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Warm Bread and Honey Cake Review É E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ü UK Guild of Food Writers Award Winner Cookery Book of the Year Baking is one of lifes pleasuresfew can resist the comforting smell of freshly baked bread the warmth of spices sticky cakes or oozing pastries Containing a mix of familiar family favorites and unusuaR hand at Azorean honey cake or Jamaican hard dough bread Let your familys taste buds thrill to Azerbaijani cream cheese baklava or Dutch brown sugar coils The combination of delicious recipes and fascinating historical and anecdotal text make this book a fantastic reada must for any home cook looking to truly broaden their repertoire or with an interest in the culture of fo. Some good recipes but not what I was looking for

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UK Guild of Food Writers Award Winner Cookery Book of the Year Baking is one of lifes pleasuresfew can resist the comforting smell of freshly baked bread the warmth of spices sticky cakes or oozing pastries Containing a mix of familiar family favorites and unusual exotic delicacies this comprehensive collection of recipes for breads cakes biscuits and pastries is also a well. From the considerable number of cakes and pastries recipes as well as the inclusion of a spoonful or two of sugar in many of the bread recipes included savoury and sweet alike it seems clear that Gaitri Pagrach Chandra adores sweets This is the perfect book for dessert loversVanessa Courtier's beautiful photographs throughout the book are not only attractive but many are also instructional The photo on the first page of the Flatbreads chapter was particularly exciting The bread pictured has clearly been stamped with a chekich bread docker for making Persian Naan Alas that photo of the imprint of the chekich is the only reference to it There are lovely memoires too few for my taste my favourite is the one entitled Fragrance interwoven throughout the collection of international recipes However the nations included are few India Netherlands Turkey and of course Padrach Chandra's homeland of Guyana as well as Trinidad Obviously in a book with Warm Bread in its title a bulk of the recipes is for bread unyeasted and yeasted because as Padrach Chandra writes There is magic in yeast going on with these words of wisdom You can never really use too little yeast; it will simply take longer for it to work sufficiently to lift the dough It is very easy – and uite pointless – to use too much yeast The dough will billow out beautifully but uncontrollably producing an unpredictable texture and a strong yeasty flavour Yeastbreads Cakes RollsPadrach Chandra is uite opinionated yay and claims that only easy blend or instant yeast will do for her recipes and that coarse grained dry or cake yeast are not interchangeable because they need to be sponged first Slightly confusingly yeast in the recipes always appears as easy blend active dry yeast Here in Canada according to the labels on the jars active dry yeast must be re hydrated or sponged Instant yeast jars do not include active dry on their labels Still this is a minor uibble; only the rank beginning bread baker will have difficulty understanding A slightly less minor uibble is that the recipe for Jamaican Hard Dough Bread that Jamaican immigrants abroad often pine for is a same day recipe rather than the traditional baker's two day version that uses a starter of a firm sponge dough that has been allowed to ripen overnight What a shame that the two stage method isn't given in spite of the fact that it may be a little labour intensive because both sponge and next day dough are apparently uite stiff making them somewhat difficult to combine Judging from the description of the bakers' techniue of passing the sponge and next day dough several times through a dough brake with rollers designed to press them into each other it seems as though the doughs could be combined with the help of a hand crank Pasta makerUnsurprisingly most of the flatbreads being of Indian origin are unyeasted Having only eaten Indian parathas made by 1st generation Indian immigrants to Canada I'm really intrigued by the differences that have evolved in the Caribbean Caribbean parathas have a slightly different texture to Indian subcontinental ones In Trinidad cooks give it a good whacking and the finished look like the shreds of a garment has earned i the local name of 'buss up shut' burst up shirt In Guyana we clap the roti Flaky Indian Flatbread ParathaWe think we neeeeed to make these parathas despite the fact that the dough calls for mostly white flour sugar baking powder and ghee or vegetable oil We'll definitely opt for using ghee or melted butter BookmarkedParatha p46 49Dal Puri p52 53Meetha Roti p53 54Duivekatter p84 87Simit p94 95Tennis Rolls p96Banana Cake p124 125Ma'amoul p228 229Leaf Pastry p272 273

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Warm Bread and Honey CakeResearched exploration of home baking techniues and global ethnic history Inspired by her multicultural background the author has drawn inspiration from all over the world including Europe the Middle East Asia the Caribbean and Latin America All the recipes are simple to follow and beautifully photographed with any unusual techniues illustrated step by step for ease Try you. Many of these comforting recipes which hail from Europe the Middle East Asia the Caribbean and Latin Americaare far too complicated for me to want to recreate at home but it was fascinating to discover things like Azorean Spice Cake a Guyanese Portuguse Christmas specialty or Jamaican Hard Dough Bread The two recipes I might try are Turkish Griddle Patties and German Drunken Apple Cake I really wanted to make the cake on the cover Surinam Pineapple Tart but there's no way I'm making the pineapple jam called for