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ePub ´ mobi The Fires of Bride ò 9780704340206 ´ randarenewables ↠ Cailleach the outermost island of the Utter Utters is so remote that it only emerges from the mist every hundred years or so ferry permitting But what is it that seduces Maria a fugitive artist into staying so long? Her love affLan chieftain GP and witch? The magic touch of the elusive seaweed woman perhaps? Ina Isbister's cloudberry jam? Or could it be her strange empathy with the Sisters of Bride who in centuries past worshipped the One True Goddess victim of an ancien As I recall I borrowed Ellen Galford's The Fires of Bride from the local library than once when I was a teenager I borrowed it the first time because teenage feminist me would borrow anything with the Women's Press's black and white striped spine and then I borrowed it again and again because I loved it; it was funny and feminist and fuelled a burning ambition to live in artistic solitude somewhere remote and spectacularly beautiful when I grew up Alas I turned out not really to be the artistic type and I don't think solitude would be good for my mental health so it's probably better that I ended up living in suburbia and having a prosaic career in finance and administration but at fourteen the prospect would definitely have horrified meI was a bit apprehensive about re reading it but I needn't have worried; it's still very funny and very feminist It's the story of an artist Maria who accepts an invitation to visit lady of the manor local doctor and probable witch Catriona on the remote Hebridean island of Cailleach and ends up staying On the one hand it's the story of a woman finding her confidence and her identity as an artist and a person fairly typical of feminist novels of the 80s; on another it's a humorous portrait of a rural community which owes something to Ealing comedies it's a bit like Local Hero which I think I discovered shortly after reading the book and which is one of my favourite films though it would have been even better with lesbians; on a third it's a uasi fantasy about communities of women facing up to the patriarchy throughout history and about the survival of pagan goddess worship throughout centuries of Christianity I still liked it a lot; maybe I'll see if I can track down copies of Ellen Galford's other novels as well

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T typographical error?Maria finds new inspiration and fulfilment where women have since Viking times repulsed male marauders be they Harald Bloodaxe medieval Vatican emissaries the Reverend Murdo McNeish or Scotty MacCrumb of Indian Graves Oklahom I am not really sure about the five stars but I have read and re read it Partly drawing on the “southern urbanite finds rural life weird” theme Think a Hebridean Cold Comfort Farm partly an LGBT revenge comedy against a censorious cold Christianity partly a celebration of island life and learning what home means this is a magical light hearted book with serious moments the protagonist struggling artist Maria’s encounters with a mysterious seaweed gatherer are touching sensual and than a little chilling; the finale a face off between the Castle owning GP and her arch enemy the local minister is high camp drama but these interchanges are a parable for all sorts of heartbreaking discussions and rejections many people have had Hilarious poignant dripping with Celtic twilight and strong women this is a go to Comfort Read a romp and a meditation on roots and belongingAnd not easy to review without spoilers

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The Fires of BrideCailleach the outermost island of the Utter Utters is so remote that it only emerges from the mist every hundred years or so ferry permitting But what is it that seduces Maria a fugitive artist into staying so long? Her love affair with Catriona c I had no idea what to expect when I picked it up but it was really fun I enjoyed it a lot This book is a love letter to a remote Scottish island called Cailleach which google tells me is a real goddess but a fake island with a small town feel and also a love letter to the women who live there Maria an artist from London who moves to the island at the whimsical invitation of the countess there connects to the island which she finds to be full of mystery like the stone circles an ancient convent and whispers in the windEven though the genres of the books are very different it reminds me a lot of the Caitlín R Kiernan books I've read The Red Tree and The Drowning Girl which regardless of if the ghosts are real or not have a strong sense of being haunted by real history All three books intertwine history with religion and art and academics and place in a really thought provoking and satisfying way All three books also have a kind of intense meandering through the daily lives of the characters and the plots of the books are not what you've been taught to expect from the conflict chart Certainly Kiernan's books are intense and different genres than Fires of Bride but even if the antagonist to the women of Cailleach never really feels threatening it's still such a joy to watch the women succeedThough the story is not a relationship story it's pretty gay so that's an advertisement Both Maria and the countess are lesbians the countess has a prominent ancestor who was a boyfriend of King James VI and I and gay history does make other appearances in the plot which I enjoyed a lot Several side characters become involved with women as well They don't use the word for themselves but like they're lesbiansIf you would like a gay exploration of a remote Scottish island this is the book for you