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ebook ´ Trapped author Fran Macilvey ë Fran Macilvey N Africa Fran always felt different When everyone else was playing and having fun she would watch and wish she could join in After the family moved to Scotland and Fran grew older her hurt turned into anger self hatred and suicidal depression Then one day someone looked at her and saw a woman to love and that was the start of her journey to self acceptanceFr I enjoyed this book a well written account of life with Cerebral Palsy which is never depressing or sorry for itself There is humour and a very vivid portrayal Recommended¬

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reader ¶ Trapped author Fran Macilvey Hardcover read È randarenewables ç Living in the Belgian Congo with her husband in the 1960s Fran’s mother became pregnant with a daughter However right after she gave birth in the hospital she felt strange Unbeknownst to anyone another daughter was on the way An has written the painful truth about her life to help readers understand how disabled adults really feel In her revealing account she shows just how hard it is to maintain the appearance of a “normal” life More importantly out of her million and one mistakes have come lessons in real acceptance peace and joy which she would like to share with her reade Wonderful beautifully written a delight to readI won a copy of this book as a competition prize uite a while ago now I wish I read it much sooner This is Fran Macilvey’s story She has cerebral palsy; in her book she tells of all the hurdles she deals with on a daily basis letting us know with complete honestly exactly how she feels The pretending trying to live as normal a life as possible and just finding a different way of doing things This was amazing and really interesting right from when I was just a few sentences in Fran’s father was sent to the Belgian Congo to work I wasn’t expecting this aspect I didn’t know that the author had spent her childhood in Africa so this brought another dimension to things This is a beautiful presentation with exuisite descriptions of her birthplace and there is a very emotional and moving chapter as the babies arrive Fran is a twin Due to complications at birth and neglect on the part of the medical staff Fran has cerebral palsy She has real difficulties and this is her story how she has transcended The family moved every two years due to her dad's work and I enjoyed reading about her childhood memories Fond memories of the pudding creations of their cook all those years ago were so evocative Then in later years Fran moves from Africa to Edinburgh This is a gem of a book Fran talks of learning to cope and laugh off falls and minor injuries stitches bruises etc She didn't think she needed fixing she had found her own ways of getting around running even she didn't need anything altering thank you very much She felt well she wasn't in pain and she didn't get what their problem was Despite that she had to endure hospital stays and surgeries She feels the doctors and surgeons tried out procedures on her and indeed some are not done any I can see they were just trying to help her but it didn't always work out that way for Fran This is balanced with a few chuckles at some of the school day reminiscences This is wonderful and beautifully written A very honest memoir which tells of the ups and downs and confusions of living with cerebral palsy and strained and separate family relationships Very strong is her desire to be independent to manage things herself get that sense of achievement and to resist a wheelchair uite categorically There are some wonderful original and different uotes she has the skill to put her feelings down on paper so exactly so perfectly I felt ridiculously self conscious like the stick of celery at a luxurious buffet I loved that uote a brilliant comparison There is much than meets the eye to this memoir It's not just about cerebral palsy; we have the medical aspect travel jobs also a sweet love story detailing her search for her soulmate Fran Macilvey has poured so many emotions onto the page that you get so much back out of reading this An absolute delight to read

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Trapped author Fran MacilvLiving in the Belgian Congo with her husband in the 1960s Fran’s mother became pregnant with a daughter However right after she gave birth in the hospital she felt strange Unbeknownst to anyone another daughter was on the way but before anybody responded an hour had passed Because of the delay Fran was born with cerebral palsyGrowing up with her siblings i I can count the books I have been truly inspired by on the fingers of one hand Trapped is one of those books And the funny thing is I didn't see it coming I had first read it as a fledgling project on the Authonomy site for aspiring writers and though great I had only skim read the first few chapters I hadn't got hooked Then the author sent me a personal hardback copy and I thought `Oh how wonderful but I haven't got time for this I know I'll just skim read the rest and tell her how I know exactly where she's coming from I broke my leg once and fell off my crutches and landed in a pile of dog poo and Chinese takeaway and the experience was so humiliating and humbling that I immediately gained an understanding of how she must have felt every day of her life'How wrong that would have been My eyes became gripped by the powerful prose then alighted on this passage and my skim read slowed to a full stop`We are all disabled Some of us by prejudice some of us by fear and some by being misunderstood We care so much what others think of us that our lives can become one long hobble to what we should or should not do next None of us is truly able bodied'How wise How true Someone else has said that Fran MacIlvey's life is mine and yours and everyone's As you read this book as I hope many of you will the message is not how poor crippled kid with cerebral palsy managed to stay out of a wheelchair and claw some semblance of a `normal' life for herself but how in her own words she learns how to `fall and learn the power of getting myself up again to have another go' Not just physically but in every sense of the expression It is this courage this triumph of the spirit which commands our awe and respectBut it is Fran's faith and wisdom that make this book special and which lifts it way above the plethora of mediocre and not so mediocre memoirs At the centre is a steel hard belief that God gives us the power of choice We can choose when to come into this life in which body at what time We can choose whether to be happy or sad We can choose whether to learn from life's lessons or just go round on the wheel of karma and suffer again and againWith that power of choice can come true freedom and Love Not just for Fran but for every single one of us How wonderful