is an uncle his nephew and three servants one female We come across them as they travel a muddy road to a bleak village It is there at the musty inn and later in a nearby cave that much of the action occurs; action that will later be dissected by way of a series of legal depositions run by the dwarfish and hateful London lawyer Henry Ayscough We learn a few things during the interrogations that nephew and uncle are in fact unrelated; that the nephew is the true leader of the excursion; that the uncle is an actor by profession; that the maid is a prostitute; that one of the servants is deaf and dumb; and so forth Only the nephew who is not a nephew knows the true purpose of the trip which for most of the book remains a mystery We also know that the nephew believes he has hit on a mathematical device or formula that once fully developed will allow him to foretell the future That is to say he's crazy as a loon Still what can it mean Why the trip Why the subseuent investigation And where has everyone gone Slowly one by one at the behest of the nephew's aristocratic father the lawyer tracks down all of the participants save one And in a uestion and answer format that allows no room for description or authorial commentary he painstakingly gets a story But is it the story That's a very good uestion and in large part the novel's point uestioning narrative constructs as it does It is the prostitute's deposition that for this reader was the most engrossing For since her excursion to the cave she has given up whoring and has returned to the uaker community of her parents in Manchester fully forgiven What she experienced during that journey she interprets perhaps the only way she knows how as an ecstatic Christian experience She has been vouchsafed a vision of heaven and hell Christianity is the only tool she has for interpreting such a fantastic experience And there's no doubt that she thinks her story is truth Lawyer Ayscough can not shake her from it Nor can he believe it And in the end is shaken himself Like her he is limited by virtue of his place in time to viewing it as nothing than religious hysteria The 21st century reader however sees what has happened in the cave as something uite different I'll stop there Like Fowles' French Lieutenant's Woman the narrative toys with metafictional devices but never to the point where they distract Oh yes you'll have to read this one

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Onstrói um romance onde espelha a sociedade da época com as suas lutas sociais e políticas as suas revoadas de misticismo e a sua repressão sexual O romance his. Apparently A Maggot was the result of two dicisive factors The one was the clear yet uninvited image that once popped into Fowles' mind of a group of people travelling on horseback in the middle of nowhere as he informs us in the prologue The other one was his admiration for Ann Lee the founder of a strict yet especially alternative religious group the Shakers Although an atheist Fowles had enough clarity to discern the wisdom behind their religious practices and acknowledge the necessity of the new in opposition to the old The creation of something that takes us one step further from the obsolete corpse of a past state What starts as a whodunnit mystery novel soon takes a turn towards far obscure and deep paths The biggest part of the novel is written in the form of an interview as the lawyer uestions the various suspects in order to uncover the truth behind the servant's death and the mysterious disappearance of a certain prominent person In between these interrogations there are parts of a somewhat detached script like third person narrative which as it seemed to me serve as a way to sober the reader and temporarily relieve them of all their emotional processes in order to make space for new ones Like an emotional flush of some sort They also give the author the chance to state some of his views on the society of the past and the not so different one of the presentAs is the case with both of the other of his works I've read The Magus and The Collector A Maggot's plot is mostly developed through the perspective of its characters Which means that what we read is what they perceive as the truth Which also means that few things are actually cleared up in the end and what matters most is what the reader makes of what is written Another characteristic of Fowles' writing that is present here is the fight between two sociological and historical tendencies expressed through the characters Indeed Fowles' characters are not just fictional people They're symbols that concentrate in them entire theories movements philosophies and historical turbulences When two of them converse it's like the clash of two armies of which only one will remain standing in the end and not without casualtiesThe of his books I read the I see that not only his storytelling but also his genius use of semiotics make Fowles one of the most brilliant if not as famous as he deserved perhaps writers of the late 20th century and A Maggot is yet another example of his brilliance

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A MaggotTórico inicial transforma se num livro policial para terminar como um vibrante evangelho apócrifo onde se degladiam aparência e realidade verdade e mistificaçã. This was a great story until a certain incident turned this into a science fiction story I lost interest towards the end