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Grim Author Christine Johnson Reader ↠ 476 pages Download è Christine johnson ✓ Inspired by classic fairy tales but with a dark and sinister twist Grim contains short stories from some of the best voices in young adult literature today Ellen Hopkins Amanda Hocking Julie Kagawa CEs Brennan Jackson Pearce Christine Johnson Jeri Smith Ready Shaun David Hutchinson Saundra Mitchell Sonia Gensler Tessa Gratton Jon Skrov This review has also been posted on The Social PotatoThis is definitely one interesting collection of tales and I have to say I definitely enjoyed it on the whole I’ve had my ups and downs while reading this but generally it was pleasurable reading most of these stories Of course there are uite a few for which I didn’t know the original tale on which the retelling was based so I wouldn’t be able to compare and contrast the original with the retelling but to me they were all uniue in their own ways even if not all of them were enjoyable The Key This short story wasn’t as creepy as I would have imagined it to be but it sure as hell was fun After finishing it I was left with a lot of uestions but the open ending is also something that works for this story It was enjoyable but I wouldn’t complain if there had been to give us a better idea of what was going on Figment This one wasn’t scary so much as it was sweet The characters were all interesting and I definitely enjoyed reading it I don’t know what else to say in all honesty because the story left me with such a huge smile on my face It reminded me of when I was a kid and it kind of just makes me want to give a group hug to all my soft toys I still have most of them Definitely worth it The Twelfth Girl This short story definitely had the eerie like uality to it that can make your heart beat faster and can make you want to crawl under the covers but at the same time I also felt something was missing  I am not sure what exactly but I felt like there could have been something that would have made the pieces click Overall though fun story The Raven Princess This story was slightly different from the others and I’d say a little silly as well While I did like it I was tempted to roll my eyes than not after finishing it It was just so childish in some ways and reminded me of the kind of fairy tales your parents read to you at bed time even if this is a retelling Thinner than Water While the story is good I did not enjoy it I was repulsed by the idea and couldn’t begin to wrap my head around it Incest makes me incredibly uncomfortable like it would most people and it was just so hard to swallow no matter the outcome so I couldn’t enjoy this story I have to say though; it IS grim and well written and has a great story arc considering that it’s only a short story The Rose Bloomed Weird writing style aside at first I thought it was the formatting but it turns out that’s how the author writes the story was enjoyable but at the same time there was no spark to it It was fun uick and sweet but it lacked something that would make it stand apart and make it than just likeable something that would make it memorable Sadly though it lacked that spark and so while I enjoyed it there wasn’t much to it BeastBeast Rather incomplete I’d think When it ended my first thought was its over? Already? I loved reading it not surprising since I love Beauty and the Beast but I wouldn’t say it was particularly grim and because of its short length it left a lot to be desired Still I loved the author’s writing style and was thoroughly engrossed in this tale The Brother’s Piggett Holy guacamole This was a grim take on the Three Little Pigs I actually kind of expected that twist but at the same time I was still taken a back I have to say this one really fits well in this collection because it is so grim In fact it's almost like everyone was a villain in their own way With that said I cannot really find any faults in this tale it was a short story and it worked well as one Untethered I LOVE the writing style and the weird twist in the end took me by surprise I ended up going back to read the story and wow

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Inspired by classic fairy tales but with a dark and sinister twist Grim contains short stories from some of the best voices in young adult 35 averageGrim is a collection of 17 short stories based off fairy tales collected by Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm Some of the tales are better known such as Beauty and the Beast and The Snow ueen and some are lesser known such as The Shroud and The Robber BridegroomOverall Grimm was uite a good book and served to introduce me to a range of new authors some of whom I have become instant fans Grimm is good as a taster of sorts to try out authors without committing to a full length novel I’m not reviewing each individual story here for that you can see my status updates underneath this reviewThe only 1 star story wasSkin Trade The Robber Bridegrom by Myra McEntireI believe this one to be the most poorly written I know short stories have brevity but this missed out a whole lot of details and made me feel like I was only getting half the story I was also unsatisfied with the conclusion as it left too many threads openThe 2 star stories were okayBefore the Rose Bloomed The Snow ueen by Ellen HopkinsThe Pink The Carnation by Amanda HockingThe Raven Princess The Raven by Jon Skovron 25These three stories were straight retellings just the original fables in the author’s own words with nothing uniue or twisty or particularly dark about them and sometimes didn’t take full advantage of the fairy tale elements of their particular story They were written in a strangely detached way which meant I didn't care about the characters and I wasn’t impressed although they were fine as straight retellingsI liked the 3 star storiesThe Key Bluebeard by Rachel HawkinsLight It Up Hansel Gretel by Kimberly DertingSharper Than a Serpent's Tongue Diamonds and Toads by Christine JohnsonSell Out Snow White by Jackson PearceThese were good stories with clever twists but they were missing a certain oomph often had strange or sudden endings and in my humble opinion weren’t as imaginative or as well written as the higher rated ones I also had different issues with each story and can sum it up as they simply didn’t hit all my buttonsI really enjoyed the 4 star storiesThe Twelfth Girl 12 Dancing Princesses by Malinda LoThinner Than Water Cat Skin by Saundra Mitchell 45Untethered The Shroud by Sonia GenslerA Real Boy Pinocchio by Claudia GrayBeauty and the Chad Beauty and the Beast by Sarah Rees BrennanThese stories had imaginative uniue twists and were beautifully written and used the fairy tale elements in clever uniue ways I’m going to look up the authors that I’ve not read before up because I imagine their full length novels would be just as goodThe 5 star stories were amazingFigment Puss in Boots by Jeri Smith ReadyBeastBeast Beauty and the Beast by Tessa GrattonThe Brothers Piggett The Three Little Pigs by Julie KagawaBetter The Pied Piper by Shaun David HutchinsonThese stories made me instant fans of the authors I want each in a full length novel Not only were they beautifully written but the fairy tale elements were used in a uniue imaginative way to assist in the amazing world building and I had ALL THE FEELS while reading these stories They made my heart sing with love I’ve not read any of these authors before but I am for sure going to get my grubby little mitts on their books because anyone who can create that level of emotion in me with just a short story deserves all their books to be read Thanks to HarleuinTeen and Netgalley for providing this review copy for an honest review

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Grim Author Christine JohnsLiterature today Ellen Hopkins Amanda Hocking Julie Kagawa Claudia Gray Rachel Hawkins Kimberly Derting Myra McEntire Malinda Lo Sarah Re I love short stories There's no better way to find new authors than to pick up a well done anthology written by multiple authorsI also love fairy tale retellings More than I probably should Robin McKinnley's books the recently released and super fantastic Roses by GR Mannering the short story collection Black Pearls by Louise HawesI love discovering retellings in all forms and fashions Grim an anthology written by some of my favorite authors was no exception Not only did it include some awesome fairy tales including some lesser known ones it also had terrific contributors Perhaps the biggest thing I would nitpick on the collection as a whole is that it does not include any information about the original tales so I had to guess at one or two But otherwise as a single cohesive book I'd definitely give Grim four stars Even my least favorite stories other than oneI'll get to that are well written and enjoyableThat being said not all stories are created eual So I'll do a brief breakdown of the short stories The Key by Rachel Hawkins based on BluebeardI wanted this story to be a book I love Rachel Hawkins already and as I was reading I kept wishing the story was expanded and turned into a full on novel At one point I looked up and was sad when I remembered I was reading a short story collection and NOT a new Rachel Hawkins book It was a great opener to the anthology Figment by Jeri Smith Ready based on Puss in BootsThis is one I had to look up The tale sounded familiar but I couldn't place the exact original Still it was entertaining and well done As a side note paranormal romance fans should check out Smith Ready's Shade series It's a great paranormal ghost series I'm not usually a huge fan of the human sees ghost of boyfriend story but I really enjoyed the Shade world The Twelfth Girl by Malinda Lo based on the Twelve Dancing PrincessesI liked this variation of the Twelve Dancing Princesses because of the boarding school aspect but I'm not entirely certain I was a fan of it otherwise I appreciate and like how Malinda Lo's other books are often retellings that have a great LGBT theme but her inclusion of a crush on the head dancing girl seemed forced This is one story I felt would have been better as an entire novel because it could have fleshed out the relationships and characters but it didn't uite make it as a short story The Raven Princess by Jon Skovron based on The Raven no not Poe'sThis was another one I had to look up and I was a bit sad I did The story isn't much of a retelling of the original Brothers Grimm tale It's basically the same exact narrative with a minor twist about the mother at the end It wasn't bad but it wasn't great either Thinner than Water by Saundra Mitchell based on Cat SkinThis one was disturbing yet wickedly entertaining and I love the ending most of all However be warned it includes some nonconsensual incest although not very graphic so it may be a bit of a trigger for some readers I had to look up the original because I had no clue what it was based on Before the Rose Bloomed by Ellen Hopkins based on The Snow ueenThe best thing this one had going for it was that specified the original tale in the title Because I couldn't get past the first couple of lines I really have nothing much to say about this I know some people absolutely adore Ellen Hopkins but she's just not my cup o' teaI just don't believe thatbreaking up text like thisin the middle of a line justto make it a certain lengthmakes it a great poem Especiallyif when the words are strungtogether the sentences would bejust fine when written as proseIt makes it harder to read BeastBeast by Tessa Gratton based on Beauty and the BeastFor some reason I absolutely love Beau