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Jaded Touch Mobi ´ 126 pages Download ↠ Randarenewables ð It took three scars to break her and two men to save herThree is tormented by the branding scars on her back broken memories of her fallen creator and the looming conseuences of her secret friendship with Sychar a male of her kind a high crime in her worlHer knees and her sense of duty Now Three must choose between her immortal duties her forbidden friendship and her human loverWith every choice comes a cost but not every cost is hers to p Jaded Touch is the second Vesper novella to be released by Nola Sarina Technically it could be read as a standalone The Vespers are a combination of human and snake This novella centers on three characters Three Jack and SycharThree would be considered an outcast Vesper because she was created differently than all the other Vespers She was created by a Gent Usually female Vespers are created by another female and males are created by another male It is actually against their laws to create a Vesper of the opposite sex Because of being created differently Three has a lot of hostility shown toward her by other female VespersThe male Vespers Gents are taught to despise the female Vespers Maids but Sychar a Gent has befriended Three They are best friends but have to keep their friendship secret because they will be severely punished if anyone finds out about it Their connection is so strong that both Sychar and Three feel like it could have developed into something romantic if given the opportunityThen there is Jack He is a human who works on the trains that the Vespers use for transportation He knows about the Vesper world and is locked in Once a human accepts a position in working for the Vespers they can never leave The only other option is death which many of the humans succumb to anyway Jack is very attracted to Three but that is also forbidden I actually feel sorry for all of the Vespers None of them seem happy They are not allowed to associate with the opposite sex so none of them have any real comfort They are punished for everything they do and the head Vespers Levitas and Vashni have complete control over their minds When there is something they don't want their Vespers to remember Levitias and Vashni can remove it from the Vespers' memories Jack and Three do act on their feelings for one another which does not go without conseuence They will have to deal with those conseuences but will they have to do it on their own? There is also an interesting plot twist that takes place with Sychar which ended up making me very sad for him and for Three I am hoping that story will be played out a little in the next novellaI am giving Jaded Touch a 4 STAR ratingRead all my reviews at wwwmarilynbookbloggerblogspotcom

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It took three scars to break her and two men to save herThree is tormented by the branding scars on her back broken memories of her fallen creator and the looming conseuences of her secret Jaded Touch Vesper #2 by Nola Sarina As a follow up to Gilded Destiny which I enjoyed uite a bit I must say that Jaded Touch was also well done I feel like the Vesper species is a pretty uniue addition to the world of urban fantasy My favorite part of this novel would be the origins and development of their race Though it’s a short read a borderline novella it offers very solid world building and it pulls me in as effectively as any full length novel leaving me wanting to know what comes next The politics and dynamics between male and female Vespers adds just the right amount of tension while still keeping things unpredictable I still have uestions but I feel as if layers will be peeled back in the next installmentThe relationship of Jack and Three has me on the fence Though the dynamic didn’t always work for me they have a lot of chemistry As their own characters I liked them uite a bit though Scarred and tormented Three has to march by the beat of her own drum due to her origins so she’s constantly getting into trouble But deep down she is a genuine person and she’s easy to root forConsidering how the first book ended I actually was expecting this novel to be a continuation of that one And considering how this one ended there are even possibilities for the next novel I won’t be giving away spoilers here but I certainly wouldn’t mind a revisit to what could happen between either of those potential storylinesARC provided by the author Review also posted to

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Jaded TouchFriendship with Sychar a male of her kind a high crime in her world of serpentine guardiansThen along comes Jack the human train engineer she saves in an explosion His touch weakens both Into the Night Reviews Web Facebook for great book reviews new release updates giveaways and 4 out of 5 stars I really enjoyed Jaded Touch I think there is definite value in reading Gilded Destiny first as it does provide the back story to the Vespers While I think you could still read Jaded Touch without it there are some elements that will just make sense if you doThree is a wonderful head strong character Different from other Vespers in that she was not made by the original pair but rather made by a ‘Gent’ a male Vesper As a conseuence she is taunted by other ‘Maids’ and susceptible to control should a Gent choose to impose himself upon her Unlike Levitias Vashni the female Vesper ueen does not banish memories from the maids unnecessarily – conseuently Three has some recollection of her origins and her maker although his precise details have been expunged from her mind Jaded Touch is well written The relationship that evolves between Jack and Three is fabulous The banter between the two is entertaining and charged with sexual tension not to mention the underlying risk of death to them both should the Vespers discover their secret Jack was just wonderful – his willingness to confront Three despite the conseuences clearly conveyed the depth of his feelings for her There are other wonderful characters in this story too I particularly liked Sychar Despite all the rules and restrictions imposed by the Vespar culture Three and Sychar develop a friendship – something completely forbidden This was actually one of many transgressions from the rules by both Three and Sychar and it had me wondering just how much control Levitias and Vashni really had It also had me wondering whether there would be a future story about some sort of Vesper revolt As much as the Vespers are terrifying creatures I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Three and Sychar – clearly just wanting to have a level of comfort with their existence but this was simply not allowed The manipulation by Levitias and Vashni is extensive and it is not until almost the very end of the story that you understand its full extent I do hope we get a Sychar novella in the not too distant futureThere was enough in the two Vesper novellas for me to watch out for any further instalments Jaded Touch had a bit substance to it for me and shows great promise for in this series