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characters Wieża Jaskółki ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Æ The world has fallen into war Ciri the child of prophecy has vanished Hunted by friends and foes alike she has taken on the guise of a petty bandit and lives free for the first time in her life But the net around her is closing Geralt the Witcher has assembF the war have sent brutal mercenaries to hunt her down Her crimes have made her famous There is only one place left to run The tower of the swallow is waitin. This is a story about family friendship love and loyalty It’s funny heartwarming and sarcastic It’s brutal unforgiving and disturbing It’s also relentless in the way it keeps expanding the infinite grayscale that drives the actions and choices of the characters; with believable character interactions You need to be one hundred percent focused to keep up with the twist turns and time jumps if you’re able to keep that focus the story told is absolutely fantastic I really like the writing style of the author The story and the characters are extremely captivating I am impressed by how Sapkowski creatively plays with different narrative techniues The Witcher’s storyline is told in a series of diary entries written by Dandelion most of Ciri’s part of the story is told as a series of courtroom testimonies and flashbacksA new character Leo Bonhart the vicious bounty hunter has some terrifying scene as is the gladiator scene set in a coliseum At the end of the book there’s a spectacular battle in which Ciri is on ice skates

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Free for the first time in her life But the net around her is closing Geralt the Witcher has assembled a group of allies determined to rescue her Both sides o. Believe it or not the hero of this installment is not the Witcher Yennefer or Ciri It's Andrzej Sapkowski and his masterful storytelling techniue which utilizes various POVs narrative styles and multiple timelines across the centuries and locations He weaves a narrative yarn which should have been confusing but surprisingly turns out to be fresh sharp and fun to readI bow down before you in supreme awe Mild spoilers are the necessary evil they are necessary Sreyas the tales of SPOILERS AHEAD The last installment had very little narrative space for Ciri and Yennefer no complaints there but this one brutally revamps Ciri as on hell of a character by pushing her limits like never before At the risk of sounding corny let me say Ciri is like a diamond and in Tower of Swallows they cut her The story opens with Ciri who recounts her tale to a Hermit named Vysogota who found her wounded in his forest Sapkowski did an excellent job with these two characters and their interactions effectively building CIri's story arc with the old school storytelling method Ciri and Vysogoto chillingWitcher's story arc is still my personal favorite because of the company he keeps and the adventures he stumbles on to In this installment Witcher's fellowship adds a new young member to their ranks and this completes the adopted dysfunctional family of Witcher The scene where Geralt accuse Cahir of betrayal and the mayhem that follows afterward was spectacularly hilarious proving once again the colorfulness of Geralt and his company Yennefer once again gets least screen time and once again her chapter blew me away with complex narrative style and sheer visual spectacle I was never a fan of Yennefer before this book but now I am a fan What makes this volume stand out from others is the bold narration and widened explanation of what the hell has been going on outside the main characters All the installment before Swallows gave me an impression that I am looking at the great Nifflegardian War through the wrong end of the telescope Tower of Swallow finally confronts or at least untangles the politics of war and character motivations through chapters featuring Twany owl as well as Dijkstra I especially loved Dijkstra's chapter the last pages of this chapter was storytelling at its bestSwallows even stepped up the action The action scenes featuring Witcher and Co were complete mayhem as always and there are many memorable momentsBut Ciri stole the show with amazing finale fight on the ice Seriously words fail meAnd appropriately the artist featured the battle on Ice near Tower of Swallows Spanish edition cover Needless to say My love for Spanish edition covers continueI want to talk about stuff like how assassin Bonhart reminds me of DC's Deathstroke and I want to talk about how fascinated I am with world of Witcher because of some crazy and similar aspects it share with our own world Months twisted Norse mythology festivals and Spawaski's writing style which at one point reminded me of old western view spoilerRat's last stand hide spoiler

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Wieża JaskółkiThe world has fallen into war Ciri the child of prophecy has vanished Hunted by friends and foes alike she has taken on the guise of a petty bandit and lives. How can I give an outline of the plot of the sixth book of a series without giving huge spoilers So here you are a huge spoilerSufficient to say the book picks up right where the previous left which is logical considering that nothing whatsoever was resolved by the end of that one actually I had a feeling it ended practically in mid sentence Let me just say that we will see the fate of all interesting major people from the previous installment None of them ended up with happily ever after situation Some got killed including the people that really deserved it One point of notice we got to have Dandelion's Jaskier in some translations POV in form of his memoirs he started compiling them for the lack of nothing else to do to break the monotony In case anybody had any doubt about the guy being one of the most colorful character of the series after reading this part your doubts will go away never to return again Unfortunately the passage in uestion is not very long but for me it was the best part of the book bar noneSomething else to note in terms of violence the novel has of it than all the previous combined People get killed maimed tortured etc This combined with the fact that the second half slowed down from very fast action of the first part forced me to lower the rating by one; I really liked the beginning Readers that made it this far know that Sapkowski loves jumping back and force in time while spinning his tale Let me assure you you ain't seen nothing yet until you read this novel These jumps made my head spin giving me a complete illusion of riding a giant roller coaster I have to give it to the author he does it without creating any lasting confusion I do not recall this particular trick used to such effect anywhere In the end I have to say that if managed to finish this next to last book of a series it is too late to give up now On to the last book we go